#Veggieweek is over…or is it?

So, I made it…

I made it through veggie week.  I knew I could do it….anyone can do anything they put their mind to when they set their goals, make a plan and stick with it!!

Can’t have enough of them!

These were my take away points for me during this week.  You see, to me it wasn’t just going vegetarian for a week.  It was about understanding the mind-set of change.  Knowing how to take on obstacles and challenges.  Being ready for all of it!

  • being prepared was key – planning my meals in advance so I wasn’t scrambling looking for food was by far the best move
  • I felt energetic and because I was eating great food, I wasn’t always thinking about the food I wasn’t eating.
  • complete veggie meals are filling
  • I really liked not feeling bloated like I often do with my carnivore lifestyle
  • I needed to get creative and not rely on my usual meals…that was good for me.
  • I thought I would go meat crazy Saturday and I didn’t.

One of the best results of the week was that I had some great discussions with my kids about veggie week. We talked about farming, meat production, meat processing plants and their cleanliness. This experience also opened them up to options. We all tried new things and lived to talk about it!

Was it tough…at times it was.  The struggle was being creative with food. By Thursday, I had thoughts of visiting a farm and finding a nice cow to take home and since I am an animal lover, I had the name Lunch or Dinner all ready!

Being new to the veggie world, I found that I was making things either bland or over the top with too much flavour. I was a little heavy-handed with the ginger in my carrot ginger soup…but I still ate it. I am taking a break from beans this week…yeah…totally over them for now 🙂 By the end of the week, I had a good handle on the seasonings and combinations.

So why did I do it?

To be healthier. As you can guess, I eat really healthy, and I love food but I love my health so much more. I want to live a long and mobile life. I am seeing too many people being struck down early in life and losing their independence.  I would NEVER want that and I hope you don’t either.

So many people take their health for granted and roll the dice each and everyday until that one day, when they lose it.

Our meat has crossed over into a scary controversial area.  If we can all do a couple of things to make better choices, then it stands to reason that we’ll feel better and look better.

Adding in more vegetables and taking out a few servings of meat was no big deal and I felt better for it.

Why don’t you give it a try?  Cut out meat one or two nights a week…let me know how it goes. I honestly don’t think you’ll miss it and you might even find yourself enjoying it!

I’ll pass for a bit

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  1. Hi! This is Ginny from BbG Fitness in Arlington Va. I used to live in Oakville Ontario and I love your blog! I agree completely that we should all strive to eat less meat. Even if we keep our meat consumption to 3-4 ounces once a day we’ll all be better off. I think of meat as a condiment and build my meals around the veggies. Most of us are so used to doing it the other way around because that’s what our parents did. Thanks for your frank and fun posts!

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