Who are you???

The message that needs to keep being sent is:

You need to take care of your health. End of discussion.

You can excuse your way to the moon and back on why you can’t find time to exercise until you have a major health crisis come up and then you will want to turn back the hands of time.

The time is now my friends. You make the time for exercise-like it or not. Obviously, I am biased about living a healthy lifestyle, BUT, I am proof that exercise and eating real food can change your life. I was MISERABLE (angry, sad, lonely-did I mention angry & sad) when I was overweight. I can tell you that my world is amazing now and that is why I nag you guys. I know both sides…the dark side is dark and if I can get you to the bright side, you will never go back!!

What boggles my mind is that smart people are so dumb (sorry). I know that you want to be at every soccer game and hockey practice. I know that you work a lot and get home late and/or start work early. I know you are tired. I also know that if you dont take care of your body that it will not take care of you. You think that 10-15lbs is no big deal, well, it is. For you boot campers, you know how hard it is to run with the weighted vest on, imagine that all day everyday. You know how good it feels to take that vest off, that’s what losing weight does to your entire body…total relief!

I will keep saying it, make the time for your health. I promise that you will be happier, have more energy and look better, who doesnt want that??

My message has always been the same–be a good role model for your family. Be healthy, show them fitness/health is important. Don’t let them suffer what you are suffering right now!

Ask yourself this…who are you?

I know a lot of you will reply, 

“I am a mom, wife, job title, volunteer, kid taxi…and on and on”

Wouldn’t it be great to add in there, I am the one who has run those hills all week(even though I am sore, and exasuted). I am the one that is now wearing a size 6 skirt, I am the one that is no longer taking insulin, I am the one that has made my health and my life a priority so I can be a better wife, parent,sister, employee.

There is an easy fix to your weight loss struggles…..ready for it??!!

Show your a&% up.

You make the time and yes you might miss a practice or you might have to get someone to pick up Jr from gymnastics but in the grand scheme of things is it not better that you are working on your health so that you can make it to your grandkids practice and recital??

You make the time and stop quitting when things get tough.

Losing weight and being healthy is as easy or as hard as you would like to make it.

FTDI (Follow the Damn Instructions)




  1. I’m very impressed by the Moms with young families who show up!! They bring their little ones if they have to but they show up!! I only have to get myself there!! Way to go ladies!!

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