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Not another Motivation Monday Post ?!

YES, another one!!

WHY, because it’s Monday and someone might need it right now.


Don’t get trapped in that negative mind warp thinking you will never reach your goals.

YOU WILL and YOU CAN but you actually have to do the work.

Small daily changes lead to big wins!

The fact you aren’t where you WANT to be should be motivation enough to get going!

You can talk yourself into or out of anything!!

Look around this blog, I have tons of free resources to get you started.

Stop making excuses and start taking care of yourself!!

Stay strong my fit friends!!

Talk to you later.

WATCH this video. It will help get you motivated!!!

#1 tool for fat loss

There are hundreds and thousands of weight loss gadgets, pills and potions out there claiming they will get you on the fast track to fat loss. Do they work? Some might, most don’t.

If I asked ANYONE and I mean anyone, on the street, on a bus at a school in an office

“How do you lose weight”

The answer each and everyone of them will have is eat right and exercise.

We all know what to do BUT NO ONE DOES IT??!!!  #crazy

If there is one “tool” that works for fat loss it is…

a journal


I know a lot of you just let out a big sigh … oh, that.

I will bet those of you that just rolled your eyes don’t keep a journal and I will also bet most of you struggle with your weight.

A journal (online or old school paper) keeps you accountable.

You can go back and see what you are actually doing as opposed to guessing.

How much of that pasta did you actually eat?

Did you eat or forget to eat?

How long did you work out and what exercises did you do?

How much water did you drink?

How much sleep did you get?

Was it a good day or bad day?





All of these seemingly small things add up to big results.

If you are keeping track of what you are doing you can see where and why you are going off the rails or why weight loss has stalled.

It is sooooo simple but no one does it.


Lazy. More work. No time  #excuses

If you track what you do it will get you to your goals faster, I promise.

Track /journal everything that you want to change. It will give you the reality check of where you are and the awareness to keep going and recognize the work you have done.
If there’s something you really
want to change right now, get a journal and
start writing out where you are are and
track what you are doing to get where
you want to go.

I promise you it’s one of the most powerful
things you can do.

Don’t believe me… try it.



National Honesty Day

So this is a “thing” thanks Facebook for keeping me up to date!

So here is my “Let’s get honest” post.

Gut Check Time.

How much is patting you on the back vs kicking you in the butt helping?

I want to encourage you – I want to help you face your fears.
It’s a disservice by not being hard on you.
Let’s be honest, you’re expecting more than what you put into it.
If you want results you have to work hard…set yourself to another, a higher standard.
Yes you are going to have to sacrifice, face fears but its worth it.
Be honest with yourself. What is your strategy?
Fail to plan…plan to fail?
We all want the “Do less and get more”  -that is not how the world works!
What are you prepared to do to see results?
Stop being mediocre, stop treading water.
If I moved in with you for 10 days I guarantee your life would change.
Get serious today.
Be hot or be cold – don’t be in between…its painful.
“I care” and “atta girl / atta boy” is ok, but most of the time you can do better.
This is your wake up call!!!
Stop wasting time.
Stop making excuses.
Distractions of life happen and they wont ever stop, but if you give up, that’s on you.
I want you to decide to be great – you have been around long enough to know what to do – make it happen
Decide to be great NOW.

Suck it up buttercup. Fight the weight loss battle and win!

Follow the Fat Loss Rules

There are rules.

There are rules in life.  There are rules in every aspect in life.

It is just understood that you *should* follow the rules.  Rules help ensure that everyone plays on a level field and everyone ahs the same opportunity for success.  This becomes especially important if you want a particular outcome.

There are rules for a reason.

Just like there are rules for life, there are rules to fat loss and the rules are universal. If you have to lose 5lbs or 50lbs there are rules to follow and following those rules guarantees your success.

If you decide that you are only going to occasionally follow the rules you won’t get the results you are looking for.

Doing half of the work will get you less than half of the results.  The rules of fat loss work to your benefit.  The better you follow them, the results become exponential.

One healthy meal or one good choice throughout your day will not help you move forward.  They will help you maintain, or slow the negative results of your poor choices, but moving forward will not be part of your overall success.

The rules are simple.  The choices are yours.

  • Yes vs no
  • Good vs bad
  • Right vs wrong

When you dive into a meal that you know that is not healthy and decide to wash it all down with alcohol; you have to ask yourself, “Did I break the rules?”  Your answer will be either yes or no comment.

You’ll make excuses for your behavior or you’ll make excuses for breaking the rules.

You can’t get to your weight loss goals by half-assin’ the plan.

When a meal or drink wins out over your common sense then YOUR EXCUSES ARE STRONGER THAN YOUR REASON


 If you want fat loss results: Follow the rules!

Here are the rules (simplified)

  1. MOVE: exercise is essential FYI: lolly-gagging on a treadmill is not real exercise
  2. EAT: real food only-non processed food (green face)
  3. DRINK: you need to drink water NOT ALCOHOL

Don’t give in to your excuses or you will never see the results that you want.

Life happens.  There are rules in life.

Follow the rules and experience the life that you actually want.

Remember those ol’ resolutions….

It’s now April!! Shorts, tank tops and swim suit season is around the corner!!


4 months into a the New Year and where are you?

Did you start the year all gung-ho and saying that this was the year you were going to kick that body fat to the curb??

Was 2014 you were going to make a serious change and give it your all?

Where are you now?? Have you given up or are you staying strong??

Have you been using one of these 3 excuses? 

These three excuses get me absolutely  fired up.  These are literally about the worst excuses anyone can come up with!


  1. My ____(insert body part) is not good. When it’s better I’ll start…
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I just can’t put the money together

ALL 3 excuses are bull. Here’s how I see it.

*My ___hurts:  everyone has something that hurts.  We can always work with you and your hurt and you’ll still have the benefit of exercising, safely. Your heart will hurt if you keep carrying any extra weight.

*I don’t have the time:  TOTAL LIE.  There are people who are busier than you that manage to “fit” in fitness. You have enough time to make excuses, so how about you redirect that time and get your butt moving!! I can guarantee that  watching TV is going to do nothing for your health.

*I don’t have the money.  Fair enough, but if you break it down and look at what you spend money on (Starbucks, eating out, movies, entertainment, etc) I think you could probably find a way.  If it’s worth it to you, you’ll find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse.  Is it worth it to you to be healthy?

If you have been following my blog and my column over at iRun – I post at home workouts that will only cost you some sweat!!

Trust me, I have heard just about every excuse.














You HAVE to Watch this video and then re-think those excuses!!! 

April…time to re group and reset.