The Protein Show…(no ham here, unless you count her!)

Someone understands the importance of anti-oxidant, mineral and vitamin packed foods…and she is only five years old!! She hasn’t learned the big words to describe good for you nutrition.  She has been encouraged to eat good foods that taste great and look bright. The result? A great protein packed, vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant smoothie!

Breakfast? Lunch? Diner? Snacks? YES…there is no bad time to have this drink.  This future Boot Camp Diva loves making her smoothie with our protein.




  1. Thanks Brooklin for sharing that yummy shake recipe with us. We looove your face tattoo 🙂 If a child can make these delicious shakes there’s no excuse for an adult to say they don’t have time for a healthy snack! Can’t wait for the next instalment of the Protein Show!

  2. Brooklin, I made your shake recipe this morning….YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Keep up the great work and think up some more delicious recipes!!!!!


  3. Hey Carrie, it’s Tori, Jeannette’s daughter! Just wanted to say that the girls look so cute in these videos. Say hi to them for me!!

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