Tell them WHY and the HOW comes naturally

The title of this post is one of my favourite quotes of all time. A great American leader said this during a time of challenge to his counrty.  It has been a guiding term for me in many situations;

“Tell them why, and the how comes naturally” Does anyone know who said it?

But, I will change it just a little bit here:

Tell ME why and the how comes naturally

For some people, when the have the why…the how is simple.  A doctor tells a patient, “You have to lower your blood pressure or you will die.”  The how is then either medications, exercise, lifestyle change…an answer to the why.

“You need to have an education to open more possibilities for yourself in life.” Go to school, read, study are the how’s to accomplish the why.  The examples can go on and on.

In my world of helping you accomplish your goals, (WHY), I work for you to help establish the way (HOW), whether it is lower blood pressure and cholesterol challenges, improve overall health, reduce a waist line or increase strength.

Sometimes the WHY isn’t too pleasant.  You aren’t losing the pounds because you eat crap.  It hurts walking up stairs because your joints are carrying too much weight.  Then the how becomes evident and things look better.

Your WHY can be varied but the HOW will be self evident…the alternative is staying the same or getting worse.

Always keep your eyes on your WHY.

Mark came to me with his WHY and we worked together for the best HOW’s that worked for him…the results are evident.  I love this picture of him crossing the finish line at a half marathon.

Gotta love the smile!! Way to go Mark!!!

By the way…the quote is from General George Patton.




  1. I am soooooo proud of you Mark! I have watched you change over the last year and it’s amazing. You inspire me to keep going and running! If anyone ever says it can’t be done we can both tell them “Oh yes it can!”

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