Top Ten Gifts for the Health Nut

Giving fitness gifts to your loved ones is a great way to support them in achieving their fitness goals and showing that you are behind them! Fitness gifts can be inexpensive and really useful right up to, “OMG I need to get a loan!”

Stay away from the later…usually the most expensive gifts end up being oversized dust collectors and clothing racks. I’ve found that the simple and easiest to use are the gifts that are really where the bang for the buck is.

Oh, and guys, be very careful about buying a gym membership for your loved one without some serious thought and discussion. You need to be sure that your loved one is actually looking for that. If she isn’t, you could be sending a really strong message like, “I love you so much, but you need to hit the salad bar.”

Skipping Rope
Pound for pound, this is the queen of all fitness equipment. Nothing can touch the workout that a good session of skipping can provide for you. Cheap, portable and effective.
Best buy: Nylon or PVC cord, wood or plastic handles. $3 – $10

I really like being able to monitor my effort when I’m working out, but rarely are you results immediately evident. Pedometers are great for being able to see the results in real time, literally. They are very popular right now for corporate fitness group challenges.
Best buy: Look for one that has a memory program and will work in your pocket as well as on your hip. $10 – $50

Need I say more?! Who doesn’t want a sweet pair of kicks! There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes beyond their usefulness. They can damage your feet, knees and back. Most of us won’t but ourselves new shoes though until the old ones have had it! So give the gift of support.
Best buy: Comfort, size and support are the key. This is a tough one to buy blind, so if your loved one has a fav pair of shoes already, buy the same. $80 – $ 150

Stability Ball
Talk about functional! Need an extra chair in the house? Need a platform for supporting an exercise program? Stability balls are great for exercise and for fitness. I replaced my office chair a long time ago with a stability ball.
Best buy: Stay away from the brand names, you’ll be paying extra for a logo. Choose a ball that is right for the height of the receiver. The bigger the ball, the greater the price. $15 – $50

Tritan Water Bottle
A gift you give that lasts forever? That’s a gift that can be appreciated. Tritan water bottles are virtually indestructible, look good and don’t destroy the environment or your health like some other bottles on the market.
Best buy: Tritan, but any high quality bottle will do. Look for PBA (Bisphenol A) free, with a straw and water tight sealing lid. $3 – $10

Resistance Bands / Tubing
Most people don’t need much more than our own body weight for our resistance training, but when you need to add a little extra challenge, resistance bands or tubing are perfect for upping your game a little.
Best buy: Go for bands that have foam handles for comfort and choose a colour that is right (green = lightest resistance, black = heaviest) $5 – $20

Foam Roller
We all love a good massage but not all of us have the time or money to get out and see a professional. A foam roller isn’t going to ever replace an RMT, but it will certainly help massage out tired and sore muscles. Really want to kick it up a notch? Try a Rumble Roller!
Best buy: Look for durability and strength. Again, expensive here doesn’t mean better. Function and results are the best guide here. $20 – $80

Fitness Journal
A great way to track your performance in an exercise program is by writing it down. Have you bought yourself a fitness journal? Probably not so you can guess that whoever you are going to give one to doesn’t already have one! Journaling a fitness program can have significant impact on success!!
Best buy: There are many to choose from. Find one that is right for your loved one that will be used. Goals, workouts, meals, thoughts should all be included. $10 – $50

Magic Bullet
Smoothies, home made salsa, sauces and soups are all easy and healthy with a Magic Bullet. I’m on my third one in 5 years with at least twice a day use, so they are a great, durable, compact gift choice.
Best buy: Get the one shot: Canadian Tire, Walmart usually have the best prices. $40 – $100

There are very few things that can destroy your focus during a run or exercise than earbuds that hurt, fall out or just don’t perform well. YurBuds are awesome! They won’t let your earbuds fall out, they’re comfortable and they actually improve the sound quality of your tunes.
Best buy: Go to the manufacturers site to locate a retailer near you:

Yoga Mat
Who wants to lie on someone else’s mat or on a communal gym floor or mat that everyone else has dripped their sweat or lay down on? Not me cough germaphobe. Give a loved one a good quality yoga mat that provides some cushioning.
Best buy: 3.2 mm thick and 172 mm long. Thicker will provide more comfort but aren’t really necessary. Non-toxic materials and a great grip factor are key. The bigger and thicker, the heavier. $15 – $50


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