The Good Old Days – Part 2

In part 1 we talked briefly about how a couple of generations ago grandma cooked with sugar, fat and salt.  There was no such thing as low-fat, sugar-free or heart friendly labels.  But somehow, people were healthier then.  Sure, you can argue that we live longer today and we are more aware of health and fitness concerns now.  Think about it though….heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity (child and adult)…they are all increasing at horrific rates.  We know more than ever before, we have more low-fat, heart healthy and whole grain choices than ever before, so what are the differences?

The basic reason we are living longer is medical science is keeping us going beyond what our expectations were a few years ago. But let’s be truthful about it. Grandma and all her friends used to exercise more than we do now.  They walked everywhere, they used to do laundry by hand, hang clothes on a line, walk to friends homes.  The modern conveniences that we enjoy now didn’t exist a generation ago. Kids didn’t spend countless hours in front of a computer playing games.  They went outside and actually threw a ball, ran on a field and played games with real people.

When we sit around and don’t exercise we tend to eat. That casual eating can cause over eating to occur.  When we over-eat, our stomachs stretch. When that happens, we feel hungrier and then over-eat again to feel satisfied.  Then the vicious cycle starts. It takes more and more food to feel satisfied.  Couple with that the lack of exercise you have a big problem.  Grandma could get away with eating foods that by today’s standards are ‘unhealthy’.  Grandma would laugh at us now and remind us that;

“Our foods weren’t chemically engineered.  They were grown.

Our exercise didn’t come from machines that move us. We actually moved ourselves.”

There were no ‘AB-doers’.  A ‘Perfect Push-Up’ was done by your own good technique.

If you want to do everything you possibly can to avoid disease, maintain a healthy lifestyle and  be strong, there are four simple steps you need to follow. 1.) Eat food that is beneficial to you. 2.) Challenge your muscles with resistance. 3.) Do sensible cardio-vascular exercise. 4.) Get adequate sleep.

Oh, yeah…and don’t eat or drink any crap!

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