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Failure is an option that so many people include in their health and fitness resolutions.

Failure Is An Option

Hello Monday, January 2, 2017. (AKA NEW YEARS RESOLUTION START DAY!!)

A couple of days ago you made some resolutions for 2017. Just like so many others did, you decided that improving your health and fitness is going to be a priority and I’m sure failure is an option.

  • You made your resolution.
  • You’ve decided that you’re going to lose weight.
  • You’re going to join a gym
  • It’s time to start exercising and eating right!


Sunday…who starts a diet or weight loss plan on a Sunday?
OK, Monday…you’re starting on Monday. It makes a lot more sense. (Failure already has snuck in unless you chose that today is going to be your start day.)

So here you are, Monday, Day 1. EASY, YOU’VE GOT THIS!


This famous quote is attributed NASA Flight Director Gene Krantz when the Apollo 13 mission “Had a problem”.

Did you know he never said it. NO ONE ever said it, but it has become an incredibly famous quote.

NASA was trying to figure out all the options to get he Apollo 13 Astronauts home they came up with every conceivable option available, all things considered, failure was not one of them.

When it comes to your diet and weight loss failure, IS AN OPTION that many people will take somewhere, on average between, day 14 and day 21 of their resolution.


Quitting is easier than changing.

The problem; you see a diet as a deprivation of the food you love. An inconvenience is created by going to the gym. The mental effort to keep going is weaker than the effort to quit…so failure is the option many take.

You need to change the way you see your diet. Your diet is what you eat, not a plan or program.

The Solution;

  1. All you have to do is accept that you are going to choose to eat different foods than you are accustomed to.
  2. You have to make exercise part of your normal routine.

Consider what you are doing as simply adopting a new lifestyle, not a diet or weight loss program.

When you’re looking at all your food options, exercise options and routine change options, just make sure that failure is not one of YOUR OPTIONS.

When you are ready to quit, I want you to think about one thing…
Tell your children this life lesson;

“Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Then tell your child;

“I quit my diet.”

Good luck with that one.

Stick to your new lifestyle…in 363 days, you can look back and say I’m glad I stuck to it or you can say, “In 2018 I am going to get healthy and lose weight.”

Good luck with that one when you are a year older, a year heavier and a year more out of shape.

Tips For Success

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10 Steps To Easier Weight Loss

changeYou want to lose weight. You want to get healthy. You are confused because there are so many options available and so many different experts telling you how to do it. Where do you begin?
Well, read through these 10 tips and you will be well on your way.

1. Set Various Goals

Losing weight might be the ultimate goal, but it shouldn’t be the only goal. You should set several goals that lead to the ultimate goal. Small incremental goals that when achieved automatically lead to the big one. Eat vegetables with every meal. Drink a gallon of water. Sleep 7 hours…each of these small daily goals will get you where you want to go and they show a complete sense of accomplishment, which has a powerful psychological impact.

2. Surround Yourself With Positivity

Surround yourself with positive people, eliminate negative aspects from your life and seriously look for the bright side of everything. An emotionally healthy environment makes it easier for you to shoot for your goals because you will feel the support and when you have ‘down’ moments or thoughts, positive people that are supporting you will prop you up. Get an accountability partner, preferably someone on the same journey.

3. Rethink Rewards and Punishments

Food is never a reward and exercise is never punishment. The idea that you should reward yourself with food is crazy. “I did 500 burpees this week so I can have dessert” is purely broken thinking. Food is energy and nutrients for your body, plain and simple. Put garbage in, you look like garbage. Exercise is one of the best forms of self respect there is. You are giving yourself the gift of good health and fitness, that is a reward for longevity, never punishment.

4. Meditate /  Breath Deep

Taking a few minutes at the beginning of your day to sit quietly and clear your mind is a great way to gain focus on what really matters throughout the rest of your day. Deep breathing has a calming and de-stressing effect and combined with meditation has a powerful outcome.

 5. Stop Concentrating On A Calendar

While goals with a set date for achievement are vital, don’t get discouraged when you miss your goal. You didn’t gain the weight in a month, so stop thinking you’re going to lose it all in a month. When we look at a calendar we don’t see the long term picture that great health and fitness is a long term plan. It’s a lifestyle change that is more important. A 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a great kick start to your new lifestyle, but it doesn’t end on day 30…in reality that is just the beginning.

6. Identify Your Weak Spots

Identify the places, people and times that get you into trouble and stop or change them. If you have a friend that is crappy and negative all the time, move on…they aren’t going to help you or your mindset. If a particular restaurant has a dish that you love but you know is horrible nutritionally, don’t go there. If the evenings are troublesome for you and your health, be prepared with healthy snacks or change your routine completely so that you are busy during that time.

7. The Scale Is Not Your Friend

You tend to think of your weight as good or bad based on what the scale says. How you look and how you feel is far more important a better gauge of success. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you look thinner and feel stronger? Those are true measurements that go beyond numbers. Muscle weighs more than fat so as you drop the fat and increase lean muscle the changes won’t appear on the scale nearly as well as they will appear on your frame in the mirror.

8. Be Honest With Yourself

Don’t accept excuses or tell yourself, “It’s OK to have a cheat meal.” What is your goal? Think in terms of an employer.  If you were paying you for the work you we’re doing would you accept less than the best? No, you would demand a better job day in day out. While you maybe hard on yourself you will become a better manager of your success and eliminate your failures.

9. Foods Are Good or Bad…Deal With It

Somewhere along the line, we’ve learned to feel either proud or guilty about every food choice we make and that is a good thing because it holds us accountable. We wouldn’t send our children off to school with a chocolate bar, bag of chips and a giant bottle of Coke because we know it isn’t good for them, yet we will do that to ourselves.  Food is energy. Food is fuel. Food is nutrition. Crappy food gets you crappy results for energy, thought and performance.

10. Exercise Is Essential

Your body needs to be challenged. In the beginning, if you have led a sedentary lifestyle, a challenge might be for you to take a 20 minute brisk walk. GREAT!!! Do it. As your fitness improves, you can bring in greater challenges. Push-ups, sit-ups, weights can all be added to your routine as you get stronger and improve your fitness level. You might be intimidated by thought of going to a gym. No worries…you can gain an incredible fitness level right in your own home with just body weight exercises.

Losing weight is not hard from a physical stand point. It’s the mental challenge that kills so many good intentions. You need support and a plan for success.

If you are serious about making a wholesome change in your life, here is a great place to start.

My Breakthrough Academy – 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge will set you up for a lifetime of success because we work on the physical improvements and also the mental aspect. You learn how to change. You learn how to stay on track. You end up with an ultimate breakthrough so that you never look back and you know how to stay fit and healthy for good.

Our family of #FitFriends are there to support you, encourage you and I’ll be there every step of the way with you!

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Meal by Meal

The holiday season is in full swing, which means parties, treats, decadant drinks in seasonal red cups.

Some of you will still be cautious and some of you have already thrown caution into the wind and will worry about the consequences on Jan 1.

Let’s keep this simple. If you want / need to lose weight you get through it meal by meal.

You make each meal a success. Make each meal a win. Its a game…you need a strategy and a plan.



Each bad decision, which means every bad meal or bad choice sets you back. When you go to workout you might burn through that meal and not touch any of that stored fat. Keep making those bad decisions and … well, you know

Is it really worth it? Its not.

Losing any amount of weight is tough why keep punishing yourself by making it worse by making bad decisions. Let’s be honest, why play with your health or your life expectancy because you can’t say no to some cake or mashed potatoes?!

Get through each meal. 

Its easier to tackle a meal then to think about those 25lbs that need to leave your body.

Your body doesnt change until you do. Thinking that a helping of this or a cookie here or there wont set you back, it will. 



Only have healthy choices in the house. Pack your lunches. Have snacks on hand if you are running late. Have a game plan. Its not that complicated.



You determine if your weight changes. You are the one person who wins or loses….its all on you.



Start your week strong with 3 Traits of Success

It's in your hands

I get quite a few questions from clients, Facebook friends, and the Twitterverse.  Usually the questions revolve around “the food” and “the exercise”.  I’m catching up on those over the next few days.  (As much fun as we had on vacation, playing catch up is always hard.)

The other popular thing that I love through the conversations I get to have with all of you and see going on is the victories.  The small ones that you are proud of just saying, “I did it.” To the huge goals that you have hit, achieved or overcome.

One thing that’s always fascinated me about those that achieve success, no matter what adversity they’ve overcome, no matter what big goal they’ve achieved, no matter where they have come from…is their mindset.

I’ve noticed that within all of you that are having success, there are three uniquely common elements or traits that aid in your success.

#1  A Positive Self-Image.  This is one of the most essential traits but not one that is there in the beginning very often.  Be kind to yourself – project the best ‘you’ there is.  Love the inside and project that to the outside.

#2  Competitiveness.  You need to bring your “A” game in everything that you do.  The people who win are not sitting back watching life pass them…they are out going for the win.  The achievers never settle…the strive.

#3  Discipline.  Set your goals and don’t stop until you reach them.  Everyone will fall, stumble and even fail from time to time.  The discipline you put in place to pick yourself up and keep going will set you apart from the people who complain about how hard it is to continue.

So, what can YOU do to start achieving your goals?

I’d recommend you start implementing these characteristics on a daily basis because we all know repetition is the key to developing habits, AND second, surround yourself with like-minded people.

People whose goals are similar to yours (fellow boot campers).

Social support is a HUGE factor in accomplishing goals and not only that; you’re going to get inspired.

Even on those days when inspiration is hard to find, you’re going to be pulled along by your circle of support.

Mondays are always tough days to get it all going again….add in the March Break recovery for so many of us and this is going to be a rough start to a new week.  So, let’s use each other’s strengths to get this week going great and help one another be positive, competitive and disciplined.