This is what happens when you take action.

I watched a video over the weekend about a man who documented his journey from being severely obese and un-happy, to running a marathon and changing his outlook in the process.  He found his inspiration along the way.  He found happiness in the “new” life he discovered along the way.  He found the ‘him’ he truly wanted to be, along the way.  When I lost my weight, I found an inspiration to keep me going when times were tough…this man and I shared that same inspiration. What was our inspiration…

Me Before and After

When you’re looking at starting a fitness program, the biggest challenge is the action of getting started.  The desire is there, the want for change is there, the need is there but all the want will never make it happen.  You have to take action!

Gym memberships? Expensive and for some daunting when you look at all the equipment (most of which you will never use).

At home equipment? Expensive and often becomes just a place to hang your laundry.

Both also lack the most important thing that is the secret to success…support.

That’s where Boot Camp comes in and should be what you use to meet your fitness goals.

Not expensive, no confusing or dangerous equipment. Everyone at Boot Camp is there for a common reason…to improve their health.  Each person may have their own reason ie, weight loss, fat loss, strength training,..etc.

Amy Before and After

Every person at Boot Camp is an individual with specific needs, wants, goals and desires.  But they all have two things in common…

1.)  They have taken action

2.)  They support each other

Right now is a great time to come out to Boot Camp.  Right now is a great time to get the support you need.  Right now is a great time to take the action to make your reach your goals.

A new session starts tonight, so come out to Boot Camp, take the action to make the reality you want.

Melody Before and After

Here was the inspiration that I used…happiness.  No matter how many times I told myself and others I was happy, “Just the way I was”, I knew I was lying. My happiness came as I saw the changes in myself.  It’s a lot easier to be happy, than pretend you’re happy.

Notice in all the before and afters…happiness is evident.

See you tonight!!




  1. SO true!! For years I wanted to be thinner, but wanting it never made it happen! Once I took the action to join boot camp and go on your nutrition program I finally saw the results of my actions! It’s not always easy, but with your help and support and the amazing support of the other boot campers it has definitely been easier than all the other times I have tried on my own and failed miserably. BOOT CAMP WORKS!!!! Your nutrition plan works!!!! Best investment I’ve ever made was doing this for myself!

  2. Great post! I love and miss bootcamp! Due to have my baby in the next 9 weeks and also counting down until I return to class! Its so motivating to see the weight loss and how much better you feel. Getting in better shape before this pregnancy has helped me through this time and motivated me to keep moving throughout!
    Congrats on your wedding Amy, you looked beautiful! See you all in January at the latest!

    1. Hi Karen!!

      We miss you!!! So glad your pregnancy is going well!! Can’t wait to have you back at camp!!!

      Keep us posted on how you and the baby are!!

      Thanks for posting on the blog and keeping us up to date on how you are!!!

  3. I still look at that blob… me sitting between innings of a ballgame… and think, who was that girl?! Thank you Carrie – for your motivation, inspiration, and help.

  4. Love the stories and bootcamp is great but the one thing you have wrong is that it is expensive. As a past bootcamper I completely miss it, but seriously cannot pay $85 a month or $100. Unfortunately many new moms and even working moms, who really need this program cannot afford it.

    1. Hey Karen…My program is the best value for the money anywhere. It is way less expensive than far less less comparable programs. One of the best pay-offs you get is the knowledge to change on your own. I build that right in with education. That is something you take away for life…you can’t put a price tag on that.

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