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What’s your story?

We all have a story.

If you’ve been following me you should know who I am – if not, read my post
Who I am and what I believe – I spell it all out there.

I listened to a great Sermon yesterday and some of the points of the message spoke to me on so many levels.

I have been blessed to have been able to work with thousands of people and so many of them tell their story and highlight the hurt or sadness in their life.
I get it.
Life is hard and terrible things happen and those things stay with you.
When my Mom died on my 20th birthday – (yes she passed on my actual birthday) I had a choice; fall into a deep hole of depression, sadness, anxiety or continue living. I had so many people ask “How were you able to go back to school”, “How were you able to go back to work.” Simple…I had to.
There were no other options. I also knew that my mother would’ve been so disappointed in me if I didn’t. The thought of disappointing her after she was gone was still heavy on my heart. It gave me the drive. It gave me the push to make her death part of my life, not my entire story.
In the Sermon, the Pastor said;
“The beginning of your story doesn’t need to look like the end of your story”
Sit with that for a minute.
So what does this have to do with health and fitness?!
Where you are right now is not where you need to stay.
You are the only one that has the power to change you!
If you have been a chronic dieter and the scale keeps going up and up, then you’ve been using the wrong tools, systems, strategies. That stuff is easily fixed.
You are in charge of your comeback.
Right now, I’m your coach and here’s what I’m telling you;  “Get your mind right, get back in the game in the second half and use this new new playbook and I guarantee, you’ll win!”
I am here to make sure you ……???????
If you keep trying to come up with your own rules of the game, or looking for short cuts on how to win the game you will lose each and every time. You already know that because you’ve probably experienced it.

This is your locker room pep talk.

When you get knocked down, you get back up.
You work with a team to go farther, faster.
You do the work, you follow the play book and you win.

You get to design your hero’s journey.

It can suck or it can be an epic tale!

  • Believe that your best self is a real thing.
  • Stop trying to look for short cuts, there aren’t any.
  • If you do some work, I guarantee you will feel better about everything.
Never give up on you.
Create incredible comeback story.
Inspire others to have their own amazing comeback story.
Make this your FIGHT SONG!

If you don’t believe that there is more for you, then there isn’t.
Love you!


Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to look and feel better?
Do you want to tone up and slim down now, before the holidays?

My Breakthrough Academy – 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge will set you up for a lifetime of success because we work on the physical improvements and also the mental aspect. You learn how to change. You learn how to stay on track. You end up with an ultimate breakthrough so that you never look back and you know how to stay fit and healthy for good.

Don’t Be A Crappy Friend

One thing that really gets me fired up is scrolling through Facebook and seeing someone post about having a bad day and a bunch of their friends jump in and comment with things like “It’s wine o’clock” or ” Come over and let’s have wine.”
That is being a crappy friend.
What will wine, cupcakes, Fettucine Alfredo or a tub of ice cream do to solve your very bad day?  NOTHING
There are 3 crappy friend types.
  • The Enabler
  • The Pusher
  • The Facilitator
The Enabler:
They are the ones that show up at your house with the bottle of wine or tray of cupcakes. They are the ones that say, “I’m tired too, let’s watch Netflix and chill instead of working out. ” They are more than willing to contribute to your self-destructive behavior.
The Pusher:
They are the ones that come to your desk with gummy bears or guilt you into eating what they are eating so that they don’t feel bad eating junk because in their minds, if they are fat they are going to make you fat too. They are the ones that criticize you for eating healthy and working out.
They are the ones that push food and guilt you into eating it because they made it or they bought it special for you. They are like the drug dealer who tells kids, “One joint won’t hurt you.”
The Facilitator:
This is the person that puts it all together for everyone. They lead the pity party and make sure you have everything you need to stay in the bottom of your bucket. Sure they can be good as well, but more often than not, they don’t offer solutions to help you, they make sure you have everything in place to stay right where you are.
Take a second and think about which one of your friends fits into these categories.
Have you been one of these “friends” and if so, why did you do it?
I think people do this to keep people down – the crab in the bucket story.
It makes people feel better about their place in life if they see you struggle and they want you to wallow in that misery under the veil of “look, I’m such a great friend, I brought you candy and wine”
Some may think they are doing the right thing…you know, being a good friend, in their mind means allowing you to vent, express, eat, make bad choices because it’s what you want.
This is psychological warfare in play.
You need to surround yourself with real friends and also, be a real friend.
Real friends support you.
Real friends encourage you stay the course in your journey.
Real friends don’t minimize your efforts.
Real friends don’t guilt you into doing things that set you back.
A real friend will see you about to make a bad choice and instead of facilitating it, pushing you towards it or enabling you, they set you straight. They remind you of your goals and keep you focused on the positive.
It’s ok to push back.
It’s ok to stand your ground.
It’s ok to say no.
I am giving you permission here and right now to say stop it.
If you are one of these people, stop it please.
Bad food will never solve a problem #EndOfDiscussion.
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Make going into 2014 different.

Tick tock…the days are counting down…the New Year is right around the corner.hour glass

Right now everyone is rushing around to parties, getting Christmas shopping done, planning big meals and hosting or attending family/friend get-togethers.

It’s no surprise at this time of the year our health becomes a distant thought. Some wine here, cheesey appetizers there, all washed down with egg nog (seriously, does anyone really drink that stuff??)

Then we’ll get past Christmas and rush right into New Year’s Eve celebrations. For some that will mean s-q-u-e-e-z-i-n-g into a party dress, other’s look forward to pulling an all night dance party and for some it means a night of reckless abandon to end the year without any thought (more wine and cheesy apps.)

At the end of the celebration season, EVERYONE will either publicly or secretly come up with a New Year resolution.

I want you all to make a resolution, I actually want you to make A LOT of resolutions.

I have written about being kind (kind movement), paying if forward, being a role model, goal setting and I have written about resolutions.

I have said a gajillion (yes gajillion) times don’t make fluffy goals.

Fluffy goal: I want to lose weight…no guff everyone wants to lose weight.

Real goal: I want to lose 30lbs by March 15th

Make changes…I beg of you to make changes.

Here are a couple of easy ones:

  • be nice to people, hold doors open
  • say thank you, ask people how they are doing
  • practice patience
  • don’t hold grudges
  • stop talking trash about others, listen when others talk, stop criticizing things
  • don’t complain about the things you don’t have, be thankful for what you do have.

The usual ones that will NEVER change:

  • commit to making healthy meals
  • workout
  • work hard and expect great things

We live in an amazing yet crazy world. Wonderful and tragic things happen daily. Make your days count. Contribute to the good in the world.

Be a game changer. Be that person that people look up to and praise for being an amazing person.

Take a few minutes, write down things you want to change, make the first step towards making the change happen.

Leave your resolutions on the blog in the comments, and I will be dang sure to support you, cheer for you and when you need it, hold you accountable.

Write down three things you will do today to make you and the world a better place.


The secret of success is you!

Remember that girl who gave up… yeah, no one else does either.

We have had a lot of people come through our boot camp program over the last few years.  I can now spot almost immediately who will be able to tough it out and who will give up.  I firmly believe that like attracts like.

Your everyday, overall attitude and also the attitude you show how you view specific things is what will determine your success. It’s like people who play poker poorly…they often have a “tell” that gives away their odds on success.   Poker players don’t want to give away what their holding.  You’re can’t be a poker player with your health.  You should be giving away your positive attitude in everything you do! Let other’s see it.

Exercise is a reward not a punishment.  One hour a day for your overall health is a very small investment.

You might spend hours and hours AND hours in your garden/yard for the few short months of nice weather we have here in Canada, but you won’t invest an hour into your life long health.  Crazy right?  You’ll do everything you can to beautify your property which only a few people will see, but you won’t make that same investment of time in yourself which everyone will see.

The difference of fit vs fat, strong vs weak, longevity vs shorter life span is as simple as the difference between being able to tend to your garden in your 80’s or sitting in a wheelchair watching others do what you used to take for granted.

Is our boot camp program hard?  Hells yes it’s hard, but it works.
It is fun and always changing.  You can’t get that from a bunch of machines.
The support I see everyday from your fellow boot campers encouraging each other is something that I am in awe of.

Think it’s not for you or it’s too tough?  You do what you can and you get stronger! Are you going to get stronger, healthier, fitter, faster doing what you’re doing now?

You need to start, set daily goals and not quit even when “life” gets in the way.

Stop settling for status quo. Stop beating yourself up in your mind. You have been through a lot harder in your life and there is no doubt you can tough out an hour of exercise.

Be stronger than your excuses.

There will always be an excuse or “reason” why you can’t.  Make your reasons why you can stronger than your excuses.

Limitations only exist when you let them.

When you are tired and I have you heading up that hill or stairs or I say 10 more burpees, dig deep, push through.  Show yourself, me and the world that you can do it. I know you can do it.  You just have to know you can do it. I have said it, well, yelled it 100x – you don’t walk to the finish line. You summon up that strength and you fight on!!

I refuse to give up on you!

Boot Campers are too busy getting better to have time for excuses!

Who loves ya’?

What are your reasons for a healthy life?

Everyone has their reasons for getting and staying fit/healthy.

Some people do it to lose weight, some because they have had a health scare (diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol), some do it for protection/prevention.

Whatever your reason, congratulations. I know some days it can be a real struggle to drum up the energy to show up to boot camp (or whatever your fitness program is).

It is key to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind to help you stay focused and on track.

Here are the reasons why I take care of my health:
Health – I want to stay healthy not only for me but for my family!
Strength – I like being able to push myself.  I like being able to know that I am working towards a longer/stronger life.  I like being able to do 50/50/50 x 50 🙂
Pride – I am proud of how far I have come – losing over 200lbs was hard but I did it…and I never want to have to do it again!
My Family –  I want to run, jump and play with my kids and their kids.  I want to be a great role model for them when they are adults.  I want them to take care of their health.
Happiness – Being fit makes me happy – being overweight made me miserable– I choose to be happy, healthy and fit
Me – I am doing this for me.  Spending an hour a day to make myself better is better for everyone that I’m involved with.

If things in your life aren’t the way you want them, then change it.  YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU TO CHANGE!

You and your health are a priority. If you put everyone’s needs before yours that doesn’t make you a martyr in the name of family first, it makes you unhealthy.  If you’re not healthy, what good are you to them?

As parents we have self-induced guilt the moment our children are born. We don’t want to miss a minute of their lives. We put our lives on the back burner to take care of our families.  Imagine the guilt if you get sick or incapacitated and you must have your kids/family take care of you.  When it comes to health issues that you can control, you are insulting everyone who didn’t have that control.  Try to look at someone who’s health and wellness was taken from them and couldn’t control it when you can prevent your poor health issues.  Our health is precious just as our family is.