Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I hear that A LOT.
I receive emails regularly to the effect of…

“Carrie, I am going to get started tomorrow”

“Carrie, missed you and boot camp last night, will be back next week”

I have heard them all (many times) and of course if you have been away or fallen off the wagon I want to help and I will be there for you and for your sake I always want you back


you need to put up or shut up.

Talking will not get you into your skinny jeans.

Talking yourself out of not working out is the issue you need to deal with.  I am always here to help, but you have to and need to have a goal.  If you have your goal, then you need to focus on it.  If you can’t focus on it and your goal doesn’t drive you to winning, then you’ve set the wrong goal.

Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what keeps you going.

I really have been where you are. I have fallen off that wagon a few times…and pulling myself up was friggin tough…BUT SO WORTH IT!!

When I finally figured out I was worth it and food will never make me feel better, I had my “a-ha moment”.

You are not a dog – so don’t reward yourself with food! Remember that one!!

You might not be where you want to be (in terms of your health/fitness) but you are closer than you were yesterday–that is if you show up to boot camp.

You’ve heard me say it at boot camp many times…when you are feeling out of sorts or teetering of the edge….“You dig deep!”

This is what I know for a fact:
You don’t get the body you want by hoping for it;
You don’t get the body you want by wishing for it;
You don’t get the body you want by taking it easy and not pushing yourself;
You don’t get the body you want by making excuses.

You get the body you want by getting off your butt and working for it.

Losing weight is hard–I know…been there; done that,  so start listening to me!
Maintaining weight can be hard (again, refer to above).
Staying fat is hard (again refer to above).

You choose the hard you want.

  • Hard to stay healthy
  • Hard to stay fit
  • Hard to feel younger
  • Hard to look better.


  • Hard to breath
  • Hard to walk
  • Hard to find clothes
  • Hard to play with your children
I know you can get fit….but will you?

Gimme me a “oh hell yeah”




  1. LOVE today’s blog & as usual, you’re RIGHT ON THE MONEY Carrie!!!
    You never said it was gonna be easy!! If we want it, we have to earn it, & sweat for it. Your motivation keeps me pushing myself. I love it!! Thank you Carrie !!!!

  2. So True Carrie! For those of you who were at boot camp last night I just wanted to let you know I did the math and collectively we did 1070 reps!!!!(Remember those extra leg lifts?) If I include the runs our total was 1120!!!!

    Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back, one for showing up and two for rockin it. 🙂

  3. I have told my family that for this month I am coming 1st. As a mom I tend to put the needs of my family before my own ~ but something clicked and I told them that for this month of bootcamp I am the priority!!! I figure that I’m not a great runner but at least I’m not sitting on my couch doing nothing. It’s a good exhaustion to feel after working out.

  4. Well said Carrie. I might add …”and if you can’t get to boot camp a particular night , that’s not an excuse for not exercising – at least do something else for exercise – a run followed by some abs and push ups will work and make it easier to go back the next night to camp”

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