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Be Nice Mission!

Travelling back in time for this post which I originally posted last June, but I felt like it was time to re-visit it and remind everyone about the idea.


Today’s post is not about physical fitness…it’s about mental fitness.  It’s about being a decent person. This last week I have had a number of instances where I had to shake my head.

I am shocked how people have changed, it’s actually sad.

Why is it so hard for people to be nice?

What has happened to us? Is it that technology has advanced that we have lost all of our social graces? Is it that families are so busy that they have forgotten to teach their kids about being a good human being? Is it TV?

What has happened???  What caused this societal change???

We now see bullying of kids and adults more and not only in the workplace and playgrounds and in the prison yards on wheels (aka school bus), but also online.  I am floored with people in business who are rude to customers or potential customers.  It seems that in so many cases people have just stopped caring.

Have we moved so far along that no one remembers if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all?  When did it become ok to trash talk, belittle, insult and just out-and-out be rude??

When you experience random acts of kindness or someone being nice, it is almost a shock–and that’s just sad.

Everyone has their own story, their own experiences that shape them into who they are.  It is your frame of mind who really says who you are as a human being. We have all met people who have had a hard go and they make the absolute best of what they have while there are those who dwell in the pity party that life has dealt them a bad hand.  Then there are those people who are sad/miserable and want others to be just as sad and miserable as they are.

We all love to hear those stories of people who were down and out and pulled themselves out of it. Movies are made and books are written to inspire us to go beyond our circumstances….but it seems that with all of the motivation, inspiration out there that there will always be those people who don’t want to try.

Being nice is a state of mind. You choose how you are going to behave, react, interact.

We all have bad days but I think it speaks to your character on how you react to those bad days and if those bad days lead into bad weeks, bad months, bad years.

I think being nice and being happy go hand in hand.  So many people turn a blind eye on why they should be happy but instead they are upset with what they don’t have.

I wrote a blog post about this a while back, the Have’s and the Have Nots.

I learned a great trick from our pal Amy…aka Declan’s mom (boot campers, you know who she is) this is something that is so easy, requires no effort and not only will change your day it very well could change the day of someone around you….ready for it…….just smile. Your entire body changes and so does your mind when you smile, and sometimes being nice is as easy as giving someone a smile.

I am starting a “BE NICE MISSION” 

Be THAT person….be the one that everyone says is SO NICE
Share a smile – do it randomly.

Hold a door open for someone. Let someone pass you while driving (and don’t flip them the bird.)

Tell someone something nice…give a compliment or acknowledgement.

Be THAT person that people look to for inspiration when their day isn’t going the way they had planned. Be THAT person that will get others to smile.

BE NICE and let’s get the BE NICE MOVEMENT moving.

I want the Be Nice Mission to be contagious and it starts with you!
(even using the word contagious gives me the willies as a germaphobe)
Your mission, should you accept it, is to go out and:

  1. Be NICE
  2. Smile
  3. Share


Results…that’s what you want.

Pop quiz:

  1. If you took your measurements once a week and saw a lower number would you continue doing what you are doing?
  2. If you stepped on the scale and saw no change in the numbers but could visibly see a change in your body, would you continue doing what you are doing? 
  3. Would you work out harder, stay on track with your food, be more committed if you experienced noticeable results?

Time’s up….the short answer is YES to all of the above.

The reason…RESULTS!

When you experience results that fuels your motivation to keep on keepin’ on!! There is nothing more motivating than results!

I know both sides and I can tell you as I have said many times, nothing tastes as good as how I feel being fit.

Here is where I have to shake my head.  I see people, yes former boot campers who are doing the latest and greatest fad and their bodies have not changed for the good.  Often, they are worse off then the last time I saw them.

How can you continue on doing the same thing with no results? Maybe because it’s easy, its convenient, your pals are doing the same thing, you aren’t required to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

There are tons and tons of programs that claim to be the best program for fat loss, but are they?  I think it is truly amazing that after all of these years, very smart people still fall for lies, scams and BS. I think we all have that high hope that this new product/program is the fat loss magic bullet but in reality are expectations are low knowing full well that it isn’t.

Quiz time again!!!

  1. Have you seen people or have you been one of those people who says they are going to walk off the weight and go for a 5km walk each and every day and still no results?
  2. Have you seen people (or have you been )one of those people that do extreme or crazy diets lose a few pounds and just to gain it all and more back?
  3. Have you seen people starve themselves (something I cannot even comprehend) and royally screw up their metabolism and not have any results and in fact GAIN weight?

Sure you have….we all know these people or we are one of these people.

So after all of that, then what happens?? NOTHING HAPPENS AND YOU QUIT, YET AGAIN! 

I don’t blame you, I have been there and I have tried it all as well.  The weight loss industry is the only industry that can continually sell programs/products/fads with NO RESULTS and people keep buying and believing.

I preach and will continue to preach about old school methods because they work….we get results-end of story.

Eating real food and working your muscles the way they need to work produces results—not a lot of glitter or sparkles.

Take a good look at what you are doing and come to terms with why you are not getting the results you actually want.

You need a solid commitment–stop being a fitness and food flake! Stop wasting your time and money on fast fixes.

The one thing that you need to help keep you on the “wagon” is results.

Commit to doing and being better and watch out, those results will be coming in like a gangster trying to hold up a 7-11…fast, furious and leaving dust trail behind!

Have your resolutions given way to your excuses?

It’s now mid March….3 months into a the New Year and where are you?

Did you start the year all gung-ho and saying that this was the year you were going to kick that body fat to the curb??

Where are you now?? Have you given up or are you staying strong??

Have you been using one of these 3 excuses?  The three excuses get me absolutely  fired up.  These are literally about the worst excuses anyone can come up with!

  1. My ____(insert body part) is not good. When it’s better I’ll start
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I just can’t put the money together

ALL 3 excuses are bull. Here’s how I see it.

*My ___hurts:  everyone has something that hurts.  We can always work with you and your hurt and you’ll still have the benefit of exercising, safely. Your heart will hurt if you keep carrying any extra weight.

Yeah, your excuse is so invalid!

*I don’t have the time:  TOTAL LIE.  There are people who are busier than you that manage to “fit” in fitness. You have enough time to make excuses, so how about you redirect that time and get your butt moving!! I can guarantee that  watching TV is going to do nothing for your health.

*I don’t have the money.  Fair enough, but if you break it down and look at what you spend money on (Starbucks, eating out, movies, entertainment, etc) I think you could probably find a way.  If it’s worth it to you, you’ll find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse.  Is it worth it to you to be healthy?

Trust me, I have heard just about every excuse.

Here is one of my favourite kick your excuses to the curb videos.  If you “think” you can’t …YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS

The double standard

I have been meaning to write about this for a while. I think I ‘ve touched on this issue over the course of a few blog posts but now is the time to call it out.

I have talked about this with many of you, my awesome boot campers…the fact that there is a double standard in the health and fitness world.
This is for those of you who have lost weight and have committed to making it out to boot camp (or whatever your fitness activity of choice) 3 or more times a week, for those of you that have followed the boot camp nutrition plan or whatever healthy eating guide and have lost weight have all encountered the haters.
You know there are poeple who say that you are obsessed with working out or say you have become strict with your food, when they are actually the ones who are policing your food and what you eat.
Think of the people who say you have lost enough weight or that you are starting to look sick or the ones that have a laundry list of things to sway you off track.
Why is it socially acceptable for people to comment on how fit people live but heaven for bid we call out the non healthy people?
What kind of hell on earth would be released if you said to someone,”do you really need to eat that cookie” or “wow, you are so fat, are you just going to keep getting fatter?”
I think people who sit in front of the tv for 3-5 hours a night watching tv are obsessed and their minds are going to mush.
Why is it ok for those fit haters to say something but you could potentially be slapped or unfriended if you question someone overweight??
Why is it socially acceptable to be rude to healthy people? How dare we question someone who is overweight but they can question us about taking care of our health… holy double standard.
I know that it boils down to a jealousy issue. For those of us who want to be fit and healthy we commit to that lifestyle which at times can be hard.
ANYONE can sit in front of the tv or come up with excuses as to why they can’t.
Could you imagine if you question your co-worker about watching 3hrs of tv a night?  “Who do you think you are” 3hrs is average. That’s awful and scary, but for some reason they can’t carve out an hour a day or pry themselves away from the TV to improve their health because they just possibly can’t miss their favourite show…really???
Priorities.  Easy is easy…..effort is AWESOME!!
I would love to say to someone who questions me and my health and fitness habits about how they are using tax dollars and draining our healthcare system.It is no badge of honour that you are on 5 kinds of meds for obesity related disorders.
Next time someone questions you and your commitment to your health tell them what they need to hear….reverse the double standard.
Political correctness or political niceness has gone overboard. I know that I am healthy and I am teaching my kids healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle and that my needs are just as important.
I know all of you sports parents have 101 excuses why you can’t miss a practice but you are the same people hitting the drive thru and feeding your kids fast food on their way to their “healthy” activities. WHAT…hello double standard?????   Geesh….simmering down, that is a separate post.
Be healthy – be fit and be proud of it-you worked hard, wear it with pride….not only wear the pride you can also rock the skinny jeans…not many can, but you can because you worked for it!
Here is some strength in pictures for you.

Find your greatness

We’re in the final stretch of the Olympics and I still have Olympic fever. I will likely have withdrawal when the games are over.  I love that these games not only showcase international skill, talent, hard work, determination, dedication but they give us hope and motivation.
It makes us see the potential of who we could be when we commit ourselves to our goals. So many are stuck in the routine of life or the routine of excuses of why they can’t (exercise/eat healthy). The Olympics show us that you NEED to make your health a priority and that with commitment anything is possible.
Watch this video and listen to the words…really listen to them.
I want to give a shout out to the boot campers who showed up last night in the rain. I know it would’ve been easier to stay home, sit on the couch, relax, etc but you guys showed up.
Yes it rained, but it was just some rain-NBD (no big deal) You could’ve stayed home and stayed dry but instead you showed up and burned over 800cal. You made your health a priority–you kicked those excuses to the curb.  If you keep looking for excuses as to why you “can’t” you will NEVER achieve your goals.
So proud of you guys that tough it out in the rain, the heat, the cold and yes the snow. I think that its easier that we do it together -“we’re all in this together” cue High School Musical (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbrbUfYSt0E)
So proud of our group–proud to be a part of your journey!!