What would you choose??

Four weeks ago a group of boot campers decided to challenge themselves and commit to their health by taking the “Boot Camp Challenge”.  Four weeks later and I am so happy to report that their results were FANTASTIC!

I am going to reveal a few of the secrets that helped them and all you have to do is read on to find out those secrets.

But before we move on, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page:

  • Fad diets don’t work!  Just because your co-workers aunt lost 15lbs on some crazy diet doesn’t mean it’s legit
  • Diet centres are staffed by people who have little idea about how your metabolism works, but are experts at marketing their product to you and grabbing your money.
  • Not eating will ruin your metabolism
  • Doing endless amounts of boring cardio will not get you to your goal and in fact may cause you to move away from your goal.
  • Excuses are excuses. They are not reasons. We are all busy

Here are some of the SECRETS that helped your fellow boot campers lose all of those inches.

  • They made an actual commitment
  • They listened to me, not their aunt, sister, mom, gabby neighbour
  • They showed up to boot camp–they turned any “excuses” of why they couldn’t into reasons of why they could
  • They asked questions-they interacted on our forum-they supported each other
  • They listened….did I mention that?!
  • They followed the plan
  • They did their food journals and took the feedback I gave them and applied it.
  • They leaned on the group for support and encouragement.

Choose to be healthy.

Choose to be fit.

Choose to have energy.

OR choose to stay and feel exactly where you are now. How’s that workin’ for ‘ya so far???

  •  When you can’t…I say CAN
  • When you say won’t…I say WILL
  • When you say it’s too hard…I say GOOD
  • When you say I quit…I say NO YOU DON’T
  • When you say no more…I say 50 MORE

It’s all about Determination, dedication and desire.




  1. Geez, I am continually inspired by your posts that arrive in my inbox at just the ideal moment! You are one person that I was hoping to run into at BlissdomCanada and experience your electricity in real life!!
    Next year:)

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