The reality of losing weight.

I have been doing the weight loss game a looooog time. Many many years on myself and now cresting almost 2 decades helping others get healthy and fit. 

In my 20 years of being a fitness professional I have seen every diet, weight loss center, crazy exercise regime come and go. I’m old school…because old school works.
I see trainers bestowing the virtues of swiss chard and insisting that their clients only eat organic, hand fed animals that prance freely in the fields. 
Here’s the reality…if it is difficult or time consuming most people wont do it. There might be a few that try and put effort in but it is short term and they revert back to their old ways. 
Would I love for you to be making quinoa salad and roasting whole chickens, heck yeah I would but I know the reality…you don’t have time to–I get that. 
The reality is we are overscheduled–we have family and work commitments and most people don’t have time to wander around the grocery store to pick up exotic foods that their family likely won’t eat. Like I said, I have been at this a loooong time. I know what works and what doesn’t. I am all about getting results as quickly as possible and still being a normal human being. 
FACT: there are no pills, potions, elixirs, gadgets or special exercise techniques from some underground facility in Russia that will help you drop 20lbs in a week.
What I want you to do is stop buying into the hype of the latest and greatest. I find it funny when I see fitness or diet programs by people who have never struggled with their weight. Or the frauds that show a before picture of them in college and they were 15lbs overweight…yes, I am sure that was trying time for them.
I want you to eat healthy real food–I have said that since the beginning. Eating real food isn’t all that hard. Stop eating food from a box, pretty simple.Image
Would I love if you could spend countless hours in the kitchen making wonderful meals…yes…and if you do, please make extra bring me some, I am always hungry 🙂  We all can’t roast our own chickens…so pick one up at the grocery store. Grab a mixed lettuce/spinach salad as opposed to iceberg lettuce. Simple things.
Don’t buy swiss friggin chard and not eat it because you dont know how to prepare it or have the time to figure out how to prepare it. Don’t make this any harder than it is.  There are healthy quick options available so use them. You can be healthy and it doesn’t have to be overwhleming—trust me, I have 3 kids and if I can do this….you can do this!
Commit to investing time (a couple of hours a week at boot camp) into your health.Image
When you eat/shop make the best choices available, and when in doubt ask me…I am always here to help!! 
For those of you who were at Boot Camp on Saturday or last night I will end with this.
“keep it in da kitchen….go wombats” bwahahahaha
See…if you were at boot camp you would get this hysterical inside joke!!



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