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Win A February Fitness Fun Pack

This Couldn’t Get Any Easier…

Hey my #FitFriend. How are you doing today?

February is the month of love and since I LOVE FITNESS, I think it’s important to share that love with you.

You can win:

  • 2lbs of my Protein Powder
  • 1 Bottle of Fat Burner
  • 1 Tub of Pre-Energy Workout Mix
  • 1 65cm Stability Ball

Here’s how to enter and it couldn’t be easier…

1) Find out how many Weight Loss / Diet Programs I offer on CarrieBurrows.com.

Here is where you find the answer: http://bit.ly/2l9PFR3

2) Complete the minimum entry on Facebook.

  • Like the giveaway post on Facebook
  • In the comments under the post, give the answer to how many programs I offer and if you could win one, which one would it be.

Doing that gets you one entry into the contest.


Want more chances to win?

  • Tag a friend in your comment and you get two additional entries.
  • Share the giveaway post and you get 5 additional entries.
  • Share this email on Twitter (using the share link below) and you get an additional 2 entries.

That’s it… up to 10 entries to win and it couldn’t get any easier. You don’t have to buy anything at all!

I’ll announce the winner on Facebook Monday evening on my Dr. Carrie Page at 8:30 pm.

Good Luck!!!!



Friday Favs – The Snack Edition

Happy Fri-YAY!!

I get asked alot about my favourite things. Favourite shoes, favourite places to eat, favourite workout clothes, etc. So I thought I would start today off with a “Friday Favs – The Snack Edition.”

First up…energy!

Energy, in the form of a drink? I don’t always support the notion of a drink being a source of energy, but here is an exception. I have never been a fan of Red Bull or other energy drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good caffeine fix and I am just like you, I can hit a wall at 3pm and need a good kick-start or jolt to keep me moving along.

ZipFizz is a super low-calorie energy drink that comes in a few flavours, orange cream is my fav. I would prefer it be to non carbonated but whatevs..it does the trick! I picked this up at Costco. (sorry about the blurry pic, ugh) zipfizz.com

I’ve had four of their flavours and all of them have a good taste and great energy supply when you need it.




Next up are Party Tizers – Dippin Chips


Party-Tizers – Dippin Chips.

Gluten free, non GMO, no added flavours, preservatives or junk. These bad boys are awesome!! I love them with hummus, guac, salsa, goat cheese or just plain. These are great for a healthy homemade nacho night or a quick snack. Again, another purchase from Costco. I have 3 kids I need to buy everything in bulk people! My husband loves them with a little Brie and Red Pepper Jelly, baked in the oven for a few minutes.  Their shape makes each one a little bowl!

Did you see the package? Kale, carrot and spinach! My kids love eating these. Kale, carrot, spinach sneaking into their diet. Folks, that is a definite #ParentWIN!

On the go

For an on the go snack I like to have a Kind bar every once in a while. My hands down fav flavour is the coconut almond. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to eat this and all that was left was the wrapper. This purchase was from WalMart. I was starving and this saved me from making a bad decision like hitting a drive through or making a poor food choice  because I was hungry.  Having a snack with you like a Kind Bar can really help you through those ‘challenging’ times. These bars come in a variety of flavours.


All natural, gluten-free, low glycemic. Real ingredients that you can pronouce.

That is all for my “Friday Fav’s – The Snack Edition.

Transparency Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products. I was not asked to write this. I’m sharing my favourites because they actually are a few of my favourite things and I love to share healthy food and snack choices.  BUT…If any companies want to sponsor me…you can always connect with me 🙂 .






It’s almost a dirty word.  It sets off such emotion. We all have them and we all deal with them differently.

The triggers to these cravings are endless.  Hormones, TV,  commercials, watching other people eating something, listening to other people talking about food, emotions….and on and on.

I have a few tactics that I use to help me stay on track to battle cravings.   Tactics?  Oh yes tactics.  This is warfare my friends.  Get your armour on.  It’s go time!

Tactic #1 Brush your teeth
This will kill a craving in its tracks.  Food tastes weird right after you brush your teeth. The benefit of doing this is twofold.  You clean teeth and kill the craving. Make sure you brush your tongue and inside your cheeks as well for an even stronger effect–weird I know, but try it!

Tactic #2 Chew some sugar-free gum
This is simple and it works. The chewing takes your mind off of the craving. There are now dessert gums. Sugar free and that will help with any post meal cravings for sweets.  Try it!

Tactic #3 Drink like you live in the desert
Most people are dehydrated and end up mistaking hunger or cravings for actually being thirsty. Water is magic…seriously!  Not only does it quash your cravings but it helps your metabolism.  Double whammy.  Boo-yah!!!
Now, I know many of you are rolling your eyes about me mentioning water, AGAIN–but if you read my blog post about sweeteners, I use Crystal Light to help get in my allotted water and have lots of options for flavours.

Tactic #4 – Chew on this….
Fibre…this will help battle those cravings by slowing down the absorption of sugar.  Aim to get 30 grams of fibre each and every day.
Here are some great high fibre foods that you can easily incorporate into each meal:
-apples 4 gm of fibre
-broccoli  7gm in 3/4 cup
-blackberries 7gms per cup
-beans   6gm in 1/2 cup
-oatmeal  7 gms 3/4 cup
-peas 9 gms in 1/2 cup
-strawberries 4gms per cup
-raspberries 5 gms per cup

Tactic #5 Zzzzzzzzzzz
At night cravings go sky high….that is when you need to shut ‘er down.
When you are tired you make bad choices.  If you see that you get into the habit of snacking at night.  STOP IT!!
Go to bed early and you will feel so much better!!!

Use these 5 tactics and crush those cravings!

Are you eating this poison? You might be surprised.

Think there are short cuts to losing weight??  Magazines, tv ads, infomercials, are always telling us that they have a short cut.  Ummmm no…sorry.  There are NO short cuts.

If you are looking for ways to cut corners so you can lose fat fast then you will be very disappointed and bigger, probably with other health risks. You can’t and let’s be honest, you know that.

The real deal is that you HAVE to move and by move that doesn’t mean just stroll on a treadmill or walk the dog. You have to move, and challenge your muscles.
You have to eat REAL food. There are some amazing foods out there that will help you lose weight, and give you energy; drumroll please…

…lean sources of protein, veggies, fruit, ( green face ).

Yes, I know a bunch of you just rolled your eyes.  Exciting!!  Yeah!! Well, it all depends on how you look at it.  I don’t think its exciting carrying extra weight, stressing over the clothes that don’t fit, or being so tired that you can’t do anything.  To me, that’s not exciting, but to many people out there it must be!

I think its pretty exciting that I have energy to burn and that I am not riding a blood sugar roller coaster.  I eat for energy. I think that real, healthy food is cool!

Your food should be what gives you energy.  Your food should be as close to the way nature intended it to be made as possible (although I do love seedless watermelons and I know that isn’t how nature intended it).  You are the result of what you put in your body in many ways.  Put crap in long enough, you look and feel like crap.   On that note, here is something else to think about…

I’ve talked about this before but it’s so worth repeating; be careful of hidden dangers in your “food”.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HCFS) is basically a sweetener that is produced from uneatable corn.

This ***poison*** is completely horrible for you and the worse part is …

(wait for it)

…high Fructose corn syrup is in almost every processed food you eat and the foods you feed your kids!

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is processed very differently in the body than other sugars and thus has different effects.  Recent research has shown that high fructose corn syrup leads to:

  • Abnormal increases in body fat (especially in the abdomen)
  • Directly linked to increased incidence of diabetes
  • Consumption directly correlated with increased obesity rates
  • And like I said, it is found in almost everything (see the list below).  I avoid this stuff like the plague.

I eat real food (non processed)  that contains ZERO HFCS.
High Fructose Corn Syrup = BELLY FAT
Here is a list of food with high levels of HFCS:

Jelly: Smucker’s, Welch’s, many others
Syrup: Aunt Jemima Original Syrup, other fake syrups
Pop: Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7Up, Dr. Pepper
Power Drinks: Gatorade, Powerade
Juice: Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail, Minute Maid Products, Most “fruit drinks”
Barbeque Sauces
Bread (nearly all high-volume brands)
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
Salad Dressing
Ice Cream (any cheap store brand)
Frozen and refrigerated products aimed at kids:
ice cream treats
juice boxes
Hard candies
Gummy Bears
Jelly Beans

Suck it up…take your easy somewhere else, we like it hard!

There seems to always be two ways to people look at things:  Happy or sad, black and white, glass half full or half empty, two sides to every story, easy or hard, etc.
A lot of things, situations, challenges are what you make them.

Here’s what’s easy:

  • eating chips and dip
  • drinking that wine
  • avoiding challenges
  • making excuses
  • complaining
  • being lazy
  • eating cookies

Here’s what’s hard:

  • going against the grain
  • saying no to the crowd
  • committing to your goals
  • moving when you just want to rest
  • pushing yourself to get back up when life knocks you down
  • seeing the future when looking at the present

Exercise can be considered a metaphor for succeeding in life.
Discipline, willpower, determination, purpose, achievement.
The things that increase you potential in life share many of the same rules.

Accountability is key.

You are the 5 people you hang around with the most.  If you go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, look at the weights, treat it like a social event, chat with your friends you will go nowhere fast.  You want to stay in the security and comfort of like-minded thinking, enjoy yourself, that’s EASY but don’t expect results.

If you show up to boot camp you will be motivated, inspired and encouraged to be pushed to the next level.  That’s accountability and that can be hard.  But, everything I have found in life that has value doesn’t come easy.  It comes with commitment, desire, action.  But you will be expected to give it your all.  Want to turn it into a social event? Want to come late, interrupt, complain? Do it somewhere else…don’t try to drop  your pity party and woe is me problems  on others and try to influence them into your mentality.

We work hard to achieve results.

Change requires an effort.  If you want to look different and feel different it requires effort and at times it won’t be easy….and those are the times that you need to suck it up.