This waste of money brought to you by…”?”

I was recently in a bookstore looking for a specific title by a doctor when I got stopped in my tracks at the fitness section.  There were a couple of new books out by celebrities and quasi celebs.

I had a chuckle with a few of them and shed a tear at others.

When I got home I was curious just to see how many celebrities have actually written health books.  I got tired of looking at names…so, try a Google Search; 27.2 million results under “Celebrity Fitness Books”

Now I know that there hasn’t been that many…thank God, but compare that to Doctor Fitness Books = 10.8 million results.

I honestly don’t trust fitness to doctor’s or celebrities.  Health to doctor’s YES, fitness, not so much. Celebrities?? LOL. Sure, paid to exercise, private chefs, personal trainers, dieticians, micro and macro nutritionists…no celebrities are not who I turn to either.

I have my own idols who I look up to in the health and fitness industry…most you will never have heard of, others you might have heard of, but only because they have been consultants to the celebrities.

Want to know a secret about health and fitness?  ITS BASIC!  No magic program, no magic pill, no special herb from Botswana and no piece of equipment that “works, moves and shapes you” like no other piece of equipment before it.

Don’t be sold by a name…don’t waste your money on the latest fad.  All the crap out there is only clouding the issue and confusing the vast majority of us.

As a client and friend mentioned to me, her “mother out law” has at least 3 dozen books by celebs…the results??? Uhm, not what she was promised by the book jackets to say the least.  Does anyone know anyone who has had great success and continued that success?  Me neither.  You might have results…but do you have success? There is a difference.

Don’t waste your money. Here is the secret…pass it on;

Eat nutritionally sound meals, eat them often, hydrate, train using resistance and sleep.




  1. Thanks for sharing your secret with us… wait a minute – it’s not a secret!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Those 5 simple points have helped a lot of us lose weight and inches, feel better – more energetic, and given us confidence.

    I’ll stick to reading fictional novels!! 😉

  2. I think a little common sense, moderation, along with some effort, goes a long way to make those 5 points work in our favour. How is it we let ourselves (ourselves being the collective North American population) continue to be fooled by the gimicks, gadgets and glitter of celebrities? We all know that we will reap what we sow, but somehow still hope for the magic pill or a new piece of scientifically proven fitness equipment used by NASA to turn 280 pound astronaut hopefuls into 160 pound gallactical athletes in 6 weeks.

    I’m stickin’ with Carrie!

  3. Gallactical Athletes!! That is a classic love it Leanne. I think I’ll stick with Carrie too. I see her proven results everytime I look in the mirror. 🙂 Besides I hear Botswana is not so nice this time of year. 😉

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