Surprise!! This is not a health drink…

Juice is on my radar today.

Now I know all of you juice gang members will be all over me for this post. All I can say is, “Bring it on”. I’m doing this for your health.

This is what I hear all the time…and I do mean all of the time!

“Why can’t I drink juice?”

“My kids wont drink water they only drink juice.”

“Juice comes from fruit so it’s got to be healthy.”

Everyone, listen up…..especially any of you self-proclaimed health guru’s that are easily influenced by marketing or junk science.

I saw an online post the other day for a recipe that by a health professional who called it “sugar-free”.   It was loaded with juice, molasses and maple syrup!  Hello!?!  The sugar fairy called and wants her sugar back!

  • Juice = sugar
  • Molasses = sugar
  • Maple Syrup = sugar

Let me set the record straight. Juice is not a health food!

Juice is one of the contributing factors to the underlying causes of diabetes (along with a number of other things). The research shows that the number one pro diabetic sugar is fructose–fruit sugar.  You are consuming a boatload of fructose when you are drinking juice.

Juice is also void of the fiber along with many of the natural nutrients and some of the vitamins and minerals that the original fruit it comes from contained.  So how is that supposed to be healthy?? Answer:  Its not!

If I gave you 5 apples to eat could you eat them in less than 2 minutes?  No way you could.  But you can slurp back 5 apples in the form of a glass of juice that fast…again lacking the goodness of the original packaging (the fibre, nutrients, vitamins or minerals).

In the process of drinking that glass of concentrated sugar, you get to jack up your blood fructose.  Say hello to diabetes danger.

There is a really strong chance that you are also charting the course for your kids to be on the road to suffering.  Have you taken a look at the incredible increase in childhood diabetes rates in the last decade?

For those that think that the juice and smoothie places are the best things ever?? LOL…think again!

For you parents that are taking your kids to juice/smoothie shops in between hockey or swim practice you are not helping your athlete.  A rush of juice into their blood stream will only help them to have an energy crash shortly thereafter.

I am not a fan of juice for adults or kids.  Have you ever read the label on a juice box??? Take a look next time.  The grams of sugar are staggering.  Please don’t roll your eyes and respond with “its fruit sugar” re-read the above…about fructose (fruit) sugar being the number one contributing factor of diabetic sugar.

If you want to juice your own juice then have at it.  It is a better way but still, I think it is eye opener to see how many pieces of fruit you need to get a glass of juice.  Just eat the dang fruit.

So, to all you juice gang members; simmer down and go drink some water.  You are likely all fired up because your blood sugar is sky-high from your money juice!




  1. Nicely put!! You told me from the start – don’t drink your fruit and veggies!! I’ve felt a lot better cutting them out. They even add sugar to the veg drinks – along with a whole lot of sodium!!

    Thx C!

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