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We’re in the final stretch of the Olympics and I still have Olympic fever. I will likely have withdrawal when the games are over.  I love that these games not only showcase international skill, talent, hard work, determination, dedication but they give us hope and motivation.
It makes us see the potential of who we could be when we commit ourselves to our goals. So many are stuck in the routine of life or the routine of excuses of why they can’t (exercise/eat healthy). The Olympics show us that you NEED to make your health a priority and that with commitment anything is possible.
Watch this video and listen to the words…really listen to them.
I want to give a shout out to the boot campers who showed up last night in the rain. I know it would’ve been easier to stay home, sit on the couch, relax, etc but you guys showed up.
Yes it rained, but it was just some rain-NBD (no big deal) You could’ve stayed home and stayed dry but instead you showed up and burned over 800cal. You made your health a priority–you kicked those excuses to the curb.  If you keep looking for excuses as to why you “can’t” you will NEVER achieve your goals.
So proud of you guys that tough it out in the rain, the heat, the cold and yes the snow. I think that its easier that we do it together -“we’re all in this together” cue High School Musical (
So proud of our group–proud to be a part of your journey!!




  1. Well that made me tear-up. A huge shout out to everyone who tries that hard. Incredible courage needed to start and stick with it, just like the young man in the video.

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