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What would you say to your kids?

We all make mistakes and some days we make a heap load of mistakes.

Some days we are on fire…everything is going right…choices are easy, the day is flowing you are working your mojo. Then there are other days that the minute you open your eyes things  seem (*seem*) to be on a downward spiral.
Those days that are not ideal, alot of people seem to throw their hands up and say “to heck with it”
I am just going to eat whatever I want.
Food will never fix a problem. (Neither will wine!)
I like simple. Complicated makes me tense.
Here is a quick fix if you are struggling, having a bad day, unsure of what to do…ask yourself this…
What would you say to your kids? If you dont’t have kids what would you say to a friend if they were in that situation?
If your kids were inhaling  a container of ice cream would you not tell them to stop it?
What if they pulled out a bag of chips and went to town on it, would you not tell them to stop?
*side note* what are you doing with chips and ice cream in the house anyway?!! lol
If your kids said they were tired and didn’t want to go to practice, would you tell them to just go and lay on the couch?
Same goes for you–we all have long days, but you can still push yourself to get your workout in!
Tough love for your kids is exactly what you need!
Don’t give yourself permission to do something that you would advise others not to do.
*Oh on that note — STOP telling your friends “have some wine, it will all be better” Wine or fattening food will not fix your day or your problems – so stop!
I think that is pretty simple.
If its not ok for your kids, its not ok for you! Image
Use that the next time you say there is nothing to eat in the house or that you had a crappy day and that the only thing that would make you feel better is chocolate….because that is a load of garbage….those are just excuses!
Now you have a new strategy…use it!
In the process it helps you be a better role model for your family and friends!!! 


Did you know Thursday?!




A little fun fact sharing Thursday to bring you just a few reminders to think about while you are shopping.  Some things to you might will want to open your eyes to.

Did you know:
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese doubles your daily limit of deadly trans fats. (Which should be zero). It also contains yellow food colourings # 5 & #6 that have been linked to behavioral problems in children.


    Sure you want to tell them?

Did you know:
  • Lunchables the nachos/cheese dip and juice version hits your little one with 890mg of sodium, 21 grams of fat AND 25 grams of sugar. I know you want your little one to excel in science but not this kind of franken-food. Preservatives, fillers, sugar, bad oils…should I go on?
Did you know:
  • Apples have quercetin, which is an antioxidant that regulates blood sugar. They also average about 5 grams of fiber AND they are portable! (had to throw a healthy one in just to make sure you’re paying attention!)


    An apple a day…

Did you know:
  • Nutella…oh beloved Nutella, why must you be so evil?? For 2tbsp you get 20 grams of sugar (OMG) and 11 grams of fat. The first couple of ingredients are sugar and palm oil. We all knew this one was bad…hello, it’s chocolate spread!! The deceptive marketing about the health benefits is just that….deceptive.


    Just say no to Nutella

Did you know:
  • Smartfood, well the name implies that you are making a good food choice…nope, trash this. 11 grams of fat, 330mg of sodium and almost 200 calories is not smartfood…it’s fat-food.


    Not so smart

Did you know:

  • Red bell peppers(had to add another healthy in) have 2x the vitamin C and 10x the vitamin A compared to the green pepper, which by the way is also incredibly healthy and beneficial.  Versatile, sweet, crunchy and not processed.


    This should ring a healthy bell

Did you know:
  • Overweight people are 50% more likely to develop heart disease?
Take away messages…
  1. Eat real food.
  2. If you are eating packaged/processed food, for the love of… please read the frickin’ label.
  3. Stop poisoning your kids…quick & easy usually means garbage in a package.