Think you are eating healthy?? Think again…

Think how easy it is when you walk by a snack tray or a friends desk and grab a handful of Jelly Beans or M&Ms.  Maybe you feel like a quick hit with some Hershey Kisses! What harm can a few little bits and bites of greatness really be?

Well, when you break it down to your day those few little handfuls could really add up to a few pounds each and every month.  Just think how happy you would be at the end of the year and saw that you had gained 24 to 30 pounds over the past year.

That’s right.  Those little handfuls can really cause some severe damage. 

Maybe you need to know what 200 calories looks like and how many awesome foods you can eat till you are stuffed and you will have had 200 calories…while some other foods you eat can easily get you to any extra thousand calories in just a few minutes.

What 200 Calories ACTUALLY looks like!



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