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Kale Is Good But These 10 Greens Are Better

Kale is considered a super food and for good reason. It has some mighty good legs to stand on when it comes to nutrients. Everywhere you turn, Kale is being used to super charge shakes, boost salads and strengthen a diets foundation.

As one article said, “Kale is the Shakira of salads and the Lady Gaga of leafy greens.”

Yeah, it’s a rockstar of the food world, but it’s only a rockstar… you want the icons!

In a report published by the Centers for Disease Control, Kale was only number 15.  This was based on a nutrient density score of 49.07 out of 100.

That’s like being N’Sync. Who wants N’Sync when you can have Elvis, The Beatles, Celine and Chuck Berry?

So let’s meet the real super foods, the stars of the show, that you should consider when you are looking for a powerhouse of nutrients from your greens.

#10 Collard Greens – Nutrient Density Score = 62.49

Live in the south? You’ve probably had Collards. Live in the healthy south you don’t have ham hocks with them. Steamed collards are amazing for reducing cholesterol levels.

#9 Romaine Lettuce- Nutrient Density Score = 63.48

All hail Caesar! Who would of thought that simple Romaine would spank Kale? Better tasting and better for you. Men and women both get benefits from the folate that is in Romaine.

#8 Parsley – Nutrient Density Score = 65.59

It’s more than just a finishing touch on a plate of food for presentation. You know, eat everything and leave the green stuff? Parsley is packed with Vitamin K. And it can aid in appetite suppression. Feeling hungry but your points are high? Chomp on a sprig of Parsley.

#7 Leaf Lettuce – Nutrient Density Score = 70.73

Quiet, unassuming and often looked over for more exotic greens leaf lettuce is nutrient rich. 2 cups will give you your Vitamin K daily intake!

#6 Chicory – Nutrient Density Score = 73.36

Want to live longer than the mean girl you went to high school with? Eat chicory. Don’t know what it is? Code name, radicchio. That cute little ball of red greens with an awesome flavor and loaded with polyphenols. Micro nutrients that can help you live longer.

#5 Spinach – Nutrient Density Score = 86.43

Popeye knew it and you should too. Spinach packs a punch! 180 grams of boiled spinach has more iron than a 6 ounce burger plus spinach can suppress appetite and cravings! Don’t like boiled spinach? There was a reason Popeye always had olive oil. Heat things up a bit and you’ve got a great side.

#4 Beet Greens – Nutrient Density Score = 87.08

Beets are awesome in their own right but the green stuff that grows out of the ground usually gets thrown out. I believe beet greens and parsley hold a support group with each other.
Beet greens are packed with fiber and fiber helps keep you regular and lowers your risk of cardio vascular disease.

#3 Chard – Nutrient Density Score = 89.27

The list of nutrients in chard is amazing. More than 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, including anti-inflammatory compounds that look very promising for protecting you from Type 2 Diabetes.

#2 Chinese Cabbage – Nutrient Density Score = 91.99

You probably know it better as Napa cabbage. There’s enough calcium and iron in a cup of Chinese Cabbage to make a dairy cow cry. Bye Felicia Cow. One of the best things about Chinese cabbage, like all cruciferous veggies, it turns off inflammation markers! That’s a relief for you gut, your joints and your aching back!

And the number one green that will make you forget all about Kale…

#1 Watercress – Nutrient Density Score = 100!!

This is amazing… a perfect score from the vegetable store.
Anti-aging, daily nutrient topping… Watercress has it all and It tastes great.
A perfect add to a salad or a salad all on its own.
Here are a few highlights:

  • One cup has more than 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K.
  • A chemical in watercress may help protect against the negative effects of cancer treatment.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and potassium in watercress may help bring down blood pressure.

There you have it. 10 actual super foods that put Kale in its place and will make you better, stronger, faster, healthier. Or at least full of more nutrients that the mean girl from high school.

I hope you enjoyed this and found some value from it.
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