They Showed Up

When it was 100 degrees in the shade, your fellow boot campers sweated it out.

When it was cold, snowing or raining, your fellow boot campers bundled up and gave it their all.

When you skipped a boot camp class because you weren’t feeling it, your fellow boot campers showed up.

When you sat at the pool or patio, your fellow boot campers ran faster.

When you were too tired to show up, your fellow boot campers showed up and pushed themselves.

When you see your fellow boot campers losing weight/inches, running faster/farther, doing more push ups and squats; it’s because they didn’t make excuses, they showed up.

5 Beat the Mommy Belly Bloat Tips:

Avoid Gluten

Gluten that is found in wheat (as well as rye, oats and barley) which makes up the majority of the breads, cereals, crackers, etc. many of us eat way too much of it and often don’t realize it. It’s hard for your body to digest and can add to that bloated feeling as well as the bloated appearance right where you don’t want it.

There are now lots of gluten-free grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelt, rolled oats as well as gluten free products such as Ezekiel breads.  If you want a sure fire way to avoid gluten, stick to fresh produce, salads, veggies, fruit.

Chew, chew, chew

Scarfing down you meals is not only unpleasant for others to watch, you also take in too much air and force your digestive system to work overtime. Take your time, chew your food, enjoy your food and allow your body to digest your food.  Remember your parents telling you to chew your food once for each tooth in your mouth? There is an added benefit here as well.  Taking time to chew your food will give you the impression you are full faster and when it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the full message from your belly, every second counts to avoid over eating.

Avoid the Carbonated Drinks

Uhm…you are trying to avoid bloating.  Don’t fill your belly with bubbles. (And sugar, stuff that has NO nutritional value)


“Oh yeah…here she goes again.  Water, water, water.” Yup, I am.  Ever chew on a high fibre anything?  It’s like saw dust.  It’s lacking moisture so get the benefit of fibre but help your digestive system out by putting good fluid in with it.

Flush it out

Already Bloated?

Here’s a fix: Peppermint.

I love peppermint for how it helps you relax and that includes your digestive system.  Water, lime and peppermint makes a great drink cold or as a hot tea.

Healthy Recipe: 

Healthy Hot Chocolate–Boot Camp Style!!

(2 variations)

I love this recipe.  Make it and let me know if you like it too!!

~ 1 scoop Chocolate Boot Camp Protein Powder
~ 1 Cup unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
~ Cinnamon
~ Vanilla extract


1. In a small sauce pan heat almond milk over low heat.

2. Slowly add Chocolate Boot Camp Protein using a wire whisk to mix

3. Add in Cinnamon and Vanilla Extract to Taste

4. Heat for a few minutes but do not bring to a boil

Option #2

1 package of sugar-free hot chocolate mix

1 scoop Chocolate Boot Camp Protein Powder

1.5 cups of boiling water

Mix/whisk well and add a splash of unsweetened almond milk




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