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5 tough love truths about weight loss

I have been writing about health, fitness and weightloss for years, many, MANY years. My message hasnt changed. Don’t believe me, go look through all of my posts, I promise it’s a good read!

I don’t know how many ways I can say eat real food and work out.  I’ve said it in a nice way. I have been sharp in my tone, I have written with love and I have out and out pleaded and STILL people are fighting this battle or emailing me “what can I do”, “I need to lose weight, can you help”

Here is the short list of what you need to hear:

-Stop eating crap…end of discussion.

You eat crap you look like crap, it doesnt get any simpler than that.

stop eating crap cleanse eat-like-crap1-300x209


-Close your mouth

Most people who are looking to lose weight, really dont experience real hunger. It’s ok to let your stomach growl. You eat out of boredom or you eat because your blood sugar is sky high and you blood sugar is high because you eat junk #visciouscycle #stopit



-You think you deserve a treat

No you don’t. Treats and excuses have gotten you to this point. You deserve to sweat it out on the treadmill and do push ups thats what you deserve. “Just a little bit” or “I just had a couple of bites” tells me loud and clear that you aren’t serious about losing weight.

bla bla bla


-You think you should be down 20lbs in a week

You get frustrated because you “only” lost 2lbs in a week. Instead of being proud and fired up, you get upset and pouty. Let’s be clear…YOU HAVE HURT your body and it takes time to fix it. You gained this weight over the course of months or years and it will take sweat and sacrifice to get the pounds off. If you are going to be a suck about it, then you better get use to the weight you are at.

excuses dont burn calories pic


keep pushing


-You think some kind of fad diet, special pill will do the trick

It won’t now and never will. You know that, so stop. Do the work.


I have kept over 100lbs off for almost 20 years and it was done by eating real food and exercising…that’s the magic…taa daaaa!

kinda sorta





Getting my sea legs

Ahoy mateys…I’m finally getting my sea legs.

I am hitting the open waters with @RoyalCaribbean ‘s Freedom of the Seas.



To say I am excited is an understatement.

I want to do it all while I am aboard the newly enhanced ship.

Surf simulator (what?!), rock climbing wall, ice skating rink (there’s skating in the Caribbean?), mini golf, boxing ring, fitness center, 3D movie theater, spa..I plan on doing it all!


This will be me, I hope!!

I can’t wait to see how I balance the decadent food and all of my fitness goals. #shipshape

Is the cruise /  food struggle real?? I finally get to find out!

Cruising has been on my vacation to do list for a looong time.

I am looking for any tips, tricks, insights as a first time cruiser so tweet me, leave me a message below or comments on my Instagram pics.

Follow along with me over the next couple of days, while I take on this new adventure.

I will be using the hashtag #FreedomoftheSeas








Diet Hacks

I really don’t love salad. I like it if someone else makes it for me. I like having a big fancy salad when I go out to eat. I like it, I just don’t looovvee it.

I think people who meet me or follow me think I just eat salad and drink water.

I eat. I love food. I didnt get to over 225lbs by loving salad. I lost 100lbs by learning to unlove those things that got me into trouble.

I have flexibility now. I can afford to eat a “bad meal” every now and again. It doesnt happen often but I do indulge. I know if the scale goes up or my pants get tight, I know what to do to fix it. Knowing what to do and actually putting it into action are two different beasts.

When I was fat (yes I was fat-that word doesn’t upset me) not only did I get stretch marks #notwinning but I also messed up my insides. As a result of letting myself go and abusing myself with food, I did damage to my gallbladder. I had it taken out a few years ago but I suffered for years with agonizing pain…years! Another prize I got from eating too much is now my stomach is really sensitive. The slightest thing will make me sick at my stomach, its not fun.

I would love to say that I eat all organic. I would love to be able to say that we only eat grass fed meat. We don’t. We eat healthy and we eat real food. BUT, I’m not perfect…more real than perfect.  There are a few diet hacks or my go to’s to help keep me sane or help keep me from getting in the car and driving to get a donut.

Before you leave a comment about some of the items. I will try to save you some time. YES, I use products with aspartame or artificial sweeteners. They don’t bother me. I’ve read the lop sided “research” and I am fine with it. I also wear make up and colour my hair, both in my opinion are worse then the sweeteners.


diet hacks

So this is what I currently have in the fridge/pantry.

I drink Diet Pepsi..not a lot but I do. If I am craving something sweet or something I shouldn’t, diet Pepsi helps me get over the hump. The carbonation fills you and it’s sweet. It makes me not want a cookie or donut.

Diet Swiss Miss – it has to be the diet one – it has 25 calories and no sugar. Again, it helps take the edge off if I feel like I want to snack or a hot sweet drink.

Soup – I eat a lot of soup. It’s easy, filling and can be healthy. Yes I know, perservatives & sodium. I would love to have the time to make a big batch of healthy soup. This is my go to. Please notice, the red pepper tomato soup is organic boom . If you are in the US  the Progresso light variety is great! If you are a rock star and can make your own–then do it! You can jam pack it full of good stuff, oh and send me some!!

Think Thin / Kind Bars – Great options for grab and go. Low cal, low sugar. I love Kind bars but you have to watch the sugar. This on is the caramel sea salt and has 5 grams of sugar

ZippFizz – I love this stuff!! Its a better version of Red Bull – jacked with B12, no sugar. It’s like fizzy Crystal Light on steroids.

Crystal Light – hate me all you want – this helps me get my 3L of water in. I don’t drink it all the time but yes I drink it and really enjoy it!

Chocolate Almonds – low sugar, dusted with cocoa, healthy fat with protein – this one is a winner!

Snapea Crisps – if Im looking for chips or similar a handful of these bad boys does the trick. Gluten free – not carb free.

Ostrim – I love these. Found them at GNC then ordered a box from Amazon. Ostrich meat -super low calorie, barely any fat, no gluten, low carbs. It is a perfect snack. Yes, it is higher in sodium so I just drink more water…still winning!

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter – you dont need much of this stuff. Its healthy but tastes decadent! I really dont use much because the flavour is right there.

Chex - My kids eat Chex. Gluten free, low in sugar. I have a small bowl with some sugar free cashew milk or almond milk and its great. I am favouring the cinnamon chex right now because it kinda reminds me of a churro. Use your mind people…use your mind.

So there you have it.  A few diet hacks that help me stay the course.

I’m an eater…I will always fight the battle of making good choices so these few things help when Im headed down the wrong path. But I will also always win that fight.

These are all of my own items, bought with my own money. None of them were sent to me, but if any of the above mentioned brands would like to send me some of their stuff, I will obviously put it to good use : )

If nothing else, please take care of yourself. If you are carrying around extra weight, do something about it! TRUST ME your life will be so much better. I have lived both sides and I know I NEVER EVER want to go back to being overweight.






The story of your life…an adventure or tragedy?! You’re writing it.

“Too soon we get old and too late we get smart.” #truth

My mother use to say that to me every time I messed up and like most teenagers, I never paid much attention to it, but obviously those words stayed with me and sunk in and now I repeat those same words.

January is a tough month. The holiday aftermath of excessive eating and the realization that you spent too much. Year after year, people keep repeating the same kind of behaviour…you know you have.

I always try to write things to inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the best you. I will be your biggest cheerleader but, in the end, as always the action comes down to you.

What are you willing to do to make change happen?

Your goals need to be clear. The end results and how you get there are up to you. You can’t blame anyone, or your circumstances.

If you want change you have to make change happen. Yes, you might have some set backs but again, its on you to regroup and charge forward. That’s the difference between being a biggest loser and a biggest winner!

dont be pushed by problems

I’ll  give you some examples because a few of you will think this pep talk doesn’t apply to you.

One bad meal is not the reason you are carrying extra weight. It’s a lot of bad meals. One bad meal means you have to reset. You smarten up, drink your water and make better choices the next meal.

Skipping your favourite exercise class has not got you where you.  Ignoring exercise or half-assing your work outs and treating them like a social get together has quadrupled the time to change.  Winners don’t complain about being too tired….they workout that day even though they are exhausted. (You ate it now negate it!)

Your credit cards aren’t at the max because you spent a bit too much at Christmas. It’s consistent shopping that got you there. You didn’t pay down your debt before adding more debt.


3 choices

Beating yourself up, feeling guilty, sad, mad won’t fix any of your problems.

I posted this question/statement on Facebook  “It’s our choices that make us fat, not McDonalds. Do you agree or disagree?”

Most people replied that they agreed. Why is it easy to acknowledge that question but you cave when it’s time to make the decision of good vs bad? You know right from wrong.

Worry drains the mind of much of its power and sooner or later it injuries the soul.”

You owe it to yourself to be the best you. Why settle? Why go through life always wishing things were different.

  • It’s 2015. Be a “doer”!  Do the things that will make you and your life incredible.
  • Excess weight, literally weighs you done–be done with fighting that battle.
  • Worry, anger, negativity is not who you are.
  • Go into today, this week, this month and year ahead with a different mindset.

2015 is another chapter in the book of your life. You control the story, the character, the adventures and you write the ending.

Life is like a book - Life Quotes - Inspirational Quotes

I would love to hear from you, what topics, subjects can I write about to help you in your journey. Leave me a comment.


What is a “racecation” and how to do it right

Running and vacations don’t usually go hand in hand, but that old school thinking has come under attack lately and there are a few companies doing what they can to change your thinking. The new trend of booking a race and tying it into your vacation plans has become the thing to do and I LOVE IT!

Booking yourself into a race ‘out of town’ has a tendency to deepen your commitment to your training. Booking a race that your whole family can come and cheer you on? Well that is a memory you won’t soon forget!

Here’s the beauty of a ‘racecation’.

  1. You get the physical challenge of doing your run.
  2. You get the post run relaxation in style.
  3. You share it all with your family.
  4. Your family gets to celebrate your huge accomplishment and have their own fun!  “Win-Win”

I just completed runDisney’s Dopey Challenge as part of their Marathon Weekend. 4 days of running for a total of 48.6 miles!

Getting ready to get my runDisney Dopey mugshot


We were fortunate to stay at the stunning Waldorf Astoria Orlando as part of their own style of celebrating  #MarathonWeekends. The Waldorf and Hilton Bonnet Creek guests are treated to a race weekend like no other.


Let’s start with having a “race concierge”—whhaat??!! Yes, someone dedicated to answer all of your race and stay questions. They made sure you knew the bus times, the send off party, bus pick up locations and knew them well beyond ‘looking in a race brochure’ for the right answers. For anyone nervous or for first time runners, this is such a great service to have. If you needed things, they were there to help get you the answers. It was such a great add-on!

We had to get up at 3am everyday to make the bus over to the race site. You know, make-up, hair, primping and the such don’t happen magically even when your hanging your hat at Disney World! The runs started at 530am (so painful!!) Do you know what wakes you up at that unearthly hour…a pre race send off party!!! That’s right, they give the runners a send off party!!!!


Note: this is 3am and the staff are fired up for us!!

Before the half marathon and full marathon, you could get your coffee/tea, water, fruit, bagel, granola bars, muffins. You name it they had it! Take a bar for the bus ride or to eat while you’re waiting in your corral.


Lots of pre race fuel options!


coffee…need I say more?!


Every kind of tea you could imagine #options




Water options – flat or sparkling!

They had staff their cheering, dancing and helping us wake up to get our game faces on to run the races! The staff and their energy were out of this world and it was so appreciated at that time of the morning!!


Its not a 3am pre race party until someone puts on a blue wig!!

The transportation to and from the races is also provided as part of #MarathonWeekends – there are no  long lines or waiting for the 4th or 5th bus outside. You wait in the lobby have some coffee and water then get on the bus. It’s all very civilized…it was wonderful!

They had this awesome banner to do pics in front of!!

You can always be number one with Marathon Weekends.

You can always be number one with Marathon Weekends.

Obligatory 'selfie'

Obligatory ‘selfie’

This is where I spent my post run time after the temperature went up…ahhhhhhh


Blue skies and warm water.

I wish I had longer to visit, I would’ve loved to been able to get a round of golf in. This is great option for the golfer in your family and makes everyone’s stay more memorable.


My girls really got into enjoying this “racecation”. They HAD to wear the robes and slippers!! After a long day at the parks they needed to unwind, haha!


The race experience provided by The Waldorf Astoria Orlando and the Hilton Bonnet Creek is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to take part in. Beautiful accommodations (I slept like a champ), amenities (amazing golf, pool, lazy river, spa) incredible on property restaurants (Oscars for breakfast was spectacular).

One other option that deserves a notable mention is the in room coffee. Yes, the in room coffee…Nespresso machine. The coffee addict in me was beyond thrilled to have a really good cup of coffee and not leave my room. Sometimes the attention to finer details is all that it takes.


If you are looking at booking a future runDisney race, you have to consider staying on property at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando or Hilton Bonnet Creek.

You will not be disappointed and it will be an experience that will be hard to top!



Now I lay me down to sleep…with my medals and aching feet!

4 days, 48.6 miles, 6 medals = incredible time.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and supported all the runners. I can’t tell you how awesome it is when strangers cheer and ‘holla’ your effort.

Marathon Weekends are available for these runDisney events:

  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend
  • Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

    Is this kind of selfie called a 'mousie'?

    Is this kind of selfie called a ‘mousie’?

Even if you’re not running a race, these are fantastic on property resorts and I highly recommend you book your stay here.

Good night

Good night

Full Disclosure: The Waldorf Astoria Orlando graciously hosted me for two nights. I was not required to write this blog post. I wrote this because it was one of the best running/racecation experiences I have had. If you are a regular reader, you know I only write about what I believe in and what I can fully support. I plan on booking another racecation with the Waldorf Orlando / Hilton Bonnet Creek because of what they do as a part of their #MarathonWeekends




Halloween Workout

You know you’re going to do it.

I know you’re going to do it.

Your little goblins, ghouls, princesses and princes will run from house to house.  Maybe they’ll say trick or treat, but definitely fill their candy bags as fast as they  can and run home to see their bounty.

And then it will happen. You’ll taste test some of the treats.

No worries…I’ve got your back.  Here is your special Halloween workout for the morning, afternoon, evening, and next several days. The more you eat, the more times you need to do this. Remember though, the more you eat, the faster you’ll lose sight of your feet.

The 6-6-6 workout…enjoy!

Halloween is a scary time….gaining weight from eating those FUN size treats is scary

Pro tip #1: I am not buying any Halloween candy until the middle of the afternoon on Halloween!!

Pro tip #2: do not buy Halloween candy on sale after halloween

Pro tip #3: sort through the candy and donate most of it.

While you are waiting for the ghosts and goblins to appear at your door…do a couple of rounds and work up a sweat!