Welcome to Wednesday!

What are your thoughts about Wednesdays?  Do you love the middle day of the  work week, ‘hump day’, the day we start the quick slide to the weekend? Or do you loath the very thought of being at the mid-way point of your week.  Knowing that the weekend chores, schedules, errands are all going to take your breath away again.

On a personal level I love it!! On a professional basis, not so much.  You see this is the day I’ve noticed a lot of my clients encounter speed bumps in their fitness goals or they go completely off track and begin the mental battle of gearing up for next week as new ‘do-over’.

What ever the reason, it’s always a fun challenge to help my friends over the mental block that this day presents for them.

As this is the last Wednesday of October, it’s also the last one of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…and yes boys, this does affect you as well. It’s not just a woman’s issue.  This horrible disease doesn’t pick favourites’ , it doesn’t attack a certain type of person.  It has no conscious and knows no bounds.  But cancer is a disease of imbalance.  It’s a set of cells that have, for lack of a better term…just lost it!

So lets work on something together…balance.  Balance in our fitness, balance in our nutrition, balance in our rest and recovery and balance in our lives.  You body is an amazing machine that loves being in balance.  Poor food choices, lack of exercise and sleep, stress all cause a loss of balance that opens the door to free radicals, molecular oxidation and immune deficiency.  These are pathways to a myriad of disease being allowed to creep in and take hold of us.

Eat the right foods.  Exercise sensibly and with focus. Sleep, rest and relax.  Set goals and stick to them.  Re-set your goals when you find achieving them has become too easy or mundane.

I’m not foolish enough to believe that this type of lifestyle will ward off all disease, but it will certainly give you a much better chance of it.

So on this Wednesday, when you think you might want to shrug off your exercise, or grab that little something that has no nutritional value for a snack or stay up late to watch television….think about everything you have to live for.  Think about your goals and how proud you will be reaching them.  Think about whom you will celebrate your achievements with.

Find your motivation to, “just keep going, just keep going…”

Take a look at this video…motivation? Oh yeah, he found it. Do you know what it is??





  1. Carrie;
    This is one of my very favorite blogs!!
    You have so eloquently stated the need we all have but can’t seem to get: sustainable balance. Not the short bursts of “sacrifice” followed by longer spans of frustration, but good old fashioned baby steps in the right direction. What you do everyday for hundreds of people is life-changing…literally!
    Thank you!

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