You can’t handle the results.

Results; you decide the outcome.



We all want them…but few actually get them.






I’m talking about life changing results. Not the, “I did the laundry so we have clean clothes results.”


Answer these three questions honestly:


1.) Is fat loss your goal?

2.) Have you been seriously working towards your goal?

3.) Have you been seriously working towards accomplishing your goal?


There is a difference between working towards your goal and accomplishing them. You can work forever towards a goal…you set realistic, attainable timelines to accomplish your goal.  A goal without a timeline is just a wish.


If you have been on the weight loss / weight gain roller coaster for a while then you need to put your seat belt on and stay put while you read this.


Before I continue, I will add in a disclaimer (so you can save yourself sending me hate mail). If you have a medical condition or are on certain medications losing weight can be more challenging but it is not impossible, nor is it an excuse to not start!


If you want weight loss results, YOU WOULD DO THE WORK. Period. End of story.




If you want weight loss results, choosing pasta, heavy cream sauces, alcohol or dessert is not even a topic for discussion.

If you want weight loss results, there is no glass of wine, chocolate chip cookie, donut or cheeseburger that will get you off track.

Trust me. I have been where you are and I want you to be where I am now.


Just seeing a picture of a donut can set off hunger pangs in me that weren’t there moments before. My good friend @AmandaTinney (  stopped tagging me in donut pics because she thought it was tormenting me…(aww, love her for that.) That’s not the case at all. I love to eat, I will always love to eat and I can justify it every which way from Wednesday why I should have that donut. Sometimes I do have one and sometimes I don’t. BUT, I always do the work to make sure I don’t go back to 225lbs.


I am also not trying to lose weight. I AM maintaining my weight. There is a huge difference. To lose weight, I sacrificed eating foods that didn’t align with my goal of weight loss. To maintain my weight, I can have a treat but I know then, I will up my next workout so I don’t fall back into my teenage heavy girl mentality.



You can get the results you want. You have to do the work. End of discussion.




You decide how you look.

You decide if a bad situation ruins your day.

You decide if having that cookie will make you feel better.

You decide every bite that goes into your mouth.

You decide that watching TV is a better use of your time than working out.

You decide that it’s more important to have pizza than the salad.

You decide that your overscheduled life is all the reason you need not to be fit.

You decide that you don’t want to fit into that dress/pants/skirt/swim suit.

You decide that blaming others will make you feel better and not accountable.

You decide the outcome of everything that goes on in your day.

You decide that your health and happiness is not all that important.



Stop sitting on the sidelines of your life.


Happy, successful people don’t make excuses.



Decide TODAY that things will change.

Decide that you will do what it takes to get real results.

Decide to be the best version of you.




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