What are your reasons for a healthy life?

Everyone has their reasons for getting and staying fit/healthy.

Some people do it to lose weight, some because they have had a health scare (diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol), some do it for protection/prevention.

Whatever your reason, congratulations. I know some days it can be a real struggle to drum up the energy to show up to boot camp (or whatever your fitness program is).

It is key to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind to help you stay focused and on track.

Here are the reasons why I take care of my health:
Health – I want to stay healthy not only for me but for my family!
Strength – I like being able to push myself.  I like being able to know that I am working towards a longer/stronger life.  I like being able to do 50/50/50 x 50 🙂
Pride – I am proud of how far I have come – losing over 200lbs was hard but I did it…and I never want to have to do it again!
My Family –  I want to run, jump and play with my kids and their kids.  I want to be a great role model for them when they are adults.  I want them to take care of their health.
Happiness – Being fit makes me happy – being overweight made me miserable– I choose to be happy, healthy and fit
Me – I am doing this for me.  Spending an hour a day to make myself better is better for everyone that I’m involved with.

If things in your life aren’t the way you want them, then change it.  YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU TO CHANGE!

You and your health are a priority. If you put everyone’s needs before yours that doesn’t make you a martyr in the name of family first, it makes you unhealthy.  If you’re not healthy, what good are you to them?

As parents we have self-induced guilt the moment our children are born. We don’t want to miss a minute of their lives. We put our lives on the back burner to take care of our families.  Imagine the guilt if you get sick or incapacitated and you must have your kids/family take care of you.  When it comes to health issues that you can control, you are insulting everyone who didn’t have that control.  Try to look at someone who’s health and wellness was taken from them and couldn’t control it when you can prevent your poor health issues.  Our health is precious just as our family is.




  1. To all my fellow bootcampers, a big shout out comes from me. We all have busy lives, yet we made a decision to join this special group for various reasons. Life sometimes throws us curve balls but we still show up and we are stronger ~physically, mentally & emotionally. Bootcamp helps us to deal with life and being physically fit helps your body to deal with the stresses of life. To all of you with young children ~ you are amazing because you still fit in being a parent and are a better parent because of bootcamp.

  2. I cant wait to come back to bootcamp! Soon now!!

    I started bootcamp because I was in poor shape and couldnt even tie my shoes without losing my breath. I’m coming back to stay healthy for my baby boy – I’m not that young in years but I plan to stay young in spirit and bootcamp helps me do that.

    Look out campers!!!! 😉

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