The cost of eating healthy

Food, it does a body good

I hear all the time that it is expensive to eat healthy–total bull.

I think it is far more expensive to eat out (not knowing who is touching/preparing your food) sorry, personal germ-a-phobe moment

Going out to eat a salad with chicken breast for $13, really? You get about $1.00 worth of salad and the chicken breast is about 3.00.  Total cost $4…a nine dollar margin for the restaurant–gah! And yes, I know, overhead, employees and the cost of doing business stuff.

Not to mention the issue of who is actually preparing and touching your food…ick! Save the money and make the dang salad and bbq up the chicken.

It is expensive to eat pre-packed food not to mention its gross, crappy full of chemicals/preservatives to make it shelf stable for years…whole other blog post on that issue.

You need to reconsider how you look at the cost of food.  Yes, you can eat a big jumbo box of some kind of cereal that will cost you a couple of bucks. But there are other costs with that mentality.  The cost of that is gaining weight, speeding up the aging process, which means it essentially you shorten your life.  What’s the price tag on that I wonder?

Or, you can spend a few more cents and eat some protein power packed eggs for breakfast–that will help you keep your weight in check, turn back the aging clock, power your mind and muscles and extend your life.

Are you really, going to complain over a couple of bucks here and there to live a better life??

Take 10 minutes and plan your week with the meals that you will eat.  You’ll find having a plan will make it much easier. It takes the stress out of eating and you are less tempted when walking the food isles.

I really don’t think it’s that much of a big deal to look at your week ahead and see what you have to do and plan from there.  10 minutes people, 10 freaking minutes.  That’s all it takes!

If you tell me that you just can’t do it, then I will tell you that you will never get to the next stage in your weight loss goals; plain and simple.  Not to mention, you’re telling yourself, “Me and my family just aren’t worth it.”  OUCH!

A few tips to make things easier and more affordable.

  1. Read the weekly sales flyers.  Look for items on sale that are on your healthy food list. Great deals on the crap?  Who cares, it’s crap!
  2. Shop with the seasons—buy produce that is in season.  It’s always a better price and it tastes better.
  3. Frozen is ok—buying frozen produce is ok and it is always cheaper.  Look for flash frozen from a natural state…aka, not pre-cooked, seasoned, chemically altered, etc.
  4. Get creative—-if extra lean ground beef or ground turkey is on sale then buy extra, freeze it and use some to whip up a chili packed with beans and veggies
  5. Grill up meat so you can pack it in your meals.  Even do up extra that you can freeze.
  6. Buy a vacuum sealer.  You can but extra of everything when it’s on sale and freeze it up! We also make up a lot of meals ahead of time, vacuum seal them and warm them up later

Here is a sample of my shopping list.

  • Avocados (2) 3.00
  • Hummus   3.00
  • Red peppers (2) 3.00
  • Apples (5-6) 4.00
  • Eggs – dozen 2.50
  • Spinach 4.00-fresh (frozen is about 2.00)
  • Broccoli (frozen) 3.00
  • Frozen raspberries 4.00
  • Tomatoes (diced/can) 1.00
  • Black Beans (1 can) 1.00
  • Salmon (canned) 2.50
  • Sirloin Steak 5.00
  • Skinless Chicken breasts-fresh (5-6) 20.00
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk 4.00 (2 containers for $4.00)

I put approximate values on the above foods

Grand total for my staples per week is $65–

Yes, I spend more than $65 a week (I am feeding a family of 5) but those are some of my staples.

I buy more veggies, lean meats, brown rice or quinoa, but I always have the above items in my cart weekly.

Start shopping smart for eating smart and watch your grocery bill go down along with the pounds!!!




  1. In Georgetown we are so blessed to have 4 different grocery chains available for us to purchase food from. Each week I look through each of the flyers and witha black magic marker and circle what I want to purchase. The distance between them is close enough that I usually visit 2 or 3 on one day. I always purchase many multiples when an item I want is on sale, especially foods we eat often. Healthy food keeps you full for a longer period of time, thus you eat less in the long run. You can choose to eat yucky food but you’ll pay for it sooner or later with medicine, poor health and a retirement that may never be spent enjoying life (that’s if you live that long) . You decide.

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