Think your food choices are limited? Think again!

Need some great tips to refine your eating habits.  You know that I swear by eating healthy foods, making good nutritional choices and when you have less than ideal choices; make a better bad choice.  I know you’ll find this helpful and like always, there are great varieties of food here you can chose from.

Don’t destroy all your Boot Camp and other exercise efforts by making bad food choices that keep you from reaching your goals!

Eat This: Instead of:
Whole, natural foods Processed foods
Almonds Sugar-laden, trans fat snacks
Fruit Soda, juice, or candy
Nuts Chips, cookies, donuts, or cake
Vegetables Anything fried
Green Tea Coffee, soda, or sweet beverages
Lean meat Fatty meat or high-sodium meat
Low-fat Dairy Full fat dairy or ice cream
Water Coffee, soda, or sweet beverages
Raw Vegetables Bread and butter
Extra Vegetables Extra serving of bread or potato
Oatmeal Donut, pastry, or sugary cereal
Lean stir fry Fried Chinese food
Grilled, baked, broiled meat Battered, deep fried meat
Low sugar yogurt Sugary yogurt or ice cream
Sugar free natural food Sweetened food
Unsweetened ice tea Coffee, soda, or sweet beverages

4 Weight Loss Tips to Live and Lose By:

1. Eat at least five times a day at regular intervals

2. Eat 4 oz of lean protein at least twice a day

3. Fill two-thirds of your plate with vegetables and fruit

4. Make every calorie count, this means every bite should pack protein, fiber and fat.

10 Essential Nutrition-Based Weight Loss Guidelines:

1. Focus on eating a variety of foods every day.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors. Green, yellow, orange, red….you get the idea.

3. Eat small meals frequently, preferably 4-6 times. Also avoid overeating or binge eating out of hunger.

4. Say no to extra fat! Avoid putting butter or sour cream on your food.

5. When you feel the first shot of hunger pain, wait it out. If you still feel hungry after 10-15 minutes then eat. If you aren’t hungry any more it was likely your emotions speaking and not your tummy!

6. Plan healthy meals ahead of time—this will save you many calories!

7. Stop eating before you feel full. Your brain is slow in receiving the full signal from your tummy – so give it a chance to catch up!  There is about a 20 minute belly to brain delay. Eat slower.

8. Eat fruits and vegetables first, then meats and lastly bread or other starches. This forces you to fill up on nutrient dense, yet calorie-sparse, foods first.

9. Drink water instead of  pop. Your body isn’t able to register all of the calories in liquid, so hundreds of calories add up without making you feel full.

10. Trade your white bread in for whole-grain bread.

10 Ways to Dining Out without Pigging Out

1. Don’t indulge in bread before your meal arrives

2. Substitute your fries for a side salad, fruit or a baked potato

3. Forgo your pop for a tall glass of ice water or tea

4. Instead of burgers, hot dogs and sausages choose sandwiches,  salads and lean meats

5. Always order your dressing on the side in order to regulate the amount that you use

6. Put half of your meal in a to go box before you start eating

7. Don’t order food that is made with creamy bases, such as white sauce

8. You don’t have to clean your plate! If you are full then stop eating

9. Eat your vegetables first…rather than last

10. If it’s fried then don’t order it



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