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Have your resolutions given way to your excuses?

It’s now mid March….3 months into a the New Year and where are you?

Did you start the year all gung-ho and saying that this was the year you were going to kick that body fat to the curb??

Where are you now?? Have you given up or are you staying strong??

Have you been using one of these 3 excuses?  The three excuses get me absolutely  fired up.  These are literally about the worst excuses anyone can come up with!

  1. My ____(insert body part) is not good. When it’s better I’ll start
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I just can’t put the money together

ALL 3 excuses are bull. Here’s how I see it.

*My ___hurts:  everyone has something that hurts.  We can always work with you and your hurt and you’ll still have the benefit of exercising, safely. Your heart will hurt if you keep carrying any extra weight.

Yeah, your excuse is so invalid!

*I don’t have the time:  TOTAL LIE.  There are people who are busier than you that manage to “fit” in fitness. You have enough time to make excuses, so how about you redirect that time and get your butt moving!! I can guarantee that  watching TV is going to do nothing for your health.

*I don’t have the money.  Fair enough, but if you break it down and look at what you spend money on (Starbucks, eating out, movies, entertainment, etc) I think you could probably find a way.  If it’s worth it to you, you’ll find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse.  Is it worth it to you to be healthy?

Trust me, I have heard just about every excuse.

Here is one of my favourite kick your excuses to the curb videos.  If you “think” you can’t …YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS

Control for a happier life

What affects how you feel? How many times per day do you let silly things affect your mood/happiness? I’ll be honest, I’m a worrier.

I sweat the small stuff, mind you I like sweating 🙂

I have always been a worrier and I have actively tried to change it.  I think I’m better now than I used to be but I consider it part of my DNA.

Do I like it…heck no!  Would I like to be relaxed and have things easy peasy all of the time…heck yes.  Would I love to be able to say, “No worries mahn.  Evryting will be awlright.”

When you allow all the external things that you really have no ability to control to affect your mood, you are living reactively.  Trust me, I know.

  • The economy
  • Co-workers / other people
  • Your job
  • A sports team
  • The weather
  • Politics

This list could go on and on… these are all things that we have ZERO CONTROL or at the very least, very little control over.

Lack of control can cause depression, unhappiness, and anxiety.

Allowing yourself to focus on these external factors that you can’t control is a one way ticket to being miserable, pessimistic, and negative. We all know people who are just plain unhappy and we all wish that we would never want to be like them. For some they wear their unhappiness as a badge of honor or its written all over their face.  You know the ones, you make eye contact for a split second to long, they let you know how they are feeling and how bad their world is.

My suggestion to those people and the reminder I give myself is simple…concentrate on the things that YOU CAN CONTROL!!  Those things like:

  • Your health
  • Your exercise
  • Your mindset
  • Your nutrition
  • Your education

Do you happen to notice the word “YOUR” in front of everything? It’s because these are things that are directly in your control. All you have to do is re-claim YOUR POWER over YOUR LIFE.

Stop being a victim of circumstance.

Make a list of all the things you can control right now. Once the list is finished, take a few minutes and plan out how each one of those things will be accomplished and or impacted by your control on a daily basis.

Prioritize those things that are most important to you and dedicate specific time to them with positive steps and actions. 

Now you have a PLAN! You have a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers process to achieve your goals.

A huge bonus to taking full control of the things that you can control is a happier and more satisfying life.  You’ll find, as I have, that those things that you can’t control don’t bother you as much and they fade away.  Focus on the positive and the negative isn’t as noticeable.  It’s a win-win for your attitude and even a bigger win-win for your health!

The damage that is done to your body by stress that unnecessary worry and uncontrollable worry creates shorten your life and deteriorate the quality of your life!

Take control of your life and your happiness!

Don’t just take my word for it, watch this…

What’s your theme?

motivation2013 is here!! I like the thought of a new year. What I don’t like is that so many people give up on their goals in October/November and tell themselves they will get after it in January. I think everyone should look back over 2012 and take an inventory of what happened. Did you meet any of your goals? was it a good year? what would have made it better?

In typical Type A fashion, I like to have a plan. I have seen over and over in my life if I don’t have a plan then my focus drifts–just like a “to do” list.

So what’s your plan for 2013?

One of my girls said that one of her goals for 2013 was to smile more,  “so that other people will see her smile and hopefully it will make them smile.”  What a great goal–I am totally taking that one for me too!!!

First…set some goals…make your plan. Make some serious plans, get a new job, go for a raise, start a reno project at home, save a certain amount each month so you can take a vacation, exercise daily and prepare healthy food.

Next, make some fun plans: vacation, take cooking classes, get a hobby, start a new activity with your kids/family.

Just make sure that you a writing them down! A goal not written down is just a wish.

Onto your theme…what is 2013 going to be for you? A year of change?  A year of improvement?  A year of fun? My beloved Disney does this…each year they have a theme. Last year was “The Year of More Magic”.. and now this year is “The year Limited Time Magic

So why have a theme? Simple…when you claim it you will own it. Why not have a theme?  It’s fun. It gives that plan or your to do list a little more sparkle! This could be your year that your dreams come true.  How amazing is that!!!!!

So what will your theme be?

I will suggest that some of you (you know who you are) you declare and claim this the year of YOU!  So many of you have neglected your needs and put everyone first. You have sacrificed your workouts to make it to a hockey arena. You have sacrificed eating healthy because you had to make sure everyone else was taken care of.

The year of “YOU” does not mean you have to turn your back on things but it does mean that you do have to schedule time to take care of you.  Without you, I am sure that your families would fall apart. It means that you schedule certain days or hours that you are not the chauffeur and that your partner is the one that is in the lead.  You take turns so that you both get some time to take care of yourselves. This means going for that long overdue massage, going to see your friend for a coffee, taking time to pursue your hobby/passion oh and of course carving out that time to show up to boot camp!!!!!!

It’s time to kick that guilt to the curb and make yourself a happier person.  I know that if you lost those extra pounds that have been weighing you down you would be a different person.  Proof positive is at boot camp!!!

So many of you are devoted to other people, and there is certainly an element of that as a parent. I will promise you that if you carve out that “me time” you will feel better and you will be a better parent/spouse.

Still unsure of what your theme should be? Pick three words that will inspire you or pick just one word. Make that word or those words your daily motivation/inspiration.

Here are a few words to help you build your theme:
spirit/ spunk

Share your theme below in the comments. Claim it and own it. Inspire and motivate others to have a theme. Be bold…put it out there. If you are looking for some support, post your theme below, you know darn well that I will follow-up with you!!!!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Your 2013 Predictions

IMG_2553I PREDICT that if you reach into your pocket on any day in 2013 and pull out a card or piece of paper with all your realistic body and fitness goals written on it in precise detail, the odds are in your favor of you’ll achieve every one of those goals before the end of the year.

I PREDICT that if you focus your thoughts on your goals and how you are going to achieve them, all day long, you will reach your goals so fast in 2013, it will make your head spin. #truth

I PREDICT that if you focus your thoughts on health woes and body fat problems and if you think about what you don’t want, all day long, your problems will get worse than ever this year.

I PREDICT that if you can tell me all the reasons why achieving your health and fitness goals are important to you, you will be motivated from within to stick with them when the going gets tough.

I PREDICT that at times, the going is going to get tough. But you need to tough it out.

I PREDICT that the way you see yourself in your mind’s eye today will be an exact reflection of what you see in the mirror at the end of the year.

I PREDICT that if you have a setback that seems to get in the way of you reaching your health and fitness goals and you tell yourself “this is temporary; this too shall pass”, then it won’t set you back and it will pass. Don’t be a victim to excuses.

I PREDICT that if you believe the way your body looks today is out of your control and you feel helpless or powerless to change, you won’t even make much of an effort this year.

I PREDICT that if you accept complete responsibility for the way your body looks today and you believe that you have the power to change, that you will take action and keep taking action, even through the tough times.

I PREDICT that if you’re unhappy with your physical condition and you say, “it’s not my fault” or you blame it on genetics, hormones or age, then your body will look pretty much the same at the end of 2013 as it did on New Year’s day.

I PREDICT that the more you seek “miracle pills” or “quick fixes,” the more likely you are to be a failure a year from now.  That’s the cold hard truth.

I PREDICT that you will be tempted by many quick fixes in 2012. You’re smarter than that–don’t fall for it.

I PREDICT that if you hang out with losers (not weight) and negative people (food pushers) this year, you will become just like them.

I PREDICT that if you hang out with winners (boot campers) and positive people this year, you will become just like them.

I PREDICT that you will run into more negative people and losers this year than positive people and winners. Choose wisely who you want to be like. There is a reason there are more negative people…it’s easy.

I PREDICT that if you recruit just one friend or support partner that stands behind you and the lifestyle changes you want to make in 2012, you will double your chances for success. If you surround yourself with numerous support buddies, you will become unstoppable.

So how does your future look this year? It’s totally up to you!! Just know that I am here to help.

The past is the past and you can’t change it, but by changing your thoughts, attitudes and ACTION in the present moment, the future is yours to create.

Start thinking now about Christmas Fitness

I really like Christmas. It is pretty much my favourite time of the year.

Having said that, I think Dec 1 should be acclaimed as the official start of the Christmas season.  There should be a law that there are no lights before December 1st.   I shake my head at that…come on people, think of the environment, using energy so needlessly.  There should be another law that says if you own a store and put up Christmas displays before December 1st, you should lose your licence to operate!  It was tough finding Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving fare in between all the Christmas displays!

I know you hard-core Christmas peeps start as early as you can. The one thing I really don’t like about this holiday season is that people lose their dang minds.

That’s just my personal perspective.  Putting on my professional hat here is a problem that I have with the festive season.

People give up.

They literally give up on their fitness goals. They get discouraged and think they will just eat high off the hog and deal with it in January.  That is the craziest thinking e.v.e.r!!!

It’s just lazy. It’s looking for an excuse so you can binge and blame the holidays.  That = lame.

Those people will always be on the fat loss roller coaster and wonder why they just can’t lose the weight.

Going to a couple of parties does not mean it’s your last supper. You likely know what all of that food feels like and do you REALLY need to eat all of those cookies?  Come on?!
Giving up is just that….you’re a quitter. Trust me, I know all about busy schedules, commitments, kids sports, etc but to put your health “on hold” until January is madness.
What is so magical that you think will happen in January? How many January’s have come and gone and you are still struggling with your weight?
Try something new.  Stay on track, show up to boot camp, choose your food wisely.  These parties, get-togethers are to get together with friends/family–not to eat your face off. Please stop with the “it’s only once a year that this happens” what’s up liar!!
You say the same thing at birthdays, vacation, summer holidays.
This doesn’t have to be hard….your making it hard on yourself. Stay on track and get through the holidays lean. How sad waking up January 1st and you are 10lbs heavier…that is a depressing way to start the new year.
Simple rules…eat smart, drink water and show up to boot camp!

Is it really worth it?