Today I give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!

I just got back from a special holiday Boot Camp class.  It was a great group that all got together on this very busy day for one reason…to improve their lives!

For some participants it was their first class and for others a continuing pursuit of achieving their health and fitness goals.  For each and every one of you who attended…I give thanks.

Years ago, I would have been more concerned what tasty treats, desserts and fattening foods I could get my hands on.  Now, I am more concerned with ensuring that my family gets a wholesome meal that is balanced, pure, healthy and nutritious!  My family responds by eating well and eating great food that is good for them and doesn’t compromise their long-term, or short-term, health.  For that, I give thanks.

Today I will entertain my immediate family and some extended family members around a table celebrating all that we have to be thankful for.  For that I give thanks.

I have great health, a loving family and everyday I get to help other people realize their goals and achieve their health and fitness improvements.  For that, I give thanks.

I know that I am never tricked by slick advertising or creative marketing that tells me I need to buy the next fitness gadget or subscribe to a fad diet program because I have the best defence for their games…education.  For that, I give thanks.

Someday, governments and health organizations will recognize that the greatest challenge to our citizens today is obesity and obesity related disease and they will hold those that will trick and lie to us accountable for the damage they are doing in the name of making a quick buck.  For that, I will be thankful.

In the future, I know that obesity is something we will learn about from museums and history writings.  For that, I will give thanks.

Today, I give thanks for being able to bring you the truth about fitness in an ethical and accountable way that I know changes lives.

Today, I give thanks to every one of you who have turned their lives around for your self, your family and your loved ones.

Thank you.




  1. Just over 2 years ago, I clicked on Google, typed in Georgetown boot camp and clicked on your website! for that I give thanks. I give thanks to my smart brain for typing in those words! I give thanks to you Carrie, who believes in all her clients as well as me! Thank you for supporting all of us and encouraging us to do better because WE CAN!! I am thankful for my new body and the wholesome, scrumptious, delicious and HEALTHY food I put into my new body!!I I feel Fabulous, I look Fabulous and I am Fabulous!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  2. I am so Thankful that I live in the beautiful community of Georgetown-because it’s what brought me to Bootcamp and Carrie. I am thankful that I “woke up” and changed the routine I had been living. I am thankful that Carrie is encouraging, supportive and kicks our butts. We love it!! I am so thankful and proud of me for pre planning on how I would approach my eating this Thanksgiving.

  3. I am thankful that we have run every steep hill in Halton Hills, numerous times, and hopefully Carrie is not out looking for one steeper. I am thankful that there is not one more set of stairs at Holy Cross School!!!
    Bring it on Carrie!!! We are thankful for what an amazing person you are and for keeping us motivated every night!

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