The good old days

Do you know why we eat?  How about what food really does for our bodies?  Well, the simplest reason behind our eating is to satisfy hunger.  Hunger comes from deep down inside of us.  Our ancestors would answer this hunger by going out and hunting their food, killing it and dragging it back to the cave to serve it up with some roots and berries from a nearby field.

Now when we get hungry, we walk to the fridge, grab whatever, cook it up (Microwave) and bon appetite!

Foods now are genetically engineered, modified and injected with mass amounts of chemicals to help it grow faster to get to our tables matured sooner.  With all of that processing three elements will almost always be present that make our mouths water.

Sugar, sodium and fats perfectly blended to make what is called, ‘mouth appeal’.  When companies get this combination right, we drive out of way to hit their drive thru windows, their extended lineups and over priced products.

In our grocery stores; low-fat, sugar-free and reduced sodium are all the buzzwords on every store shelf that you walk by right now. But have you ever asked yourself, “Lower than what, sugar-free? or sweetener free?, reduced from what to what?” We take for granted that we are being sold healthier and more fit conscious foods.  At the same time, society is getting bigger and bigger.

Two generations ago our grand parents made just about everything from scratch.  Sugar, fats and salts made everything taste better.  People then, were healthier than they are now. (Less heart disease, cancer, diabetes, joint replacements, arthritis, etc.) We just have better medicines and drugs to keep our failures at bay.  People ate to supply their bodies with energy.  Just like the cave man did.

We used to eat unhealthy (by today’s standards) but we also used to walk everywhere.  We made things without conveniences.  Can you imagine what it’s going to be like for our grand children.  They won’t even have to get off the couch to get their food.  It will be created out of their iPad 10th generation.

Maybe we need to get back to the old days.  Not quite as far back as our caveman ancestors, but going back to making foods that aren’t processed, salted to death or sugared to make your mouth water.  Using today’s healthier foods like whole grains and natural sweeteners to make a great taste…you know…the taste of food, remember what that was like?

Make your food, don’t buy it.

In Part 2…over eating ->the vicious cycle and exercise -> the lost skill.



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