The Four Pillars of Fitness

What I do falls into a few categories….trainer, nutritionist, motivator, event planner, meal planner, Dr, therapist…..(OK, I only play those last two at boot camp. I don’t have the letters behind my name in real life).  In reality, I consider myself a “Fitness Professional”.  There is a huge difference between a personal trainer and fitness professional.

A client recently sent me a thank you email for helping her get through the pain she has lived with as a result being overweight.

I specialize in helping people lose weight and get in shape.  Essentially what I do helps take away
 pain.   There are many forms of pain that can contribute
 to you not feeling at your best.

Physical pain – Things hurt and when they do there’s usually a reason why.  In a lot of instances, carrying extra weight hurts joints, support structures and a recurring injury and any extra weight isn’t helping.

Emotional pain – This really hurts.  Living with the pain of not being happy with how you look and or feel.  Often hiding that pain with a false smile, an overly bubbly personality to mask how you really feel.  Often times, this results in both weight gain and physical manifestation of pain in the muscles, and joints.  It’s very difficult to have energy for your day, and your body seems to just want to rest.

Psychological pain – You might (or should I say “you likely are”) torture yourself with your own thought process.  You’re constantly second-guessing yourself, feeling sad or upset, and emotionally beating yourself up.  This is when people typically turn away from exercise and that’s when things get bad and physical and mental pain sets in.

Spiritual pain – When in conflict with our own morals, value systems, and beliefs, we have a very hard time excelling at anything.  This is a very interesting, and powerful, connection.  Our bodies insist that we are in sync with ourselves or we deteriorate.  Our muscles waste, we gain fat, our joints start to hurt, and our energy plummets.  Plus, the world just seems harsher.

This is what you need:

Physical Fitness:  You need to move, end of story. Challenge your body, release good endorphins that actually make you feel better!  Combine those with the fact that you will start reversing those things that are causing you physical pain.

Emotional Fitness:  Accept what you have and change that which you can.  Stop making excuses.  Often the things you think can’t be changed will remedy themselves through other wholesome changes.

Psychological Fitness:  Stop beating yourself up.  You are only perpetuating a bad situation.  Positive thoughts will help here immensely!

Spiritual Fitness: Honesty with yourself, honesty with others and balance in your life…these will put you in better alignment for progress.

I’ve witnessed time and time again that when all 4 of these areas improve and you “heal” yourself 
through exercise and movement, you are unstoppable in all areas of your life…that is powerful!!

We have to teach your muscles how to get back on track.  When this happens the pain drops, your body feels incredible and then you will start to shed the fat. When you take a break from exercise or fall off the wagon you put your mind and body thru pain.

How do I know? I’ve been there.  I looked in the mirror and was miserable with what I saw.  I hurt physically, emotionally and mentally from what I let myself become.  I created a cycle of disbelief and excuses.  I put on the happy face to cover up the pain.  Then I took control.  I set my goals.  I exercised.  I focused on the positives and before I knew it…I was where I truly wanted to be, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Join’s great!!

Let me help you.




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