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Wednesday Workouts


iRun, uRun, we all runDisney

I’ve been home for two weeks now and suffering from Disney withdrawl…no big surprise there!

We had a great group of boot campers do a run this morning and it got me thinking about how fitness/athletics/sports can be intimidating. I know so many people are scared by the term “boot camp”.  As cute and cuddly as I am, alot of people wont even try boot camp. Same thing goes for running. Last week we ran hills each and every night…A LOT of hills and y’all did it even when many of you thought you couldn’t do it.(#superproud).  Had I told you what we were doing before it all began, many of you might not have shown up.  We made it through together and we made it an all inclusive fun week.

There are so many reasons why I love runDisney. I usually go on and on about them but one of the main reason is that it is all inclusive.  They are real races but they are fun…truly a ‘fun run’.  It really is magical to run through Disney. The adrenalin you get is like no other feeling! runDisney races have elite runners, weekend warriors, walk-runners, and walkers. I love it because there is no reason why you can’t do a runDisney event – you do not need to be a super athlete.

I love that runDisney wants you to grab your family and lace up your shoes and run together.  Where else are you going to get that kind of experience?! #fitfamily.

I love that when I’m at a runDisney event  I get to meet so many incredible people with so many amazing stories. People that have survived cancer and made it a goal to run at Disney. People that are on a weight loss journey and have put a runDisney event on their fitness bucket list. Stories of people overcoming different health or injury related issues that they made this a goal — how inspiring!! This makes it real – that is the magic, then you add in your favourite characters, fireworks, entertainment along the course plus you can dress up!! Hello?? Where else is that going to happen?! When you get thousands of people together that are excited to run, and be fit, it is amazing.

Here are a few pics from our Fun Run during the Disney Sports Festival that I was able to attend.

The start of our run…It was great that so many people had their families there and were so keen to run and participate first thing in the morning.


We headed out on our run around Epcot’s World Showcase.


We stopped for a water break in Germany and I was super excited to see the very beautiful Snow White and Dopey…no comments about me being the same height as a dwarf.  Dopey was very excited about his own challenge that is coming up!


Then I got to see my girl…Rapunzel!! She was so lovely…we talked hair, compared our braids…you know, girl talk—it was kind of perfect, like we were besties!!



Then after getting my princess fix it was time to get back to the run. It was so great seeing my fellow bloggers running with their kids, running with strollers, families holding hands while running…come on…that is pure gold!!


Here is a pic of one of my new favourite people @bamagirlruns – she was super fun to run with. We picked up our pace and caught up with Bob Hitchcock -then he turned on the heat and blasted by us.


I got to get a picture with a few more of my favourite people @mackidsuze and  @amandatinney -such great fun people. When you see Minnie Mouse at the finish line you cannot help but smile and run faster!!



One of my favourite pics…Minnie closed her eyes while hugging me….awwww how precious is that…makes me love her even more!! So glad that I have a pic of it #magical

I wanted to share this with you because I want to encourage you to try. Try something new…give yourself a goal and work towards it. Pick a runDisney event – they are not intimadating and a whole heck of a lot of fun – when they say each mile is magical that is the TRUTH!!

There are still some spots open for upcoming runDisney events-take a look here, set yourself a goal and get after it.  I promise that this will be an experience and memory that you wont soon forget.  You’ll be hooked!!


Have you participated in a runDisney event and which one?

What character would you want to get your picture taken with along the course?