What’s your motivation?

I love that question.  Actually, I love the responses to that question.  Coffee, quiet time, to do list check-offs, a drink, dessert…the list goes on and on.

Motivation can be anything and can come in any form.  Motivation is what drives you.  It’s what makes you excel.  It can be a push or a pull.  No matter what it is that motivates you, it requires commitment, dedication and focus

Motivations can be little things like, “If I get this laundry done, I’ll be able to relax for 20 minutes.” Or motivators can be huge. “I’m going to get healthy to live longer, to see my children graduate, get married, have children.”

Motivators can be inspiration found from others achievements or found deep inside your self.  When Terry Fox started The Marathon of Hope, he was motivated everyday by the desire to raise money to fund research in the attempt to find a cure for cancer.  Now his motivation has been embraced by millions of people every year who carry on his dream.

My motivation for doing what I do is simple…I want to see obesity defeated.  I want to see healthy children.  I want to see parents living a full life.  I want people to have the inner happiness I found after losing lots of weight as a teenager.

I continue to stay motivated everyday because I want to see my children grow and become adults.  I want to know the joy of being a grand parent…but not too soon!!!

But there is a killer of motivation.  It’s called excuses.  Excuses are the crap stories we sell ourselves to justify why we can go without commitment.  “I’m tired, I’m sore, I’ve got no time, It’s hot, It’s cold, It’s hard…blah blah blah….EXCUSES!!

A healthy life style requires commitment.  Anything that is worthwhile in life and doesn’t come easy requires commitment.

This Monday, we will be starting a new Challenge Group.  This is a four-week plan that will include an on-line forum, weekly challenges, recipes and exercise that will kick your butt and get you to reach your goals.  But you will have to commit!!!

I will commit everything I can to you, but only if you commit to yourself first!

The best part of the Challenge Group?  You will get support.  You will get accountability check-ups and you will get motivated!

What’s your motivation?



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