Whos fault is fat? Update

Big debate…..many issues, many sides, and many make that, very many opinions.

The Toronto Star is doing an obesity series and it is a good read.

Here are the links so far to what’s been said.

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NEW June 21 (Part IV)

It’s time to fight obesity, opposition parties say

My take on this one…no, the time to fight obesity was a decade ago.  The time to fight obestiy was when governemnt decided to remove real physical education from school cirrculums.  The time to fight obesity was when heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol rates started to rise across all demographics and entered into age groups never seeing the diseases realted to fat before. 

Now is not the time to fight obesity…now is the time to fight a generation that has been brought up thinking fat is ok and who believe that, “it’s not my fault.”  Fix the thinking and then we can fix obesity.  Put priorities back on real fitness education and responsibility.

What are your opinions on the issue?

Are you fine with our tax dollars being spent on health related issues that can be avoided?

Do you think it is genetics and that exercise and nutrition are not the issue, or do you think the food manufacturers have done wrong by society? 

Could this be a parenting issue, fast and big lifestyles = fast food obese society?

I would love to know your thoughts on the issues that are being discussed.  Tell me your thoughts and you know, in the next few days, I will let you know what I think.




  1. I totally blame the parents for this!!! I work in the food industry, we supply what the consumer wants and buys. The parents are the ones who buy it. If you do not want your kids or yourself to have it then don’t buy it. You think the big companies are not going to notice that the they are not selling the high caloric junk food? They watch there money like a hawk. Many of us are caught in the trap of “I am so busy I can’t take time to give my family a healthy meal. We are letting our lifestyle hurt our families – especially the kids. We buy the processed, calorie laden junk. Kidding ourselves that I don’t feed them that all the time. While in truth – you feed you family that several times a week.

    You end up not taking care of your family and yourself. We are teaching our kids to eat the junk food. Our kids are watching and learning from us – the parent . We need to be the teachers and show them and ourselves that we do care for them. Not by just putting them in all kinds of sports but by feeding them and ourselves healthy foods.

    Who else wants to take a stand aganst the big comglomerates! They make the money off of us the consumer. We need to tell them what we want.

    Well I will jump off the bandwagon now. Any one want to refute this?

  2. I think like most issues there are a variety of reasons why we are getting fat as a society. However, I think the biggest reason is our overall laziness as a society and desire for quick, easy fixes. I feel very upset and discouraged when I see severly overwheight parents with their “mini me” children. Children who like just like their parents! Overweight, and bloated before the age of 10. What kind of life will these children have?

    The biggest gift we can give our children is teaching them the basics of how to achieve a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Teach them the importance of eating healthy foods, how to make a balanced healthy meal, the importance/benefits of regular physical activity. This should be in addition to more emphasis being placed on teaching emotional, mental and spirttual health. It’s the whole package people! A child who values themselves will grow into an adult who takes care of all their health requirements. It’s up to parents to stop buying junk and feeding it to their children. It’s up to us to stop looking for the quick easy fix and buckle down and show our children through our actions how to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and most importantly your children.

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