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Valentine’s Day Workout

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine’s is a great day to not only show your love for others, but also for yourself. Like the experts say, you can’t love someone else unless you first love yourself.

Here is an amazing gift to give yourself… the gift of health.

Your heart will thank you.
Your muscles will thank you.
Your mind will thank you.

Your loved ones will be thankful because you will be doing what it takes to give yourself the gift of longevity…a longevity that is better experiences when you have a great quality of life!

Love you all!

Have a great Valentine’s Day Workout…on me!



Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We all know It’s not really a holiday.  Let’s be honest and call it a Hallmark holiday and a celebration for retailers. People spend ridiculous amounts of money because they feel they need to and then get a hate on for Valentine’s Day because of the materialistic nature of the beast.

Obviously, I am not a supporter of all of the cheap chocolate and brightly coloured candy.

Remember, no one is making you eat the candy that you’ll be given or see in the bowls around the office that no one else wants so get a grip on yourself and just say NO!

The truth is, I really like Valentine’s Day.  Why not have a day to celebrate love?! Oh, dial it down you naysayers.  I can hear you, “I don’t need a specific day to show people I love them.” – yada, yada, yada….bah humbug!

It’s a day to celebrate, acknowledge the special people in you lives, be a bit nicer & happier.  Is that so wrong?

Those people who beat down Valentine’s Day and say that it’s useless are negative and if you come across these Valentine haters, give them an extra big smile, hold the door open for them, wish them a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Better yet, give them a hug!  That should make them really uncomfortable.  Maybe uncomfortable enough to realize that it is just a fun day and we all know the world needs more fun days.

Hate the commercialization of love?  There are a lot of things you can do for free that are just a little more thoughtful, a little more giving, a little more special…is that so wrong??

Yes, companies profit off of this day but again, it’s your choice to buy or not. This is a great time to get creative to show your love in a different way.  I obviously show my boot campers I love them through extra push-ups, squats and lunges…all with love!!!

Just like it’s your choice to be happy or your choice to love your loved ones. SO WHAT if it’s a commercial celebration?  Just celebrate those you love a little bit extra.  What’s so wrong with that? Nothing!

Another reason I like Valentine’s Day is that it brings much-needed attention to Heart Health. LOVE YOURSELF enough to take care of your health.

I could give you a list of do’s and don’t but you know what’s right and wrong.

Eat smart (real food), exercise (show up to boot camp), drink water, get enough sleep.  The all = love yourself!

A few more I would like to throw in:

  • Tell the people you love-that you love them each and everyday
  • Be kind…do unto other’s…
  • Be appreciative of your good health
  • Do something you wouldn’t usually do.  Wear your favourite red sweater or try a new red lipstick.

Time to redirect your thinking.

My take away message…Love yourself, be kind to others.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you are all rocking your favourite red sweater!!!

Dance like no one is watching