Wait…put down the cup and step away from the coffee!

This is an email question I got a couple of days ago.

Hey Carrie. I read today that coffee is really bad for you but a few weeks ago I read that it is good for you.  What’s your opinion?

It’s a great question and one I have received before.  It’s like saying red wine is good for you.  Or, red wine is bad for you.  The answer is, yes.

I want that mug!

I love my morning coffee, so I do know the answer to this one, since it is close to my heart.  Mr. Burrows has no interest in the answer, “Coffee is what it is…nearly as important as blood!”  Seriously, don’t try to come between him and his coffee, especially in the morning.  We are both believers that coffee is to be enjoyed, hot, strong and with nothing in it, except maybe espresso!

So, I will give you both sides of the equation and let you decide for yourself.  First thing that you should know;  It’s not coffee that is the basis of the debatable argument…it’s caffeine.

In the name of love:

In coffee, tea, chocolate, caffeine tastes great!  That’s it, no need to say more!  But, I will.

Studies have shown that caffeine can aid in the treatment and prevention of several high profile diseases.

  • Some cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Liver
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Gallstones
  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Disease.

The history of the coffee bean is deep and rich.  Some ancient civilizations used the coffee bean as medicine.

It also goes beyond just mere rumour that it is effective at taking the edge off a headache, it can boost your mood, gives you mental focus and prevents cavities.

And at last…. drum roll, one of the most important benefits…it’s a thermogenic fat burner!! Amen, caffeine is perfect!!

I should also say that some of the studies have indicated that the amounts of caffeine change radically from study to study.  One I read talked about more than 6 eight ounce cups and the benefit was for men, not women.  Tim read that one…thus why he orders coffee by the pot, not the cup.

Caffeine, the not so pretty side

Remember the commercial with the egg, “This is your brain.”  Then the frying pan with melted butter is shown and the egg gets dropped in and boom! “This is your brain on drugs…get the picture?”  Well, caffeine is a drug and like all drugs it targets specific parts of your body in different ways.  The central nervous system and brain function actually do get hit with adverse effects.

Skip you morning coffee for a couple of days.  How’s that brain feeling?  When you go without a drug that you have become dependant to, your body has a revolt reaction.  Other negative affects of caffeine include:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Mild insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mild stomach upset

It can even have some really bad problems associated to it:

  • Panic attacks
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Continuous stomach problems
  • Prolonged depression
  • Sleep disorders

Caffeine can also mess with your adrenal gland and is an acidic classed beverage.  That mean it messes with your bodies pH balance.  (That’s bad).

Ok, I quit coffee right now…. never mind, I just read the good side of caffeine again.

So, there you have both sides, like I said, you make the choice that you can live with.  Here are a couple of bonus thoughts to help your decision.

1. Limit your coffee and tea intake to 2 or 3 cups per day.

2. Replace one of your normal cups of coffee with a green tea.  Yes still caffeine, but less and will help you through detox.

3. Drink coffee in its best state…clean.  No sugar, honey, milk or cream.  Is it coffee you want or the stuff you put in it?

4. For every cup of coffee you drink, take in an equal amount of water.

5. Like a lot of things in life…moderation is the key.

So, that’s it.  Thoughts? Have you stopped drinking coffee for health reasons? Do the risks matter to you? Let me know where you stand on the issus.




  1. Great article. Although I like a cup of coffee I never have it when I wake up. If I have one it’s during my shift and about half way through it. I usually just drink water during my shift.

  2. As a tea drinker, I hate coffee, but tea has many benefits, least known is it contains flouride, so my 8 cups a day or so helps my teeth. I also get migraines, usually barometric pressure related, and tea/caffeine is a double edged sword, great for the headache if you haven’t had caffeine yet, and absolutely horrible if its in progress. If I didn’t consume everything that could trigger a migraine, I’d starve to death. I also like chocolate which like tea has tannins and like red wine, and caffeine like coffee. I resort to green tea or echanacia tea if I feel sick, and I only add milk to black tea, never sugar, not for over 30 years. Coffee I accept is a cappuccino or an ice cap, probably miles higher in the sugar department, but larger seemingly caffeine dose.

  3. I love my coffee — Freshly brewed and BLACK!!! I wouldn’t put the key in the ignition of my car before I’ve had a coffee. Funny, I read your post from Timmie’s drive through line (which I don’t normally do — I brew my own and avoid other temptations).

    I appreciate seeing both sides of the coin as I am a firm believer in your point #5 – moderation. Every second week there is a study to contradict the one you read last week. Add a little education, information and common sense and I think we’re on to something.

  4. Hey Carrie,
    As mentioned in the previous answer and your #5 “Moderation”. If we all listen to all the propaganda out there, we would not know what to eat, drink and who knows what else.

    I used to drink a lot of coffee and I still like my coffee. I have cut my consumption down to 2 cups a day and actually feel better, again everything in moderation.
    Great article Carrie.

  5. I quite enjoyed reading this very informative blog Carrie. I drink both tea and coffee, and I must agree that moderation is the key. You really shouldn’t overindulge in any one thing, so I say YES! to coffee.

  6. Loved the article Carrie. I drink both coffee and tea. I have my one cup of coffee in the morning and then if I need a further boost in the day I will have a green tea. My latest tea of choice is white tea and always free of sugars/sweeteners and milk.

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