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Butter Coffee

I LOVE starting every single day with coffee and not just any coffee…butter coffee! Butter Coffee instructions and nutritional information


You’ve no doubt heard about Butter Coffee or the man behind the trend, Dave Aspery and his creation “Bullet Proof Coffee”. What exactly is it all about and should you be jumping in on it? Read on so you can decide for yourself.

The idea is including butter (fat), oil (fat) with coffee and blending them together, you infuse them to create a fat rich breakfast. It’s been noted as an aid to fat loss…but be careful here. It’s only natural that by starting your day with fats, you will suppress your appetite.

Most weight loss claims around butter coffee come from using it as a replacement for breakfast which can be effective depending on your diet and nutritional needs.

I don’t follow that game. I still eat breakfast about an hour or so after the coffee but my breakfast is on the very healthy side of things. The extra fat for me is no a big deal considering my exercise routine. A butter coffee will come in around 400-450 calories.

Health Benefits

Grass-fed butter has the right fats to regulate cholesterol. It has the best ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and is a good source of vitamin K which all lower the risk of heart disease.

The healthy fats also help your brain and body build cell membrane walls.

As noted about, it can aid in weight and fat loss.

Draw Backs

It is a lot of calories to drink. If you don’t live a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and proper exercise you could find yourself on the heavy side of life quickly.

Why I Drink Butter Coffee

I started my love of Butter Coffee with the original “Bullet-Proof” coffee by Dave Asprey as a combination of the name brand Bullet Proof Coffee, Bullet Proof XCT Oil and Bullet Proof Brain Octane.
Over the last couple of years I’ve experimented with different oils, different coffee blends and I’ve found that I might prefer one on Tuesday and a different one on Friday.

The reason I drink it…

I love the richness, the taste and the known health benefits. A lot of the time when I wake up I’m H-U-N-G-R-Y  and I’ve found that butter coffee stems the hunger until I’m actually ready to eat food.

I’ve never been a cream and sugar person so I can’t tell you that butter coffee has replaced those desires but I know a lot of people that have found the use of butter and oil mixed together replace the desire for those add ons.


How To Make It

These directions will make 2 servings (2 mugs of coffee, not dainty little cups).
You will need: 
High speed blender (Vitamix, BlendTec, NutriBullet)
French Press (Walmart and Ikea have the best prices; here’s an example of what to look for)

32oz ( cups) water
6 Tablespoons Coffee (adjust this to your own taste / brand of coffee)
2 Tablespoons KerryGold Unsalted Grass-Fed Butter (Costco has 3 packs)
2 Tablespoons MCT Oil (choose high quality here)
I finish mine with 2 Tablespoons Collagen (great for hair, nails and skin)

Add coffee and boiling water in a French Press and let it steep for 4 1/2 minutes
Press the coffee and combine it with butter, and oil in blender on high speed for 30 seconds.
Reduce blender speed to low and add in Collagen so that it “stirs’ into the coffee. You don’t want to blend the collagen.

Serve and drink immediately.

Watch this 45 second video on the process


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