Weekend Gone Wild!!

You’ve stayed on track all week. You have made sure that you’ve had healthy meals, stayed on top of your water and stuck with your exercise.

Today is Friday and you are now  counting down the hours until it is officially the weekend. Some of you will start your weekend at 5pm and it will be an all out weekend fiesta.

Others will start tomorrow and wake up from a good night’s sleep and give into cravings of waffles, syrup and bacon and you’ll justify the calorie bomb because it is “the weekend”.

So many people fall off the wagon hard and fast on the weekend. No set schedules or over scheduled, whether it’s kids birthday parties, sports, get togethers, etc. We justify the big weekend binge because “we were good all week”.

It starts with a crazy breakfast then it rolls into no lunch perhaps a quick snack and then a whopper of a dinner because you are starving and dehydrated because all you had was some coffee.

You’ve worked hard to stay on track all week and then you went bananas on the weekend.  You justify it because you were good during the week or because it was a long and stressful week.  Monday feels like you are starting from scratch because you have a weekend calorie hangover.
So I thought I would try to help you get through the weekends relatively unscathed with a survival guide for the weekend.  Your meals might be harder to plan but let’s be honest, you have a pretty good idea of what you are doing so you can plan.

1.) Set your goals. Plan your choices for the weekend.  That means, have an idea of what you are doing or where you are going so you can have the right food on hand to make things easier.
2.) Schedule in some activity.  It doesn’t have to involve burpees (but burpees are badass) it could be soccer with the kids, a bike ride with the family, etc–be active!
3.) Pack-a-snack.  You know ahead of time that you’ll be in a hockey arena or dance studio all day, so pack some healthy snacks so that you don’t hit up a drive thru on your way home.
4.) ALWAYS and I mean always have water with you.  Weekend, holiday, whatever day…always have water with you.  It’ll keep you on track and it will help lessen the desire for a pumpkin spice latte.  Speaking of which…. you notice the shape of Pumpkins? Round, stubby, fat… remember that when thinking of the pumpkin spice fatte.
5.) Be Smart.  If you know you’re eating out or going to a party/event choose wisely.  Just because there are 5 kinds of dessert does not mean you were meant to try all 5! I guarantee you will feel so much better walking away knowing that you made a healthy choice and not given into temptation.

PRO TIP:  It’s just food.  You already know what it tastes like, so having the bread with butter, special nachos or a bottle of wine is just a disaster waiting to happen to your hips/butt/thighs.

The weekend is not code for 2 days of all you can eat bingeing. Don’t go crazy. You know that you will feel gross and guilty.

Yes this takes some effort and some planning but really, is it THAT big of a deal???  Please, do not email me saying that YOLO and that you want to enjoy everything life has to offer.  C’mon people, yes, life does offer a number of decadent foods but with that comes obesity, joint pain, heart disease, diabetes.  Instead of “You Only Live Once”, think “You Live Only Once” , YLOO,  so do you want to live it in pain and medicated or happy and healthy?

You will feel better and mentally stronger that you managed to outsmart the weekend gone wild mentality!  Food is meant for nourishment.  It will never take stress away.  It won’t fix things at work and it won’t make mean people not suck.

Stay strong–have a plan and follow it!




  1. LOL! Carrie this was truly funny. Love the wit and humor to get your point across, still feeling the pain from Wednesday so I know BC is working. Glad to be back! Hopefully back to 100% sooner than later but I will keep coming to boot camp as long as I am able.

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