What do you want?

I’m willing to bet that if I asked you how to lose weight most of you could come up with fairly good answers to generally hit the point.

If I asked you what you could do to get fit, a lot of you could tell me at least three things you could do to improve your fitness levels.

How about if I said tell me how to improve your overall health, there would be dozens of answers that would be pretty accurate.

So, if I am confident that you could tell me what it would take to have an improved health and fitness outlook and better results for yourself, why aren’t you where you want to be?

Here’s what I think is the answer: We just don’t stay motivated long enough to achieve our goals.  We just can’t seem to make the commitment to continue to achieve our goals.  That’s just crazy!

We want something and we want it in many cases very badly, but we don’t stick with it long enough to achieve it. Why is that?

The answer comes down to having the desire and knowing WHY you’re doing it. As human beings we will do anything, sometimes some flat-out crazy things, just to get what we want. But it’s only when we want it enough and know why we want it that we’ll do that crazy stuff.

Another name for this is goal setting.  I’ve talked about this many times before.

Set your goals (wants).  Determine what your action plan is to meet your goals.  This can be done by simply asking yourself some pointed questions.

What do I want? – GOAL

When do I want it? – TIME STAMP

What am I willing to do to achieve it? ACTION

Your answer to the final question should include, am I willing to do a, b, c in order to get to x, y, z?

If you quit the journey before you get to your goal, then it really didn’t mean that much to you.  So many people say things like I need to lese weight.  I wish my clothes fit better. I want to feel better.  I want to look better.

So stop wanting and wishing.  Set your goals, keep your eyes on the prize and when you will arrive there. Most importantly,  don’t quit.

Yes, it’s cliche’, but fitness is a lifelong pursuit, not a destination.  Get started right now, today…not when the time, weather, situation or whatever is right.  There will never be a “right” time.  So push procrastination aside and get busy starting today!




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