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You might have something in common with Miley Cyrus

Twitter lit up last night. The big talk was Miley Cyrus on the MTV video music awards. Thankfully, I missed her lack of performance then I foolishly googled it because the social media streams were fired up. My first thought was: drugs ruins you. Second thought was, her poor family-her dad needs to achy breaky her heart into rehab. Miley went from America’s  sweetheart to someone unrecognizable. 

When I see former clients who have allowed their food drugs take over their lives, I feel what I am sure Miley’s dad felt like last night after watching her. Sad.






What does Miley have to do with health and fitness? Actually..pull out a picture of yourself from 5 years ago, 10 years ago and 15 years ago. What do you look like? Have you been chasing the you from 15yrs ago? Do you want your pre children body back?

Food can be used as a drug. A drug that you need to survive. We have started abusing food just like an addict abuses alcohol or drugs.



Food is suppose to heal and nourish not add 50lbs to our frame and make our knees and back ache.


You are in the body you are in because of the choices you have made.

You can change your body and start seeing a difference this week – so are you going to make some changes?



Pull out a picture of the person you use to be and start today in getting back to her/him. You will have to eat real food and you will have to get sweaty.

Today is the day you get off the crack (junk food) and you get back to your old self.

Miley has been wrecked with meth, what is your drug …wine, pizza, donuts? whatever your drug is….stop it! Set your goal and go after it. 



Party like a boot camper! 

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I hear that A LOT.
I receive emails regularly to the effect of…

“Carrie, I am going to get started tomorrow”

“Carrie, missed you and boot camp last night, will be back next week”

I have heard them all (many times) and of course if you have been away or fallen off the wagon I want to help and I will be there for you and for your sake I always want you back


you need to put up or shut up.

Talking will not get you into your skinny jeans.

Talking yourself out of not working out is the issue you need to deal with.  I am always here to help, but you have to and need to have a goal.  If you have your goal, then you need to focus on it.  If you can’t focus on it and your goal doesn’t drive you to winning, then you’ve set the wrong goal.

Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what keeps you going.

I really have been where you are. I have fallen off that wagon a few times…and pulling myself up was friggin tough…BUT SO WORTH IT!!

When I finally figured out I was worth it and food will never make me feel better, I had my “a-ha moment”.

You are not a dog – so don’t reward yourself with food! Remember that one!!

You might not be where you want to be (in terms of your health/fitness) but you are closer than you were yesterday–that is if you show up to boot camp.

You’ve heard me say it at boot camp many times…when you are feeling out of sorts or teetering of the edge….“You dig deep!”

This is what I know for a fact:
You don’t get the body you want by hoping for it;
You don’t get the body you want by wishing for it;
You don’t get the body you want by taking it easy and not pushing yourself;
You don’t get the body you want by making excuses.

You get the body you want by getting off your butt and working for it.

Losing weight is hard–I know…been there; done that,  so start listening to me!
Maintaining weight can be hard (again, refer to above).
Staying fat is hard (again refer to above).

You choose the hard you want.

  • Hard to stay healthy
  • Hard to stay fit
  • Hard to feel younger
  • Hard to look better.


  • Hard to breath
  • Hard to walk
  • Hard to find clothes
  • Hard to play with your children
I know you can get fit….but will you?

Gimme me a “oh hell yeah”

Motivation to keep you moving!

Here are a few motivational / inspirational posters to keep your head in the game.  When you think about giving up, or slowing down…read these…print them out- remember them!

Happy FriYAY everyone!


Super Bowl Belly Hangover

If you’re like a lot of people, you may have over-indulged last night while watching the Super Bowl.

This morning you might even have a food hangover. Part of the food hangover is the actual hangover of pudge. Your pants are tighter, you feel icky, you have LOTS of regret.  Thoughts like, “Why you ate that 4th piece of pizza?” might even come to mind.

If you are one of those scale jumpers, you know who you are, you might even be cursing yourself this morning!!  The ones that get on the scale a few times a day may be having a fit today trying to figure out where the extra weight came from this weekend.  You will notice that your weight is up after the weekend festivities if you decided to indulge, (over-indulge).  For those of you professional dieters, you are likely trying to do some kind of math to figure out how in the world you are up 3 -5 lbs in one day. Pizza x beer + nachos – water / chicken wings + chips (insert a lot of math lingo here) = WEIGHT GAIN!!

For those that have been at this weight loss game for a while you will know that a pound of fat is about 3500 calories and with your rough estimate there was no way that you scarfed down that many calories this weekend.  (Oh, for you points people, just hush….I will deal with you and your points in another blog post.)

Maybe you didn’t and I really hope you didn’t eat over 3500 calories yesterday. So, why the weight gain???

Drum roll please…………


All of that party food tends to be loaded with sodium.
Women have a terrible time with hormones and water weight.
Men will be feeling the super bowl belly this morning as well!

Don’t stress, I have your post super bowl binge recover plan.

How to overcome this….well, boot camp of course.  You need to move your body! Oh and don’t use excuses like super events to sacrifice sound nutrition in the first place!

I am not a fan of Madonna but I will give her props for looking great at 53yrs old and poppin’ and lockin’ like a 25 year old.  Who doesn’t want to be in fab shape at 53??  I can guarantee you that she doesn’t take her fitness lightly and she sure doesn’t eat like a lumberjack, “just because”.

Don’t just talk about how you want to be fit.  Become fit.  Show up and do what has to be done!

Here are some other steps to take to get back to your pre-super-bowl weight:

Action Step #1:  Water, water and more water.  That is your drink of choice. You need at least 3-4 litres to flush that sodium out.

Action Step #2:  Add 2-3 cups of dark leafy greens to your food intake today (spinach, kale, etc)

Action Step #3: Show up to boot camp and we will do the super bowl shuffle and sweat out the bloat!!

Action Step #4: Have a post boot camp recovery protein shake (add in some spinach).  Feed your muscles the nutrition they need.

Action Step #5: REPEAT tomorrow and the next day!!

Will You…cuz I know I WILL !!

It’s Tuesday September 6, 2011.  Depending on how you receive your information, you are reading this as you are trying to get your kids to wake up, or the peace of morning is setting in because…The kids are going back to school!!!!!
I know there are a lot of cheers from parents out there.  We love them.  We would do anything for them.  We will put their needs before ours forever, but praise be to the great Lord above that they are back at school!!!
So back to school.  Back to their routines, back to your routine.  Back to getting organized AND time to get your butt back in shape!!
Answer this question. “Are you getting all you could from you gym membership” How many months have you paid for and not gone?  How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll go next week.”

What has the gym done for u lately?  Group support?  Professional help?  Meal plans?  Nutrition advice?  NOPE?  Well I’m sure if you agree to pay more money for each of those, you’ll be able to get all of those for each additional fee you pay!
Hmmm….Boot Camp gives you all of that at one low price so come on out.  Back to school is back to the basics for our children.  Now it’s time for you to get back to the basics for your health!
At the beginning of the summer I asked you not to let summer get in the way of your fitness, your health, your goals or your size.  Did it?  Well, let’s get back on track.  We’ll do it together, because together we achieve more.
So, who’s going to protect your house if you’re all out of shape and not healthy?
Will you make the choice that you will?