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Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I hear that A LOT.
I receive emails regularly to the effect of…

“Carrie, I am going to get started tomorrow”

“Carrie, missed you and boot camp last night, will be back next week”

I have heard them all (many times) and of course if you have been away or fallen off the wagon I want to help and I will be there for you and for your sake I always want you back


you need to put up or shut up.

Talking will not get you into your skinny jeans.

Talking yourself out of not working out is the issue you need to deal with.  I am always here to help, but you have to and need to have a goal.  If you have your goal, then you need to focus on it.  If you can’t focus on it and your goal doesn’t drive you to winning, then you’ve set the wrong goal.

Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what keeps you going.

I really have been where you are. I have fallen off that wagon a few times…and pulling myself up was friggin tough…BUT SO WORTH IT!!

When I finally figured out I was worth it and food will never make me feel better, I had my “a-ha moment”.

You are not a dog – so don’t reward yourself with food! Remember that one!!

You might not be where you want to be (in terms of your health/fitness) but you are closer than you were yesterday–that is if you show up to boot camp.

You’ve heard me say it at boot camp many times…when you are feeling out of sorts or teetering of the edge….“You dig deep!”

This is what I know for a fact:
You don’t get the body you want by hoping for it;
You don’t get the body you want by wishing for it;
You don’t get the body you want by taking it easy and not pushing yourself;
You don’t get the body you want by making excuses.

You get the body you want by getting off your butt and working for it.

Losing weight is hard–I know…been there; done that,  so start listening to me!
Maintaining weight can be hard (again, refer to above).
Staying fat is hard (again refer to above).

You choose the hard you want.

  • Hard to stay healthy
  • Hard to stay fit
  • Hard to feel younger
  • Hard to look better.


  • Hard to breath
  • Hard to walk
  • Hard to find clothes
  • Hard to play with your children
I know you can get fit….but will you?

Gimme me a “oh hell yeah”

The secret of success is you!

Remember that girl who gave up… yeah, no one else does either.

We have had a lot of people come through our boot camp program over the last few years.  I can now spot almost immediately who will be able to tough it out and who will give up.  I firmly believe that like attracts like.

Your everyday, overall attitude and also the attitude you show how you view specific things is what will determine your success. It’s like people who play poker poorly…they often have a “tell” that gives away their odds on success.   Poker players don’t want to give away what their holding.  You’re can’t be a poker player with your health.  You should be giving away your positive attitude in everything you do! Let other’s see it.

Exercise is a reward not a punishment.  One hour a day for your overall health is a very small investment.

You might spend hours and hours AND hours in your garden/yard for the few short months of nice weather we have here in Canada, but you won’t invest an hour into your life long health.  Crazy right?  You’ll do everything you can to beautify your property which only a few people will see, but you won’t make that same investment of time in yourself which everyone will see.

The difference of fit vs fat, strong vs weak, longevity vs shorter life span is as simple as the difference between being able to tend to your garden in your 80’s or sitting in a wheelchair watching others do what you used to take for granted.

Is our boot camp program hard?  Hells yes it’s hard, but it works.
It is fun and always changing.  You can’t get that from a bunch of machines.
The support I see everyday from your fellow boot campers encouraging each other is something that I am in awe of.

Think it’s not for you or it’s too tough?  You do what you can and you get stronger! Are you going to get stronger, healthier, fitter, faster doing what you’re doing now?

You need to start, set daily goals and not quit even when “life” gets in the way.

Stop settling for status quo. Stop beating yourself up in your mind. You have been through a lot harder in your life and there is no doubt you can tough out an hour of exercise.

Be stronger than your excuses.

There will always be an excuse or “reason” why you can’t.  Make your reasons why you can stronger than your excuses.

Limitations only exist when you let them.

When you are tired and I have you heading up that hill or stairs or I say 10 more burpees, dig deep, push through.  Show yourself, me and the world that you can do it. I know you can do it.  You just have to know you can do it. I have said it, well, yelled it 100x – you don’t walk to the finish line. You summon up that strength and you fight on!!

I refuse to give up on you!

Boot Campers are too busy getting better to have time for excuses!

Who loves ya’?

Motivation to keep you moving!

Here are a few motivational / inspirational posters to keep your head in the game.  When you think about giving up, or slowing down…read these…print them out- remember them!

Happy FriYAY everyone!




It’s almost a dirty word.  It sets off such emotion. We all have them and we all deal with them differently.

The triggers to these cravings are endless.  Hormones, TV,  commercials, watching other people eating something, listening to other people talking about food, emotions….and on and on.

I have a few tactics that I use to help me stay on track to battle cravings.   Tactics?  Oh yes tactics.  This is warfare my friends.  Get your armour on.  It’s go time!

Tactic #1 Brush your teeth
This will kill a craving in its tracks.  Food tastes weird right after you brush your teeth. The benefit of doing this is twofold.  You clean teeth and kill the craving. Make sure you brush your tongue and inside your cheeks as well for an even stronger effect–weird I know, but try it!

Tactic #2 Chew some sugar-free gum
This is simple and it works. The chewing takes your mind off of the craving. There are now dessert gums. Sugar free and that will help with any post meal cravings for sweets.  Try it!

Tactic #3 Drink like you live in the desert
Most people are dehydrated and end up mistaking hunger or cravings for actually being thirsty. Water is magic…seriously!  Not only does it quash your cravings but it helps your metabolism.  Double whammy.  Boo-yah!!!
Now, I know many of you are rolling your eyes about me mentioning water, AGAIN–but if you read my blog post about sweeteners, I use Crystal Light to help get in my allotted water and have lots of options for flavours.

Tactic #4 – Chew on this….
Fibre…this will help battle those cravings by slowing down the absorption of sugar.  Aim to get 30 grams of fibre each and every day.
Here are some great high fibre foods that you can easily incorporate into each meal:
-apples 4 gm of fibre
-broccoli  7gm in 3/4 cup
-blackberries 7gms per cup
-beans   6gm in 1/2 cup
-oatmeal  7 gms 3/4 cup
-peas 9 gms in 1/2 cup
-strawberries 4gms per cup
-raspberries 5 gms per cup

Tactic #5 Zzzzzzzzzzz
At night cravings go sky high….that is when you need to shut ‘er down.
When you are tired you make bad choices.  If you see that you get into the habit of snacking at night.  STOP IT!!
Go to bed early and you will feel so much better!!!

Use these 5 tactics and crush those cravings!

Beware of the “Experts”

I saw this on Facebook the other day , shook my head and now I have to comment on it.

Just have a baby, low on energy, want your old body back? (notice the bad grammer-guess the product doesn’t help that)
Have picky eaters, children, teens, seniors, want to ensure their nutrition?
Need to lose weight for health reasons, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Back Problems?
Want more Energy for family, friends and the busy holiday season?
Want to trim down for Family Pictures, High School Reunions or Tropical Vacations?

Well what is this all in one miracle that works for children to seniors?
For sickly people to people in pain?

So if you are trying to lose baby weight or if you are a senior with a disease then this miracle product will work for you!! Actually, it will work for anyone with a heart beat including the dog or the squirrel on your lawn.


This is a post from someone with ZERO health/fitness training and education–pimping some product.

I am sure you all know someone like this. It could be a neighbour, co-worker, family member that has gotten involved with some kind of multi level marketing company.

They have no idea how these products are manufactured–they have no idea about the “ingredients” in these products–all they know is that it might help them lose weight and get rich.

What also shocks me is that smart people will take health advice from someone who has no training or education–that is a whole lot of crazy!

I always find amusing is that the majority of these people selling these types of miracle products are usually unhealthy, sick and broke!  Great role model for your company folks.

If you are selling a weight loss product, you likely shouldn’t be overweight.
If you are trying to get someone to join your “company” you likely shouldnt be broke.

There is no miracle product that is a one size fits all…..read that again.  If someone is trying to tell you that it is good for your kids and for your grandparents they are way off base. (Unless they are selling water or vegetables).

What I see usually, are people who are drawn into these quick fixes and then they are on to the next one.  It might not be a direct selling company, it might be that they started with Jenny Craig and then moved on to Herbal Magic and then on to the next diet centre. Or diet books; one week it is Atkins then the next week it is the blood type diet.

What the heck has happened to society……
Everyone is looking for the easy way out.
Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Losing weight takes an effort.  No magic drinks, pills, lotions or potions.

Guess what, you did this to yourself. You did not wake up with an 30 extra pounds on your frame. You had to have the Eggs Benedict when a veggie omelet would’ve been fine. You had to have the chips because they were out on the table at a party. You had to have the pizza because everyone else was. You couldn’t pass up dessert because it was your favourite……shazam you gained weight!

Everyone is unique…..its this special thing called DNA, maybe you have heard of it?!

Your genetic makeup is your own. So what works for Sally won’t necessarily work for you.

One thing that is true is that you need to eat real food–(not boxed food) and you NEED to exercise—-those are two truths that will never change.

Just so we are clear anyone telling you to buy some “magic” product and replace two of your meals with this magic product and you will be a brand new person is lying.

Slim Fast said the same and remember what happened to Oprah when she went on that liquid diet.  Yeah she lost weight but now look at her.  Has she ever been able to keep it off? Did she ever learn why she loses weight than gains it back, faster and bigger then before?

What’s your thoughts? Let me know…agree / disagree?