Where do you get your advice?

As you know, there are a few things that tend to get me fired up.  One of those things that gets me seeing red are diet/weight loss centers.

You all know what I am talking about….

What would happen if Jenny Craig had a romance with Dr Bernstein and they made Herbal Magic together? Bwahahahaha, in the group of diet/weight loss centers I’m going to include Weight Watchers and any multi level marketing company that markets weight loss products.

Put it perspective, would you take financial advice from someone who is broke?

Then why in the world would you take diet and health advice from someone who has no clue?   Weight loss centers have people who have no health/fitness training giving advice on how to lose weight. What??????

People that are trying to sell you some “magic potion” and they themselves are not walking the walk are nothing more than frauds.

Then there are the companies that come up with a magic product that will help you shed pounds and your approached by your neighbour who will try to get you on these products and you will lose a ton of weight and it is incredible!  What do they know about health and fitness?  NOTHING, they know what is put into a script for them by sales and marketing professionals, not fitness professionals. WHATEVER!!!

The diet and weight loss industry is a multi billion-dollar business and companies are trying to take your hard-earned money with some fad product.  Think about it this way.  Their business is selling products to make money.  If their products really worked, wouldn’t they be putting themselves out of business?

YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THAT!!  Yes I am yelling in capital letters!!

You need to exercise and eat real food.  That’s it, that simple.  Yes, that simple.  You want quick and easy, you want long-term, lasting results.  Quick and easy  says to me that you don’t want to put the effort in and that is EXACTLY what these companies are preying on.  Your busy schedule, a desire for the magic fix  and your laziness is what drives these companies.

Would you take weight loss advice from a sumo wrestler?  Heck no!!

Look to people who have had success.

I have lost over 200lbs – I have over 17 yrs of training and experience.  I have seen and heard just about everything.  Please listen when I say that there is no magic potion or miraculous gadget that will get you to your goal.  The secret to weight loss and body management is sweat equity and discipline.

Don’t make it harder than it is.

Eat real food.  That’s not so hard is it? Just do it, no excuses.

Exercise.  You need it and it will get you to your goal.  Yes, that simple.

Be the you that you desire.  Do what is required and don’t look for short cuts. Make a change starting today Oh, and don’t listen to any diet nonsense!

What’s your thoughts? Let me know.




  1. Once again Carrie you call it like you see it and what you say is true. I really needed that today – thanks!
    Hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. I totally agree. If all those weight loss products worked, then there wouldn’t be any overweight people walking around. You totally need real food to fuel your body, which gives you energy to do Bootcamp workouts and make you feel & look healthly and strong.

    1. So true Teresa!! I know that I would never go back to feeling tired, sluggish and miserable carrying an extra 115lbs around. Real food and exercise gives us energy!! Thanks so much for your comments!!!

  3. I 1000% agree Carrie – real food and exercise. Simple. You’re preaching to the converted!! I also like the way Teresa has summarized it: You totally need real food to fuel your body, which gives you energy to do Bootcamp workouts and make you feel & look healthly and strong.


  4. I think that it is this epedemic of instant gratification that has plagued the character of our society and has us spiralling out of control toward a push-button world. Anything worth having is worth working for and that effort is what keeps us healthy in body and spirit. People give up too easily these days and media, marketing and society have provided a lot of excuses and validation making it so easy to fall into the trap.

  5. I have bought Jenny Craig her new sofa, Dr. Berstein’s diamond bedazzeled yamaka, Mr. Atkins speedo collection…still waiting for my thank-you card!

  6. You rock Carrie! I totally agree! If it looks like it’s too good to be true – then it is. Persistence, hard work, discipline and changing the way you think is the only thing that brings you to success – long term success. Surrounding yourself with postivity and motivation is also key. Thanks…’cause you do just that!

  7. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said but I’m not sure I’d lump Weight Watchers in with your message. They promote healthy eating and increased activity, the leaders have all been successful in their quest to loose weight and lead a motivating example, and the power of the group meeting is definitely a plus. I’m not sure who the point values are calculated, but I would think that there is some expertise involved. Sometimes people need the support and encouragement of others and Weight Watchers seems to provide that.

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