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Health and fitness became a priority for Brett Young.

Say Hi To Mr. Brett Young

Meet Brett Young. This guy is awesome!Health and fitness became a priority for Brett Young.
I’ve known Brett for a few years now. It all started back when I was active on the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel and doing a lot of promotion of two of my passions at the time…Disney and running.

Brett and I first connected on-line through our mutual interests of Disney and running but most of all, health and fitness in 2011. Brett had already begun a transformation, but the Brett I met then, is not the Brett we all see now!


Brett made a choice…and amazing choice it was. This was Brett 9 years ago when he made that choice. It was a very simple choice. In his own words;

“9 years ago, today, I made a bet with myself. Change something. Do something. Anything. Why? I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of walking up stairs and having to stop to catch my breath. Sick of having to keep adding notches to my belt. Tired of buying big graphic shirts so that I could camouflage what was underneath.”

I’ve watched Brett’s journey both online and in person. I was at a running expo and I heard a voice ask, “Carrie Burrows?” It was Brett and we were finally meeting in person!2000 people at a RunDisney Expo, a 1200 mile journey to run 26.2 miles and 2 Canadians are able to meet in real life. What are the chances of that!!

I’ve even had the pleasure to run with him. #JustKeepRunning

Brett is an absolute inspiration. 9 years ago when he made that bet with himself it didn’t matter to him it might take time to make his transformation…what mattered to him was the end results and to Brett, those results never end. He knows that it was lifestyle choices that he was giving up 9 years ago and that it is lifestyle choices that he still enjoys…just different ones.

Now Brett enjoys the lifestyle choices that come with a love of health and fitness. The choices that allow for greater longevity and more enjoyment.

What he has done is nothing extraordinary. It was lots of little changes that made a BIG difference. Once again in his words;

“Change something. Move forward. Walk the perimeter of a gym. Now jog. Now run. Move forward. Eat different. Eat fuel. Eat balanced. Move forward. Get injured. Deal with it. Move on. Move forward. Challenge yourself. Get scared. Train harder. Run a half marathon. Get less scared. Sign up for a full marathon. Get scared. Train harder. Move forward. Get injured. Deal with it. Run a full marathon. Take it to #RunDisney. Don’t be scared. Move forward. Train harder…Be consistent. Keep training….Move forward…..one day at a time.”

How Did He Do It?

Here is the exact secret to Brett’s transformational journey.

  • He ate the right foods to fuel his body.
  • He exercised.
  • He said good-bye to old negative habits.
  • He embraced a new healthy lifestyle.
  • He kept (keeps) going.

Was every step of the journey positive and perfect? No. Not at all. But when he stumbled, he got up, dusted himself off and picked up where he left off.

He never quit. He didn’t fail.

I am so proud of you Mr. Brett Young! You are a true inspiration!!!

Health and fitness changes are what has made Brett into who he is now.
To learn more about Brett, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Here are links to the pictures used:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Brett is not a client of mine and he didn’t use any of my services to reach his goals. He did what you can do. He made a decision to change.

To learn more about your health and fitness option, visit the resources available on my site by clicking on the “Resources” tab above or here: http://carrieburrows.com/weightlossprograms/


What is a “racecation” and how to do it right

Running and vacations don’t usually go hand in hand, but that old school thinking has come under attack lately and there are a few companies doing what they can to change your thinking. The new trend of booking a race and tying it into your vacation plans has become the thing to do and I LOVE IT!

Booking yourself into a race ‘out of town’ has a tendency to deepen your commitment to your training. Booking a race that your whole family can come and cheer you on? Well that is a memory you won’t soon forget!

Here’s the beauty of a ‘racecation’.

  1. You get the physical challenge of doing your run.
  2. You get the post run relaxation in style.
  3. You share it all with your family.
  4. Your family gets to celebrate your huge accomplishment and have their own fun!  “Win-Win”

I just completed runDisney’s Dopey Challenge as part of their Marathon Weekend. 4 days of running for a total of 48.6 miles!

Getting ready to get my runDisney Dopey mugshot


We were fortunate to stay at the stunning Waldorf Astoria Orlando as part of their own style of celebrating  #MarathonWeekends. The Waldorf and Hilton Bonnet Creek guests are treated to a race weekend like no other.


Let’s start with having a “race concierge”—whhaat??!! Yes, someone dedicated to answer all of your race and stay questions. They made sure you knew the bus times, the send off party, bus pick up locations and knew them well beyond ‘looking in a race brochure’ for the right answers. For anyone nervous or for first time runners, this is such a great service to have. If you needed things, they were there to help get you the answers. It was such a great add-on!

We had to get up at 3am everyday to make the bus over to the race site. You know, make-up, hair, primping and the such don’t happen magically even when your hanging your hat at Disney World! The runs started at 530am (so painful!!) Do you know what wakes you up at that unearthly hour…a pre race send off party!!! That’s right, they give the runners a send off party!!!!


Note: this is 3am and the staff are fired up for us!!

Before the half marathon and full marathon, you could get your coffee/tea, water, fruit, bagel, granola bars, muffins. You name it they had it! Take a bar for the bus ride or to eat while you’re waiting in your corral.


Lots of pre race fuel options!


coffee…need I say more?!


Every kind of tea you could imagine #options




Water options – flat or sparkling!

They had staff their cheering, dancing and helping us wake up to get our game faces on to run the races! The staff and their energy were out of this world and it was so appreciated at that time of the morning!!


Its not a 3am pre race party until someone puts on a blue wig!!

The transportation to and from the races is also provided as part of #MarathonWeekends – there are no  long lines or waiting for the 4th or 5th bus outside. You wait in the lobby have some coffee and water then get on the bus. It’s all very civilized…it was wonderful!

They had this awesome banner to do pics in front of!!

You can always be number one with Marathon Weekends.

You can always be number one with Marathon Weekends.

Obligatory 'selfie'

Obligatory ‘selfie’

This is where I spent my post run time after the temperature went up…ahhhhhhh


Blue skies and warm water.

I wish I had longer to visit, I would’ve loved to been able to get a round of golf in. This is great option for the golfer in your family and makes everyone’s stay more memorable.


My girls really got into enjoying this “racecation”. They HAD to wear the robes and slippers!! After a long day at the parks they needed to unwind, haha!


The race experience provided by The Waldorf Astoria Orlando and the Hilton Bonnet Creek is by far the best I’ve had the pleasure to take part in. Beautiful accommodations (I slept like a champ), amenities (amazing golf, pool, lazy river, spa) incredible on property restaurants (Oscars for breakfast was spectacular).

One other option that deserves a notable mention is the in room coffee. Yes, the in room coffee…Nespresso machine. The coffee addict in me was beyond thrilled to have a really good cup of coffee and not leave my room. Sometimes the attention to finer details is all that it takes.


If you are looking at booking a future runDisney race, you have to consider staying on property at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando or Hilton Bonnet Creek.

You will not be disappointed and it will be an experience that will be hard to top!



Now I lay me down to sleep…with my medals and aching feet!

4 days, 48.6 miles, 6 medals = incredible time.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and supported all the runners. I can’t tell you how awesome it is when strangers cheer and ‘holla’ your effort.

Marathon Weekends are available for these runDisney events:

  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend
  • Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

    Is this kind of selfie called a 'mousie'?

    Is this kind of selfie called a ‘mousie’?

Even if you’re not running a race, these are fantastic on property resorts and I highly recommend you book your stay here.

Good night

Good night

Full Disclosure: The Waldorf Astoria Orlando graciously hosted me for two nights. I was not required to write this blog post. I wrote this because it was one of the best running/racecation experiences I have had. If you are a regular reader, you know I only write about what I believe in and what I can fully support. I plan on booking another racecation with the Waldorf Orlando / Hilton Bonnet Creek because of what they do as a part of their #MarathonWeekends




On The Road to Disney Parks…hello Atlanta!

There is one thing that is a guarantee the night before any runDisney event…I.can.not.sleep! Hello? Can you say, “Super excited!!”

I managed to get 4 hours of that wonderful world of sleep before getting up to head on over to Turner Field for a 6am meetup, tweetup and RUN!!!  You know, Turner Field…home of the Atlanta Braves!!



Credit: Kristin Long bamagirlruns.blogspot.com

Not only was I thrilled to attend the innaugural “On the road to Disney Parks”, but I was super excited to see my girls @susanpazera and @bamagirlruns

It was a chilly morning in Atlanta so as an out-of-towner, I kept asking, “Isn’t it supposed to be Hot-lanta…where’s the heat??”

Yes, the girl from Canada should not complain about the cold but, I’m a southern belle at heart, and soul.

I think it’s clear that my support for runDisney is high. Yes, Im biased. **Spoiler Alert**: I love Disney and to combine Disney with fitness?  Well that’s just pretty much perfect in my eyes.

I’ve been to many meetups, but this one was different though.  It was special and unique in its own way.  runDisney is taking their message on the road. Fitness to the people!  I know, I know….you’re thinking, “Everyone knows about runDisney races.” ….but maybe not. For those that think that running is a fantasy, runDisney turns that fantasy into a reality with legit pixie dust!


Credit: Kristin Long

For me #ontheroadtodisneyparks is a way of bringing fitness to the people.

If you read my blog regularly, you know I rant and rave about setting goals. To sign up for a runDisney race, do the training and make the commitment is all that and a bag of apples for me!  And not the kind of apple that Snow White got tricked with…the kind that you can get at the Storybook Circus Tent in Fantasyland!!


Running under the Olympic Rings…Inspiring!!
Credit: runDisney

Disney magic for me is meeting soooo many people who thought they would never run or could never run, and with some encouragement from friends they sign up and get hooked. Yes, they get hooked on runDisney races but more importantly,  it gets them hooked on bettering their health…I LOVE THAT!!!

I love hearing stories from couch potatoes that have turned their lives around because of faith, trust and a little pixie dust….well…add in some sweat, blisters and tight muscles….all in all the same thing, right?!

I want to make this clear, *disclaimer* I have not been asked to write one single blog post, tweet, facebook update or post an instagram picture by my firends at runDisney or Disney.  I do this on my own accord. I truly support the runDisney organization for helping to make fitness fun and accessible to every level of athlete. I have seen so many people who claim to hate fitness turn their lives around and finish a half marathon…now if that is not magical I dont know what is!


Credit: runDisney

Fitness can be fun people!!  You dont have to start with 13.1 miles of fun, but a 5k is a great way to get motivated.  Two of my three children are not fans of running, but they just recently ran their first MickeyMile and as a mom who is constantly on the look-out for my children’s health and fitness, I was gushing with pride when they crossed the finish line!!


Obesity is at an all time high and it seems to be getting worse no matter how much government intervention is attempted. I love that runDisney is a brand that is all inclusive of every fitness level. runDisney has the best experts to help with your training and provide support along your journey. Jeff Galloway is a running icon and one of the nicest people on the planet and he is the training expert that you have as a runner when preparing for your run…hello, awesome!! Tara Gidus, is the dietician that provides so much information on proper eating/nutrition along with healthy recipes and support.

Image Image

On the road to Disney Parks was a great way to show the folks in Atlanta that they can get fit and have fun doing it! The support you get from the runDisney community is something like I have never experienced. It is all about support and encouragement. I wish I had runDisney back when I was a teenager struggling with my weight…I could’ve saved myself years of misery.


Credit: Kristin Long

If nothing else, I hope this post inspires and motivates you to do something active TODAY! Small changes lead to big things! Book your runDisney race and let me know so I can cheer you on! Until the next one…M.I.C – C Real Soon! K.E.Y. – Y Because we like you…

Heads up, you might want to be at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Fitness and Health Expo early to get your hands on these…look for me at the front of the line with my 3Bs…

Here is a sneak peak of the 2014 New Balance/runDisney shoes 

Watch this to get an even better experience of what this was all about!