Why Fitness?

It has been two weeks since I was at Walt Disney World for the Marathon Weekend.  You can probably tell by the previous posts I have written about the weekend that I had a great time that went well beyond the running.

One thing I haven’t talked about is the one person that had the biggest impact on me over the weekend.

During the early morning run and Tweet-Up organized event by the runDisney team, we had the opportunity to hear from some professionals and celebrities.  One of those celebrities is who I want to talk about and the message that he imparted that struck home with me.

This person talked about their journey from obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle to taking control of their health, losing weight and becoming fit.

I remember him from several television shows and he played big personality roles that matched his big body type.  He was funny.  Some have said he is brilliantly funny and I have to agree with them.  I lost track of him for a couple of years and then turned on the TV one day and saw him.  OMG….what a change!

Well, during Marathon Weekend I got to hear first hand why Drew Carey decided to lose the weight   “Being fat sucks!”  Well said Mr. Carey, I remember feeling that as well.Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 10.37.09 AM

Drew Carey was fat with type 2 Diabetes and taking medication for the disease.  He was having several physical challenges that go with being fat.  One would think those would be enough reason to fix yourself up, but Drew had another reason…his son.  He couldn’t keep up with his son and knew he needed to change.

Drew’s secret?  He chose to eliminate carbohydrates and focus on healthy food choices.  He started to exercise regularly and the changes began to happen.

For his son.

Is there any greater reason to choose health and fitness than to see our children grow?  I mean, we put so much time and effort into raising young adults, that isn’t it natural that we would want to get to the see the fruits of our labor and actually watch our children become adults?

How many of us are choosing pizza or beer, wings or margaritas over the longevity of our lives?  Over the chance to see our children grow and blossom into young adults?

How many of us think, “I’ve worked hard this week…I deserve a special treat for myself!”

Drew Carey completed his first 10 mile run and decided to reward himself with food after that he thought he worked hard enough to deserve as well.  A few too many rewards and he found his weight climbing and health suffering again.  His answer to food as a reward?  “Eating crappy food is not a reward–it’s a punishment.”  That’s the truth!

For his son

I admire what Drew Carey did and unlike most of us, he did it in front of the entire world.  His failures are measured by millions…ours, by a couple of dozen.  Yet, we can come up with thousands of excuses why we can’t find the time, energy, money, desire…all Drew Carey needed was one reason…’For my son”.

How important is health and fitness to Drew Carey now?  He told us that he offered to pay for his friends that wanted to join him at the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend if the ran.   He only had to pay for one person.  I guess those people had excuses, not reasons.

Do you have an excuse or a reason?

During my Disney Marathon Weekend, I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who were part of the blogging team for the weekend.  A special shout out to them.  They have some great information to help you out, so take a minute to see what they have to say as well.

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