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Not another Motivation Monday Post ?!

YES, another one!!

WHY, because it’s Monday and someone might need it right now.


Don’t get trapped in that negative mind warp thinking you will never reach your goals.

YOU WILL and YOU CAN but you actually have to do the work.

Small daily changes lead to big wins!

The fact you aren’t where you WANT to be should be motivation enough to get going!

You can talk yourself into or out of anything!!

Look around this blog, I have tons of free resources to get you started.

Stop making excuses and start taking care of yourself!!

Stay strong my fit friends!!

Talk to you later.

WATCH this video. It will help get you motivated!!!

Monday Motivation – time to refocus!

Here is a simple question….do you have goals? I mean real, legit goals…no wishy washy ones.  Definable achievements that you are going to attain with a date or time associated to them that are realistic and worthy of your focus?
When did you make these goals?


Write it down

Monday is a great time to re-set. Re-set your long-term and short-term goals. How did you do on the previous week?  Did you commit to your goals or did you ignore what you really want by giving into short-term pleasures and distractions.
Did real life issues get in the way that kept you from going after your goals>  I know that happens to all of us.  That doesn’t mean you failed in your goal achievement UNLESS you don’t return to focusing on your goals…then you fail.
Plan and prepare for your week ahead.
If you have lost your focus, fallen off the wagon, or given up…..this is the time to restart.
Today is the day you write down what you want to achieve this week.
For example…this is what I want for all of you:
-start your day with a healthy breakfast
-pack your lunches
-plan your dinners so you aren’t scrambling
-show up to boot camp at least 3x this week
-drink 3L of water daily
-go to bed early
Goal setting is a “to-do” list and you can check things off day by day….that is a sense of accomplishment.
If your goal is to lose 40lbs well that won’t happen this week, but you can set small goals to get you through this week and then re-set those goals on Sunday so you can tackle the following week.
Start your week off strong. 
Have a plan. Stop using wishy-washy words. Commit to change and experience how awesome if feels to be prepared and see the results of your work.
Fail to plan….plan to fail.
Set your goals…get your fitness/health “to do” list started right now and start checking things off.
PS: 57 days until Christmas…are you going to go into 2013 the same or ahead of the game. Small changes can change your life-I promise!