Talking VS Doing

Some people think because they continuously talk about the changes they are going to make that they are actually making them. Peace talks have been happening in the middle east for years but nothing has happened…peace action is what is needed.

The choice is yours

The choice is yours

The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do I really want to do this?

If you want to change, the simple fact is you will, but you have to want it and from wanting, you actually have to DO IT!!

Don’t get to that point that you are so frustrated and miserable before you make those changes.  That was me a long time ago.  I let myself go and it went from bad to worse…fast.

I hear it all the time that people don’t come or at least try boot camp because they think it is too hard.

Gaaaahhhhhh, heck yes it is hard…but it works.  Going on the elliptical or wandering around a gym with no purpose is just wasting time.

Action = Results

We all know this.  Consider this  post as a not so subtle reminder.

Greatness is a decision. It must be chosen. And making that choice will be a defining moment in your life. This defining moment always requires courage, audacity and strength.

The Decision is yours….yes you should workout

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