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Fitness Professionals Do No Harm!

jillian-michaelsHistorically when a doctor begins his or her career they take a solemn oath. Known as the Hippocratic Oath, it originated from the Greeks of legend. No one knows for certain which Greek penned it, Hippocrates, Pythagoras or the students of them, but it isn’t the writer, it’s the words.

Through time, it has been changed, amended, interpreted differently and even replaced with the Declaration of Geneva (which has also seen its fair share of amendments).

This is not a history lesson, you know that’s not my style. This is about what the oath once stood for and why a couple of the things that I’ve encountered over the last couple of days have me all fired up right now.

There is one particular line that existed which means a lot to me. Even though it was made for doctors, I believe in it as a mantra for any fitness professional. FITNESS PROFESSIONAL, not paid number counter.

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

What does that mean?? In its simplest form, I will make sure that nutrition is the cornerstone of healing and that I will NEVER hurt anyone with what I do. A line later in the oath also says that I will not go beyond my knowledge and refer to someone more qualified if I don’t know (paraphrasing).

Today I talked to a firefighter that has been off work for a while because of a severe shoulder injury that he received while working out in one of those insane warehouse deals with a bunch of steel stuff, heavy ropes and people screaming to “Fight the pain.”

He was doing what he was told by a person who he believed was a “fitness professional”. WRONG. The person was a professional number counter and motivational screamer. The person had no clue about body mechanics, movement or form and therefore didn’t recognize the damage that was occurring and just yelled, “Fight the pain.”

Last night, I read a piece of advice, that I don’t necessarily disagree with about a simple nutrition tip. I agree with it in principle, but when I asked the writer why, he couldn’t support his own advice. Right advice, but NO IDEA why he was giving it. That indicates to me, he read it somewhere and thought, “Hey, this will make me look smart to my followers.”  Again, someone who claims to be a fitness professional but has more interesting in sounding good than taking care not to cause harm.

Come on people! Would you have your accounting done by a 6th grade math student? Its just addition and subtraction, so hand over your books to little Johnny.  Or maybe there is way more behind the scenes information to get you what you really need. Maybe an accountant would be better.

Fitness professionals dedicate their lives to your benefit. Fitness professionals make your health their priority.  Most of us know what we are talking about and will customize plans right for you and not just throw out a blanket statement, “You should never eat XYZ because you’ll get gas.”

Come on… seriously?

Fitness professionals study fitness, health, body mechanics and movement well beyond formal schooling. They consider it a mandatory course of action to help protect you.

Professional number counters take a weekend to get a piece of paper that says, “I’m a certified personal trainer.” Sorry, no you aren’t. You are a number counter that has an obligation to your employer to try to get people to pay out money and hope they never show up.

Please, be careful. Make sure you are with a qualified professional. Don’t just do fad workouts because they look cool. Not all works outs, not all diets and not all bodies respond to the same things in the same way.

To my fellow fitness professionals, thank you for knowing your craft and keep up the great work!! To the number counters. Please know your limitations and help people where you can, don’t hurt them.

Post originally written for; Hive Health Media (photo credit)

No wonder people are confused about health and fitness

Over the last week I have read several articles about and a couple of studies about health and fitness. Specifically, diet and exercise were my primary focus.

The differences in the pieces that I have been reading are like night and day and it got me to thinking that because of the garbage that is out there, no wonder so many people are confused about the best ways to reach their health and fitness goals.

Hmmm… are you confused?


According to what I read, the best way to lose weight is through the foods you eat.  If you eat well-balanced meals, if you drink a shake, if you take these supplements you can lose weight.  You don’t need to even think about exercise while the pounds and inches just magically disappear.  Really?

Pills, potions and lotions


According to several top researchers, all you need to do to lose weight is exercise.  Lift heavy weight, lift light weight lots of times.  Run for miles on a treadmill, take a yoga class, spin on a brass pole, air box.  These will guarantee rapid weight loss…so some people say.  Who cares about what you eat! In fact, eat lots of food and don’t worry about it being good and healthy food, just eat! Really?

Donut think so


  1. No amount of exercise will make up for a crappy diet.  Food is fuel and if you are going to exercise, you have to re-fuel your body with the stuff.  You don’t put diesel fuel in a gas engine right? So why put crap in your body?
  2. Exercise builds and maintains lean muscle mass.  The muscles are where you will primarily burn energy (aka fat) when you are losing weight.  The more lean muscle mass, the more fat you can burn, so it stands to reason that by exercising you can burn more fat, faster.
  3. Your body is a genius at figuring out how to get by with what it has going for it.  Not enough food? It slows down metabolism and stores every bit of extra energy (fat) that it can to get by.
  4. Your body will adjust itself to your caloric intake so that it works with what is available and pretty soon, you’ll be putting on weight again (unless you starve yourself).
  5. Proper diet + Sensible Exercise = Health & Fitness

    This PLUS



That’s it! There you go.  Confusion gone.  A proper diet is incredibly important for proper health and exercise is necessary to use that nutrition to make a better, stronger healthier you.

They go together, so forget the garbage about one or the other…the answer is both!

Oh and by the way… wonder what the reason “experts” have such different views?  That’s easy.

  • Food manufacturers and food product suppliers depend on you eating crappy food.  They have a vested interest in you eating more.
  • Gym facilities depend on you spending your money there but never walking through the doors.  They bank on that and lock you into contracts then if you do go there, introduce you to someone who texts their friends during your time and counts to 10 while looking at everyone but you!
  • Who do you think is funding the research that is skewed?

Death, disease, disability, what are you waiting for?

Watch this

If you don’t think that carrying around extra weight is no big deal….well here’s your reality check, it is.
If you needed a wake up call, consider THIS IS IT!
Think that you can wait until your schedule changes or when the kids don’t have sports or on and on…..
You can’t.
The longer you wait to get your health in order the longer and harder it will be.  That’s a fact.  Aside from tighter clothes and feeling uncomfortable, are you really ok with having the associated diseases that come along with being overweight?
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Fatty Liver
  • Depression
  • Should I go on??

You don’t think that 25lbs of extra fat on your body is no big deal.  That is until the day you wake up and have a to start your daily routine of poking yourself with insulin needles to stay alive or you  have stroke or heart attack and can’t speak to tell your family you need help.

If nothing else, be a role model for your kids.
Growing up as an overweight child I can tell you how painful it is.  I BEG OF YOU to not let your kids suffer.  They will.  They might not say it.  They might not show it, but they will feel it.
You being overweight is on you.  You did it.  It’s time to fix it.  I’m here to help.

Is there a better reason?

Beware of the “Experts”

I saw this on Facebook the other day , shook my head and now I have to comment on it.

Just have a baby, low on energy, want your old body back? (notice the bad grammer-guess the product doesn’t help that)
Have picky eaters, children, teens, seniors, want to ensure their nutrition?
Need to lose weight for health reasons, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Back Problems?
Want more Energy for family, friends and the busy holiday season?
Want to trim down for Family Pictures, High School Reunions or Tropical Vacations?

Well what is this all in one miracle that works for children to seniors?
For sickly people to people in pain?

So if you are trying to lose baby weight or if you are a senior with a disease then this miracle product will work for you!! Actually, it will work for anyone with a heart beat including the dog or the squirrel on your lawn.


This is a post from someone with ZERO health/fitness training and education–pimping some product.

I am sure you all know someone like this. It could be a neighbour, co-worker, family member that has gotten involved with some kind of multi level marketing company.

They have no idea how these products are manufactured–they have no idea about the “ingredients” in these products–all they know is that it might help them lose weight and get rich.

What also shocks me is that smart people will take health advice from someone who has no training or education–that is a whole lot of crazy!

I always find amusing is that the majority of these people selling these types of miracle products are usually unhealthy, sick and broke!  Great role model for your company folks.

If you are selling a weight loss product, you likely shouldn’t be overweight.
If you are trying to get someone to join your “company” you likely shouldnt be broke.

There is no miracle product that is a one size fits all…..read that again.  If someone is trying to tell you that it is good for your kids and for your grandparents they are way off base. (Unless they are selling water or vegetables).

What I see usually, are people who are drawn into these quick fixes and then they are on to the next one.  It might not be a direct selling company, it might be that they started with Jenny Craig and then moved on to Herbal Magic and then on to the next diet centre. Or diet books; one week it is Atkins then the next week it is the blood type diet.

What the heck has happened to society……
Everyone is looking for the easy way out.
Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Losing weight takes an effort.  No magic drinks, pills, lotions or potions.

Guess what, you did this to yourself. You did not wake up with an 30 extra pounds on your frame. You had to have the Eggs Benedict when a veggie omelet would’ve been fine. You had to have the chips because they were out on the table at a party. You had to have the pizza because everyone else was. You couldn’t pass up dessert because it was your favourite……shazam you gained weight!

Everyone is unique…..its this special thing called DNA, maybe you have heard of it?!

Your genetic makeup is your own. So what works for Sally won’t necessarily work for you.

One thing that is true is that you need to eat real food–(not boxed food) and you NEED to exercise—-those are two truths that will never change.

Just so we are clear anyone telling you to buy some “magic” product and replace two of your meals with this magic product and you will be a brand new person is lying.

Slim Fast said the same and remember what happened to Oprah when she went on that liquid diet.  Yeah she lost weight but now look at her.  Has she ever been able to keep it off? Did she ever learn why she loses weight than gains it back, faster and bigger then before?

What’s your thoughts? Let me know…agree / disagree?

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Stop blaming genetics, post pregnancy, your job, your family (aka kids schedule).
If you actually want to change your body, you need to suck it up.
Drop the donut and show up to workout!
If you don’t want to put the effort in, you lose the right to complain about where you are in relation to what you think about how you look and feel.

There are busier people than you that still manage to show up and workout.

It’s not how good you are, it’s about how good you want to be….

If getting fit & healthy is important to you, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse…..sound familiar?

This is not a question of CAN you reach your goals, but WILL you??

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself;

  • Is this the body I want
  • Do I look as good as I can
  • What is stopping you from looking and feeling the way you want
  • Am I doing what it takes
  • What excuse is keeping me from reaching my goals

Many times when we ask ourselves the tough questions we can find the honest answers.  Once you have the answers inside yourself, do what it takes to make your goals a reality!

Be stronger than your excuses.








You have a choice: You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face!!!!

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