Who I am and what I believe.



I am always pretty open about my beliefs and how I see the world.

Some might say that some of my thoughts and views on health/fitness/parenting/lifestyle are harsh and they are, but I’m ok with that.


I am cough well over 40 but I feel no where near that age.


I am starting to be ok with me now that Im in my 40’s – with age comes wisdom.


I married my best friend and I’m so blessed to have such a great partner.


I am a Virgo. If you look up the astrological definition of Virgo there just might be a picture of this girl.


I am a mom to 3. I have openly said that I have twins and because of that, nothing scares me.


Twins do not run in my family, a question everyone asks.

All 3 kids were conceived through IVF-a long and painful process but in the end worth every self administered needle and every surgery.


I was born and raised in Toronto. I live in Florida now and it’s home!


I am 5’1 BUT I think I make it to 5’3 in my running shoes with insoles.


I don’t weigh myself. The scale made me crazy when I was overweight. The heaviest number I saw when I was standing on a scale was 230lbs – I am sure I weighed more but that was the last time I got on the scale as an overweight person because all I could think about was that I weighed as much as Mike Tyson and I was only 5’1.


I was adopted.


My Dad died when I was six and my Mom raised me on her own.

As a Mom of 3, I dont know how she did it.

Sadly, I lost her on my 20th birthday (yes, on my birthday). I really dont look forward to celebrating my birthday since she died.


This is a TMI moment (you can skip it if you’re squeamish)

I didn’t get my menstrual cycle until I was 18. My mother took me to the Dr in total panic. I was quite content not having an answer or starting my cycle. Seeing all of my friends writhing in pain monthly did nothing for me. The Dr reassured her it was fine. She however, kept telling me that the blood was going to go to my brain and inferred I would likely die. She was wonderful at fear mongering and subsequently, I have developed that talent and passed it along to my children.


I regret not going to medical school. I had the opportunity and I didn’t pursue it. Oddly, I wanted to be a Dr despite the point above #funny – BUT I did finish my PhD in Nutrition in my 40’s and I am so proud of that. #DrCarrie


I became a clean freak and legit germaphobe once my son was born. It has not gotten any better and I am ok with that.


I overuse Purell and insist those around me do the same.

Roll your eyes if you will, I have heard the “we all need dirt speech” It’s a quirk and Im ok with it.


Im not a perfectionist but I want to be.


I expect a lot from those around me because I expect a lot from myself.

It’s an issue and no one is more critical of it than me.


I am one of the very few people who love what they do.

I “get” to help people change their lives.

I get to be a part of their journey. It is an honor and something I do with such pride and commitment.


The tone in which you speak can easily make me like or dislike you on any given day.


I love and overuse hashtag’s # – I think they are fun and the written word at times needs some comedy #LightenUpPeople


I am loyal to a fault.


Lying under any circumstances is not acceptable in my world. If you lie to me, I won’t forget it.


I go to church and I believe in and love God.


I hate fighting or conflict-it rips me up inside. But, to that point, I am as stubborn as a mule.


My spiritual walk has helped me love people on a deeper level.


When I come across as tough or mean on issues with health and fitness it is said or written with passion.

Being overweight was miserable and if I can save you from that, then yes, my words will be strong and harsh.

Life is not always rainbows and unicorns.


I hate movies that make me cry and even if it was a good movie I will say it was stupid if it made me cry.


My idea of parenting is that we are raising adults. I have expectations because I want my kids to be prepared and not blind sided.


I have some serious stretch marks from being over 230lbs. I also have loose skin because I had twins and ate gallons of ice cream while I was pregnant…I was eating for 3, gahhhhhh!


I am not opposed to plastic surgery. If it makes you feel better and you dont look crazy in the process then so be it.


I believe we should all have a charity we believe in and support.


I believe we all need to do some form of volunteer work regularly.


I can’t stand fake people (you know who you are). Be genuine. If you have a work or online persona and that is not you in real life IRL then you’re fake.


I can always justify buying new running shoes…always.


It is no secret I love donuts. I regret eating them each and every time.


I beat myself up daily with my lack of willpower.


My relationship with food is tormenting.


I am thankful and grateful for what I have and who I have become.


I know I can be better and I work towards being better everyday.


Now the really quirky side of me:


  • clutter and mess make me twitchy
  • I get weird about eating out and the thought of people (strangers) touching my food creeps me out
  • I bust out into dance moves at odd times, and I have no rhythm


  1.  I iron everything…and by everything I mean everything. So if you are thinking “does she iron (insert item here)….” yes, yes I do. I always have ironed everything and I always will. It’s weird, I’m fully aware.
  1. I don’t looooooove veggies. From time to time I think salad is lame. I eat them because I am not blessed with a great metabolism. I eat them because I know they are good for me and I tell myself that through each and every bite.


3. I have an obsession with Bath and Body Works. In my world you can never have enough hand sanitizer, soap, body lotion, lip gloss, candles or air fresheners.


4. I really like Monster Energy Zero….there I said it. Extra caffeine, zero calories, bubbles….come on, how great is that!  Simmer down, I know that pop/soda is bad but its just on the rare occasion I want a soda, it’s Monster Zero. #CaffeineAddict


5. NKOTB (New Kids on The Block) is my favourite boy band (man band). To this day they are still cranking out some fantastic beats in their 40’s….well done boys!! I still love them, and if Donnie Wahlberg ever calls, well….


6.  My favourite super hero’s are Iron Man, Captain America and Thor (he’s cute).


7.  I will never turn down steak.  A nice thick cut of glistening, right out of the broiler, sizzling steak.  I like mine medium rare…closer to rare…..rawwwwrrrrrrrrrr (that’s me growling).

Settle down Vegans, this is my list.


8.  When I go for a run I sing…crazy loud, tone-deaf kind of singing.  Yeah, I’m that girl you pass when you are driving by, “What is she doing?  Is she in pain?” Don’t judge, it just helps me run!!


9. If you get in a car with me at night you are taking your life in your own hands. I am completely night blind and my driving skills are well….


10. I would eat sushi 7 days a week but the fear of  glowing or growing fins from the mercury keeps me in check.


  1. I cannot stand…(I wanted to use the H word but I will hold back)…so read between the lines:

If you scrap your teeth on your fork while eating, be prepared.  I may launch myself across the table at you!  Also, if you lick or suck your fingers while eating I may throw my fork at you.

Get some friggin manners and tact…..gah….sooo gross.


Again, I know I can be better and I am working on it everyday.


Thank you for reading…now, you really know me…hope you still love me.





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