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Could you please pass the Dimethylpolysiloxane?

With my nutrition coaching clients, I try to build in a “cheat meal” into their plan. Call it a once a week meal where anything goes.  I make it clear that it is a “free meal”.  Not a free weekend or a free day to go on a food bender…it is A SINGLE MEAL!
I tell them to save that meal, bank it if you will, for the occasions that you have plans to go out to dinner, a birthday or anniversary, get together with friends.  Use that free meal to eat what you have secretly craved all week.  Eat it and get it out of your system.

A couple of things usually happen.  They eat the forbidden food and find out that there was really no satisfaction/gratification from the meal that they thought they would have. They were pining away all week for this one “treat” and, nothing.  The other thing that happens?  This meal doesn’t often sit well in the stomach.  Go figure…healthy nutrition, to general garbage down the pipe and your body reacts!  Funny thing is, many people tell me that their “treat” is french fries.

I came across an article detailing the real info on Wendy’s “natural” fries.  They are supposed to be a “healthier” version.  Healthier deep fried potatoes…really?? Healthier than what?

This is what the article said:

“The fries are sprayed with sodium acid pyrophosphate, a chemical that prevents them from turning brown from two baths in frying oil – one at the factory and one at the store.  They are also dusted with dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, for similar purposes.
And just like every other fast food chain, Wendy’s frying oil is dosed with dimethylpolysiloxane, a silocone based chemical that helps the vegetable oil from getting foaming after countless rounds of frying”

AND that my friends is what you are dumping into your body and your children’s bodies.  Think about that for a minute.  Your “treat” is a chemical science experiment…..how yummy is that???

The point is simple.  Eat foods that nourish you.  Not foods that become a science project.

Eat real food…is it really that hard?
Why poison yourself or your kids….because that is what it is…..you are not “treating” yourself or you kids.

Stop putting some kind of emotional value to crappy food. Eat real food and move towards having endless energy.

Do you even know what dimethylpolysiloxane is???  Why on earth would you feed it to you or your kids???  Would you hand them a can of oil with a straw and say slurp away???

Think before you eat.

Not the Fab Four Foods

I thought I would shake it up a little with four foods that I would never put on my plate or onto my children’s plates.  I know there may be a collective scream when these are read, but I think I’ve given some pretty solid justification for why they don’t make my healthy choices list.

French Fries

They contain trans fats. DEADLY Trans fats. That’s right deadly.  So if you are feeding them to your kids as a “treat” you are not treating them to anything other than a potential future of obesity and pre mature death.  It isn’t just French Fries though.  You need to avoid ALL foods that contain trans fats.  There is NO healthy intake level.


Juice is just liquid sugar. It sends your blood sugar sky-high then drops you leaving you feeling tired.  Imagine what it does to your kids. Avoid juice if you want to lose fat and have all-day energy.  Before you ask what about pure orange/apple/grape etc juice.  Well, consider a glass of juice can take at least 8 pieces of fruit to fill…you are getting that equivalent amount of sugar.  Think you should be eating that much at one sitting?

Canned fruit in syrup

I guess you could do worse here…but still, why not just eat fresh whole fruit which still contains the skins, fiber, active enzymes, etc, instead of resorting to processed, canned fruit that’s been cooked and loaded with syrup?  Nothing beats fresh!!

Protein Bars

Candy Bar or Protein Bar

Two categories here.  Tastes like crap or tastes great.  Tastes like crap is probably a little better for you, but still usually additives, preservatives and chemicals that you really don’t want in you are in them.  Tastes great…run Forrest run!  In the food industry this is called mouth appeal.  That’s the process how you make something that tastes like crap taste great. It includes putting really great tasting stuff that you and I can’t pronounce into it that shouldn’t be there since it’s not healthy.  I haven’t found one from either category that I could recommend since they are both really bad choices.

Are there any foods that you wouldn’t put on your list? Let me know.  Don’t agree with my four?  Let me know that too.